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"I love to take care of the men in my life. It's in my nature to be a care-taker. I just have an overwhelming desire to make the people that I love smile." Angelica Raven is everything a man could ask for. She's got a gorgeous face, a stunning body, and a personality that clearly makes for the perfect mother, and wife. We caught up to this sexy thing while she was doing laundry. "I always end up naked while I do the laundry - because I figure I might as well wash what I'm wearing right now, since I'm getting everything else done already… But with me naked, you know never what can happen!" Sexy Angelica is already topless, but now moves to pull her shorts down, over her perfect ass and add them to the wash as well.

When Angelica gets naked, no matter where she is, there's not much you can do but stare. She turns around, and we finally get another close up of these great natural tits. Angelica rummages thru her cabinet, and pulls out a little mini-rabbit. She runs the tiny vibrator over her tits first, enjoying her nipples getting harder by the second. Then she gives another seductive smile, and moves the little toy straight down onto her little clit, immediately quivering in pleasure. Angelica looks amazing with her hair pulled back, fully naked but for her sexy high heels, and masturbating with her tiny - but powerful - sex toy.

The more into the session Angelica gets, the less attention we receive from her. But, that's fine by us - as long as she's keeping it real, we're happy to just be voyeurs. Her eyes are closed, her sexy red lip-sticked mouth is just barely open enough for her to moan, repeatedly, and her back is arching already. One of her hands is being used to balance herself on the dryer, while the other hand continues working away at her hot little shaved pussy, begging it to cum. Her big tits look amazing, and her body is out of this world, Angelica is definitely a top choice mature woman. Find out exactly what happens next exclusively on®!

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If you like your women exotic, mature, edgy, then there is no doubt you will fall in love with Angelica Raven, the same way we have. This gorgeous light-skinned lady has shining green eyes, an hourglass figure, and legs that appear to be literally flawless. "Everyone used to call me Angel while I was growing up. I think they thought it was an ironic nickname. I was so promiscuous then, and they all knew! Now that I'm older, I get to embrace my sexuality, without being patronized because of it!" And we do love that about her, even more so since she's going to be embracing it in front of us, on camera! Angelica looks like a dream in her black and white polka dotted boy shorts and sexy black satin bra. "I love my body, I feel very proud that I have gotten to this point. I've lost a lot of weight in the past year, it's amazing." Angelica takes off the bra and lets it fall to the floor as she walks over to the fireplace, without giving us a peek at her big, firm size - 34D boobs. She starts to roll her boy shorts down, and stops to pose right as her beautiful ass is exposed. She looks smoking hot wearing black high heels, halfway out of her shorts, and fully topless. From the expression on her face, it's easy to see how horny she is already. Angelica walks back to her couch, bends over it with her ass towards us, and starts fingering herself. She starts by only using one finger, inserting it all the way, then removing it completely, she then adds another finger and continues speeding up. Angelica's eyes are closed, her tits are hanging perfectly down on the other end of the couch, and the sole of her heel is facing us head on. She flips her body over, so that she is lying on her back, and continues to masturbate. Angelica clearly loses herself while she is passionate, and there is no way we'd ever want to change that! She continues until reaches orgasm, and then remains lying flat on her couch trying to catch her breath. See Angelica's steamy solo action - and so much more - only on®.

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Angelica Raven is a gorgeous seductive green-eyed Latina born and raised in Metro Detroit. Angelica's long black hair, pale skin, and full lips are just the beginning of why this beauty is almost too sexy to believe. She has natural 34D tits, a tiny waist, and an ass that demands attention any time its even partially visible. Her body is exactly what the term "hourglass" refers too - and we wouldn't have it any other way. We found Angelica in her bathroom at her gorgeous home, getting ready to get dirty in the tub with her man. "We fuck every morning before he goes to work. Whether it's in the bed, or if I surprise him while he's in the shower, I make sure we both get off before we spend the day apart. We've been together for a long time, but I'm so sexually attracted to him I can't help but still want it all the time. I'm such a horn dog when it comes to him, even now! I don't think he minds though!" I can almost guarantee he doesn't, mind, that is.

Angelica's eyes lit up as John entered the room, holding her gaze and smiling. She gave him a seductive smile and slowly started stripping off her sexy, mature matching lingerie. She felt the water temperature, and then carefully stepped into the tub and immediately lowered herself onto her knees. John stepped into the water, and put his hand on her head. Angelica immediately went to town, moving her tongue around the tip of his cock, then letting it harden in her mouth. She moved her full lips up and down his shaft, demonstrating the most perfect deep-throat I've seen in a long time.

