Michelle B Sexy Flight Attendant

30 year old Michelle B is a gorgeous blonde from the UK with some stunning assets to show off-and she does love to show them off! "I guess you could call me a bit of a tease, but I just love it when guys stare at me. It's all about the boobs and mine are amazing." She particularly loves dressing up in little outfits that emphasize her curvaceous body and her giant tits. "Role playing does a lot for me. I know that I look great in everything, but uniforms in particular really seem to bring out the best of my body. Not to mention that added element of fun. I really love the getups with buttons and skirts... talk about easy access!" Dressed in a sexy flight attendant getup that enhances her fabulous cleavage, Michelle pulls her skirt down to show off the garter belt and sheer thigh highs she is wearing beneath. Lifting her leg high in the air, Michelle gives the camera a great view of her luscious ass and her slick juicy twat. "Oh, I love the feel of air on my pussy when I'm still partly clothed. It's so delicious and naughty." The pearls of liquid desire forming along Michelle's wet slit are proof of what a turn-on her partial nudity really is for her. Encouraged, Michelle unbuttons her prim uniform halfway down to her waist to let her enormous breasts hang free. The perfect huge globes swing as she settles herself in a chair and spreads her legs wide to give herself easy access to her slippery cunt. Using both hands, she parts the soft folds of her pink pussy and runs her index fingers down the slickness of her most intimate places. Slipping a finger into her hot needy pussy, Michelle closes her eyes and moans with pleasure. You can check out this horny cougar as she fingers herself to an orgasm right now only at Anilos.com®, where all of the Internet's hottest sexy milfs are featured weekly.

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