Zlata Milf Anal

Zlata is a stunning blonde cougar from Russia with a fetish for seducing younger men. We found this gorgeous 30 year old in the process of tempting her newest conquest, a 19 year old artist she met at the gallery she volunteers at. Zlata wears her hair pulled tight back behind her head, diamond earrings, a white collared button up blouse, a very fitted black mini skirt and sexy fishnets. Her blue eyes sparkle as she rests her hand against the wall of the back room of the gallery, the young artist staring at her in adoration and desire.

After a few minutes of banter, Zlata sees that this conquest is not as much of a challenge as he could have been - which by no means is a disappointment. This naughty mature woman is really only after one thing. "Why don't you help me get a bit more comfortable," she asks him, batting her long eye lashes as she unbuttons her blouse. The artist stands up nervously and helps her get undressed. Then, Zlata pushes him back down onto his chair, and falls to her knees. She massages his thighs with one hand as she unbuttons and unzips his jeans, pulling his already throbbing cock out and gently licking the tip. Zlata loves to give blow jobs, and it shows. She bobs her head back and forth over his cock, running her tongue over the ridges as she moves. While she jacks him off with one hand she makes sure not to lose eye contact with her new lover, a trick she knows will drive a man of any age wild.

After allowing him some pleasure while her shaved pussy moistened by the minute, Zlata decided it was time for her to join in on the fun. She straddled him reverse cowgirl and inserted his hard, wet cock into her yearning pussy. She moved herself up and down on him, grinding her hips, and playing with her clit with her fingers. After a few minutes, Zlata told him what she really wanted. "If you want me to cum hard for you, I need that in my ass baby." She raised her body again, and instead of taking him in her pussy, switched holes and slowly took him inside of her ass hole. She gasped in pleasure with every move, and reached her orgasm beautifully. See the entire wild scene play out yourself, in the members only section of Anilos.com®, the premier site for sexy mature women like Zlata.

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