After a few minutes John pulls her up, turns her around and starts fucking her from behind, doggy-style. Angelica rests one of her gorgeous feet up on the edge of the tub, and leans her body forward. She uses one of her perfectly manicured hands to balance against the window sill as she spreads her ass with the other, enabling him to move deeper inside of her. John and Angelica have unparalleled sexual chemistry, and it translates to film perfectly. They continue switching positions, getting more and more into it, moving faster and faster until she cums, multiple times. See this full, super hot photo set and video exclusively on® now.

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"Growing up in Florida was a blast. We loved going to the beach after school - tanning, meeting the tourist boys. I think it was secretly a competition between the four girls I spent all my time with - to see who could get the most attention! I suppose I can still be a bit competitive." As far as we're concerned, Alexis is the sexiest mature woman we know, no contest! And finding this gorgeous housewife practically naked in the kitchen? Well, there's no point in even trying to compete with that. Our sizzling Latina is bent over the sink, wearing nothing but an apron, washing dishes. Seeing her ass from this angle is like a dream come true, and her large right tit is just barely covered by her elbow - leaving just enough to our imagination. Alexis's smile is stunning as well, not that we had to say it. When she turns around she's got soapy dish washing bubbles resting on her perfect hard nipples, and laughs as she notices. "I get really freaky sometimes, but I think it's part of my charm. My husband's got a bit of a thing for playing with sexy foods in the bedroom - and it's definitely grown on me over the years." Alexis washes off the soap and grabs chocolate and strawberry syrup. "We love ice cream! That's one of my guilty pleasures. I thought it would be fun to combine his two favorite things - ice cream sundays and me, his moneca." She drizzles syrup over her firm tits and tight stomach - which is more than we could've ever asked for. Alexis uses her fingers to rub it around, then slowly brings her hand to her mouth and slowly sucks the syrup off of it, one finger at a time. She licks her lips and smiles as she lightly moans, enjoying the sugary taste and thinking about what she really wants to be sucking on. Alexis hops onto the counter, and swings her legs and feet into the sink, before grabbing the detachable faucet. She giggles as she sprays herself down, letting her tits get drenched with water as the sticky liquid runs down her body, and into the sink. She slowly moves the faucet down her body, turns up the water pressure, and enjoys the sensation of warm, heavy water pulsating against her already sensitive clit. I'll leave the rest of the photo and video set a mystery, because even I cannot explain in words how sexual and perfect the rest of the story is. You'll have to find out for yourself, only on®.

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We found our new, favorite housewife upstairs drinking a glass of water next to her beautiful jacuzzi tub. Alexis looked stunning wearing only a sheer white tank top, with her hair pulled back behind her head. She smiled, stepped into the tub, and slowly lifted the water glass she was drinking from up over her chest. "I was in a wet t-shirt contest once, when I was young. It must've been at least 8 years ago. This kind of reminds me of that." Just as she said that she took the glass of water she was drinking, briskly turned it over, and poured the contents down onto her chest. Her already partially see-thru tank top was now fully transparent, and her sexy, hard nipples were poking out thru the fabric. The cold water made her cotton shirt stick to her body in all the right places, before it continued to pour down, gently caressing her bare crotch before running down into the bathtub.

Alexis laughed as she squeezed some of the water out from the chest area of her shirt. She twisted the fabric at the bottom of the tank as well, and rolled it up, exposing her sexy shaved pussy lips and muscular thighs. Then she slipped her spaghetti straps off her shoulders, one at a time, and pulled her shirt down to show off her big, firm tits. Alexis has a banging body - toned in all the right places. "Working out is a big deal to me, I like to keep myself healthy and looking good. Can't have my husband leaving me for some 20 year old bimbo, especially now that I'm just about 30!" She's got nothing to worry about - any man would be lucky to get this sexy lady's heart, and body.

We love that Alexis isn't shy about masturbation - at all! Within a few minutes of drying off, she pulls what's left of her top over her head, and throws it down on the floor, out of the way. Then, she reaches over to the other side of the bathtub and grabs her favorite purple dildo. Alexis turns around so that her back is towards us, gets down on her hands and knees, and turns the vibrator on. She spreads her legs, giving us a great few off her firm ass, and starts fucking herself from behind. She makes sure her clit is not left untouched at any time, guaranteeing her a hard hitting orgasm. Find out - and see! - all the dirty details about what happens next, only at®!

