Abi Toyne Blonde Mature

The adventurous and bold 45 year old Abi Toyne is one sexy cougar that you won't get enough of! Doing the photo shoots for Abi was an absolute pleasure...literally! This set was chosen specifically with Abi in mind, as her favorite travel destination is the Maldives. She said that the turquoise of the water accentuated her soft smooth skin and blonde hair. Abi was absolutely right because when you take one look at her curvy body in contrast with the color, you can see why she looks so desirable. In a sheer top that shows off her hard nipples, black thigh high stockings, and a sexy garder, Abi felt unstoppable in that sensual lingerie. She slowly removed her leopard print high heels and ran her hands up her sheer black stockings. As she did this, her shaved pussy was peeking out from under her garder. She began to lick her finger tips and gently massage her throbbing clit. Moaning slightly under her breath, Abi was beginning to get more ferocious in her rubbing actions. She was then inserting her fingers all the way into her creamy pussy and letting out screams of pleasure. Clenching her eyes in complete bliss, Abi it down on her juicy lip and threw herself on to the bed. Pounding in and out of her soaking wet twat, her fingers took on the sensation in which Abi was fantasizing about; rock hard dick. In one final burst of pleasure, Abi clenched the sheets to brace herself for the ultimate orgasm. "Ahhhhh, YESSSSS!" she screamed. Abi was breathing heavily and was visibly more relaxed once she had pleasured her yearning pussy with her soft fingers. Full photo sets and videos are available of this intense session only on Anilos.com®; the premiere website that features a new horny MILF every single week!  

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