Eva Karera Mature Naked

Eva Karera is a stunning brunette thirty six year old with flawless skin, a hard body, and a very dirty mind. This horny divorcee's main priority in life right now is making up for the past fifteen years of dealing with an almost nonexistent sex life - and thankfully for us, she gets off on doing just that in front of a camera! Eva walked down her spiral staircase wearing black patent leather high heels, thigh high fish net stockings, a black skin tight pencil skirt, and a very sexy red satin bra. She softly tugs at the straps of the her bra, teasing us with her huge perky tits, as one nipple pokes out the top.

"Now that I am single, I have a lot more free time. I'm enjoying discovering my sexual identity, and I do not plan on stopping the fun - ever. But, I think it's about time to find myself a career. You think this would be a good interview outfit?" Eva smiles as she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the ground at her feet. She then slowly sways her hips as she steps out of her sexy mini skirt, revealing a matching red and black silk thong. Her body is perfect, from her defined collar bone to her huge tits, and rock hard stomach - it's clear this is a mature woman that takes care of herself, and there is nothing sexier than that.

Eva runs her hands over her body, appreciating her soft skin, gently touching her curves. "I was never allowed to be sexy, in my ex's eyes. I love being a sensual woman, being appreciated, and enjoying my sexuality." As her fingers reach her hip bones, she rests them on the elastic of her already tiny panties, smiles, then slowly slips them down, over her thighs and onto the floor. Eva poses for another photo, one hand on hip, perfect landing strip on display for all to see. After making sure no man could possibly be thinking of anything but her, Eva is ready to get down to business. See the full photo set, and video, including what the kinky cougar does next on the premier site for horny mature women like herself Anilos.com®.

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