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Alexis Anilos Story

"I admit it - I love attention! But who doesn't? Everyone loves the idea of having all eyes on them, don't they? Whether it's because of what I'm wearing, where I'm going, or what I've said - I do tend to stay in the spotlight, most of the time - intentionally and unintentionally!" Alexis is petite but feisty, with big brown bedroom eyes, a sweet smile, and the body of a 22 year old! From what we've seen so far, she seems to be the whole package - brains, beauty, and fun! Now we get to find out just how dirty Ms. Alexis gets, when she's all alone in her big, empty house! We catch up to her upstairs, where she's standing in her closet trying on a sexy nurse costume. "We have to go to show our support at the 'Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses' benefit we have place settings at. Might as well look hot while you're saving the world, right? Just kidding, but seriously, I love that I can help those less fortunate. And dress up at the same time!" She twirls around, asking us how it looks while she plays with the matching hat. Her white thigh-high stockings have little red bows at the top and her dress just barely covers her perfect ass. After checking herself out in the mirror, she unbuttons the costume, and lets the sleeves start to fall down - first exposing her beautiful, soft shoulders and sexy collarbone. Then, the dress moves further down her body, to reveal her upper back, and then finally it sinks even lower - so that her big, natural D-cup tits are fully exposed. Alexis's flat stomach is tanned to perfection, just like the rest of her perfect little toned body. She lets the dress fall completely to the floor and stands facing us, with that big signature smile plastered across her face. "I am always horny! I know, you're thinking 'no one is always horny..' but you're wrong! Sex is literally on my mind from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. I just love it! And I'm fine, maybe even proud of it! Now that I'm becoming a 'mature woman' I'm not worried about what people say about me! I just want to be myself, and have a good time doing it." If we saw this bombshell staring back at us every time we looked in the mirror, we'd probably be saying the same thing! Alexis starts caressing her body with both hands, sighing as her fingers brush against the inside of her thigh, and move slowly up again. Her pussy is soaking wet, begging for her to stop teasing it, waiting for something or someone to really start fucking it. Alexis sits down on the carpet and thrusts two fingers inside of herself. She moves them in and out, faster and harder until her entire body tenses up. Alexis's eyes close as her mouth opens, feeling her body relax again as she cums hard, and long. There are few things sexier than a mature woman that radiates sexuality and confidence, especially when that woman is naked and masturbating in front of you. Check it out for yourself on® - you definitely don't want to miss this one.

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Alexis is a sexy Latina bombshell with a banging body and "charmed life" to say the least. This stunning brunette was born and raised in Florida, and models full time. Her family is from Columbia originally, and she is fluent in Spanish and English. "I love my culture - the food, the music, the people! Columbians are known for being freaky… Every man I've ever been with goes wild when I talk dirty to him in Spanish." Can you blame them, she's stunning. Though her big brown eyes, plump lips, and sweet smile are all captivating, it's hard to notice anything but her full, perfect breasts making their way out of her corset. She's smiling seductively as she lets her fingers graze her nipples, feeling them harden right before our eyes.

As Alexis gets more comfortable, she becomes more playful as well. This 29 year old sex-kitten definitely has more to her than her innocent look might imply. "When we met, I wanted to fuck. After we fucked, I wanted to leave. And he didn't let me, he said he wanted to show his princess how a proper lady was treated - and then made me breakfast in bed and rubbed my back. We've been together ever since," she says about her now-husband. Alexis leans back onto her satin sheets and throws her legs in the air. She pulls her thong up, over them, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy - and showing off her long tan legs.

"I have too many sex toys for a woman my age, but I can't help it! I love them! And, besides having fun on my own with them, I love bringing them into the bedroom with my husband!" Alexis is smiling as she turns on her purple sparkly dildo and gently rubs it back and forth on her clit. As she gets wetter, she starts to insert it, then slowly pulls it back out. She continues this, pushing it in deeper and deeper, smiling the whole time. Her eyes start to close and she bites her bottom lip as she thrusts, knowing she's close to orgasm. Alexis is smoking hot, super sweet, and very kinky - find out for yourself only at®.

