Carly Bell Anilos Naked

Carly Bell is by far one of the sexiest housewives we've ever gotten the pleasure to shoot. From her long, dirty blonde hair, bright hazel eyes, charming smile, and slim, toned body she is the whole package - and then some! We found our sexy model wearing a red and white, all American rouged fitted tank top and tight dark blue jeans. She is holding one of her professor husbands books, ready to put it away in his study, when he gets off his conference call. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it!) the call seems to be taking much longer than expected and Carly soon lost all interest in delivering the book, and gained a new interest in getting herself off - right there, on the bench. First, she unbuttons then carefully unzips her jeans, and starts to pull them off. As she wiggles her slender body around, slithering out of the skin tight pants, her bright teal panties are exposed, leaving us begging to see just a little bit more. Carly successfully pulls her jeans off, over her sexy bare feet, and lets them drop to the floor. Next, she lets the straps of her camisole fall down over her shoulders, and we're happy to see she opted out of wearing a bra today. She sits in her teal thong, with her shirt half way down her stomach, teasing her perky natural tits with her fingertips. As her nipples harden she smiles and playfully says, "I like this game… Who will get off first? Me, or my husband on his phone call." She slips her tiny panties to the ground, and spreads her legs to show off her tight, shaved pussy. Before starting the "race," Carly stood up and gave us a 360 degree turnaround, making it even harder to keep our jaws from dropping. Not only is she perfect from a far, but up close, all angles, no matter what - she's everything a man could want. Curious to find out what this stunning cougar looks and sounds like while she cums hard, waiting for her husband's attention? See for yourself in the member's only section of®.

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