Leah Anilos Picture

"I lost my virginity when I was 17. Most people don't believe me when I tell them cause of how sexual I am now but it's true. I was always scared of boys when I was younger." I can totally see why people wouldn't believe her. Just from the few hours we've spent working with Leah today, I could tell she probably loves sex more then any women I know. The way she undresses and slips off her dress, is a true sign of a mature pro at work. She knows just the right way to move to compliment every curve of her body. She also know's what guys like to see because every outfit she brought came with sexy matching lingerie and stockings. I wonder how many lucky guys have had the chance to strip her body of these clothes.

Leah turns around after taking off her short dress. She slips off her heels and slowly peels down her panties. Making sure we got the best view of her ass we could. I follow the line of her stockings up her legs till they reach her tasty thighs. My eyes then immediately go to the garter belt around her waist. It hugs her hips so tight and puts her ass in perfect view. I could sit and stare at her nice body all day. Even her long flowing hair tickles the her lower back and makes contact with her garter belt. I imagine her hair sweeping across my body as we make passionate love.

Now this is what I like to see from my mature women. Look how sweet Leah's ass looks as she sits on the floor and shows us just a peak of her beautiful vagina. I love when a girl tries to leave something for the imagination. "I like my men to work for my attention. If it comes to easy, the guys hit it and run, but if I tease them for a while and make them think they can't have me, they tend to come back for more." I don't know about you, but I am definitely coming back to Anilos.com® for more of sexy Leah.

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