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After spending time with Lacie James, our newest addition to Anilos, we've found out quite a few things. Firstly, she's got a great body and a great personality to match. And second, rocker chicks do still turn us on! At almost 30 years old, Lacie embosses everything rock and roll is all about - freedom, sex, partying, and more. Here, we found her in a sheer black mini dress and matching black panties. In true Lacie form, she slowly pulls the bottom of her dress up, lifting it higher and higher until she is flashing her big, round titties and hard, sexy nipples. "Who doesn't like to get clean while they're getting dirty? I know I do!" Lacie hops into the shower, and poses with her back to us. An ass like that should not even be legal - or, well, it should least come with a warning sign! As Lacie scrubs her body, making sure she is nice and clean for when Mr. James gets home later, she realizes she has time to give herself one more orgasm. She sits down on the ledge of shower, places one hand behind her for balance, and rubs her clit with the other. Her giant tits are sprawled out in front of her, and her facial expression is silently screaming pleasure. Lacie rubs and massages herself, then slowly slips one finger inside, and soon after, a second. Before we know it, Lacie is vigorously sliding two fingers in and out, over and over again, while she moans and groans in ecstacy. "Oh my! This is absolutely the greatest idea I've had all day! I cannot get enough of myself! I couldn't get enough of anything that felt this great though, no matter what!" A woman with a sex drive this extensive is almost impossible to come by! Don't miss out on all of Lacie's sexy photo sets and videos, exclusively at®.

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From the long black hair, to the bedroom eyes, to the huge 34D tits, Lacie James is clearly a mature woman any man would die to meet. "Anything black, lacy, and paired with stockings is really sexy - I love this set, right now is actually the first time I get to wear it. It feels so sensual - like it needs to be taken off by someone else's teeth!" Lacie is a kinky California native, that loves all things risque and clearly knows how to wear lingerie properly. Her black lace bra and matching booty shorts look perfect against her smooth, tan skin.

Lacie knows how to tease when she's in the mood to, but she also knows how to please! For now, she's got one thing on her mind - and so she gets straight to business. Lacie wastes no time stripping off her bra and panties, and hopping onto her bed. "Today seems to be dragging on! I want my man to come home and fuck me so badly, and it's not even his lunch break yet!" Good thing Lacie knows how to take care of herself just as well as any man ever could! She throws her muscular legs in the air, as she gets ready to work on getting herself off.

One of the many things we love about Lacie is how genuinely horny she is! She moves her fingers up and down her body, caressing her boobs, tracing the shape of her thigh, and then slowly rubbing on her hairless pussy. She turns over, and pushes her perfect ass into the air as she lets her face fall down to the mattress. "The quickest, most surefire way to get me off is Doggy style! Doesn't matter who, what, where, or when - doggy does it for me." As she continues fucking herself from behind, it becomes clear she is about to cum. She closes her eyes, opens her mouth to let out a passionate moan, and then collapses onto the bed. Check this full set out, and much, much more exclusively at®!

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Lacie James Anilos Babes

"I love lingerie! I feel so sexy! And, the older I get, the better my taste gets too, I think! I used to love hot pink polka dots, but now, I think dark colors and lace are so much more seductive! That's what I'm into these days, being a seductress… Is it working?" Lacie James winked after asking that, then smiled for a picture. This purple lace bra and thong set is definitely very sexy - of course our Anilos all know what that word really means! There's a certain sensuality that grows as a woman gets older, and it is a pleasure to see Lacie embracing that! When Lacie takes her top off, it's hard not to stare - so we don't even bother trying. Her big, round tits hang down in front of her toned stomach, and her tiny purple panties hug her body in all the right ways. "Being here, doing this right now - I'm living my dream. I get to explore my sexuality, love every day I wake up and know I'm going to get naked at work, and become a real exhibitionist. It's amazing. This is the closest thing to what I imagine being a rockstar must feel like! I hope that didn't sound stupid." Lacie is a rockstar, to us! Her sexy little tattoos, long black hair, and tiny silver ring in her nose help convince us as well! When Lacie turns around to model her thong, her perfect ass is put on display for the first time this set. It is shocking that one woman could be blessed with a body like this! Perfect boobs, perfect butt, and a beautiful face?! We are so happy to get the chance to spend the day with this hot mama! "I absolutely adore masturbating! I love sex, don't get me wrong, but getting myself off is always a blast! Who wouldn't enjoy pleasuring themselves, being able to cum any time, any place. Yes, it's amazing. It all is!" Lacie sits down, spreads her legs, and starting working her bare, wet pussy, with her fingers. She finds her clit and massages it, ever so slightly, until she starts to moan. Lacie leans back, continuing to rub her tight little pussy, until her eyes closes and she twitches in pleasure. There are no words for the way Lacie looks when she cums, it's perfection - see for yourself at®.

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