Sofia Rae Anilos Diary

"I use to be a receptionist but now I am a stay at home mom. I kept all my work clothes and I am glad that I did because now I can use them for shoots and to play dress up with my man. He loves when I am dressed up like a secretary when he comes home from work.". Sofia Rae tells us this when she arrived on set today and put on her first outfit. I have to say it definitely is a nice fit on her.She definitely looks like a pro with her matching bra and panty. That is always sexy on a women when they come to a shoot matching. I love the way her white pearl necklace drapes across her chest and sits between her tits. It looks even better when she takes off her bra and starts to get a little more comfortable. Her large, perfect tits fit her frame just right and I can't help but stare at them as she slides her bra off and throws it on the floor next to me. I think she was flirting a little bit with me. Her flesh colored stockings almost get lost next to her light skin but they look so great with her tall, sexy high heels. She sits down on the chair and shows off her sexy legs a little better, rubbing her hands up and down her legs. It isn't long before she was completely naked and showing off her petite mature body. All the women at® are just as sexy as Sofia Rae, so get on over there and check out the members section with it's huge selection of hardcore babes.

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