Mary Jane Milf Moms

Our newest Anilo is a sweet blonde MILF with a rock hard body and an innocent smile. She goes by the name of Mary Jane and is born and raised in sunny southern California, despite what her fair complexion may imply. Mary Jane, or MJ, as her friends call her has always been a fan of the finer things in life. We found her today in her bedroom, fully naked but for gorgeous pearl earrings she received as an anniversary gift just a few days earlier. The pretty blonde sat up on her knees, her shoulder length hair falling over her face, as she looked down at her own perfect body. With one hand, she fondled her left tit and with the other, gently rubbed a clear glass dildo over her wet, not-so-shaved pussy.

After a few minutes of pseudo riding the glass cock, Mary Jane turned around on her bed so that her back was now facing us. She leaned her body forward, still on her knees, then placed the toy underneath her again. She let out a sexy moan as she moved up and down on top of it, grinding her hips back and forth at the same time. "Glass toys have really become my favorite thing these days! There's something so sensual about the look and feel of them, I can't help but use them as often as I do!" MJ told us earlier in the day - and now we see exactly what she meant.

Switching from the slow, rhythmic pace she had been fucking herself at since her first position, MJ now moved her body more quickly, starting to breath harder and harder as she approached orgasm. She fell back onto the bed, resting on her side, and used her hand to push the toy deep inside of her from behind. Soon, she let out a loud moan followed up a sigh, and then stopped to catch her breath. Her post-orgasm smile lit up the room as she dazed off, almost paralyzed in pleasure. This hot and horny MILF is one of a kind, don't miss out on her entire photo set or video! You can find it all exclusively on the premier site for sexy mature ladies,®.

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