Tacori Blu Office Exposure

Tacori Blu is back in the office on Thursday. Now that she's fucked her boss, Tacori Blu can't help but feel horny every time she passes his office. Recalling how expertly he coaxed her into three orgasms that night, Tacori's pussy begins to tingle with anticipation! Luckily, everyone is out of the office, either for lunch or showing homes to clients, so Tacori takes advantage of the privacy to strip down into her bra and panties. Toying with the idea of efficiency, Tacori decides to remove only her panties so she can get her lunchtime masturbation session in faster. But Tacori loves playing with her big, firm breasts, so she decides it must all come off. Slowly pulling off one strap from her shoulder, then the other, Tacori's large breasts are slowly uncovered, released from the lacy bondage of her green lingerie. It's thrilling to be naked in the office because Tacori is a bit of an exhibitionist. The risk of being discovered, and hopefully by her boss, makes Tacori's body ripple with excitement! She quickly retrieves her "back massager" from the bottom drawer of her file cabinet, and settles into her office chair for a quick rub down of her only aching muscle: her sweet milfpie! Turning her makeshift dildo onto the lowest setting, Tacori slowly starts up the tension that will result in a perfect orgasm. She'll only have time for one this afternoon, so she intends to make it quality! As her mature pussy begins to drip with wet excitement, Tacori begins to up the amperage on her massager until it's humming, making this cougar purr like a kitten. As the tension increases, Tacori spreads her legs even wider, opening completely to the orgasm quaking through her body. Waiting until the final spasms ripple through her cervix, Tacori Blu feels completely satisfied and re-energized, as only a mature woman can. Watch Tacori Blu in even more hardcore action than this, exclusively at Anilos.com®, and share a little office quickie with her yourself!

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Tacori Blu Milf Sex

Tacori Blu is all dressed up tonight because she just won the prestigious Realtor of the Year award. Her manager has tagged along after the award dinner to share in a more personal celebration with her. He's been hot for Tacori since she started in the business several years ago. Now that she's proved to be successful in their professional partnership, he'd like to see how a more intimate coupling would work. After opening a bottle of champagne, and toasting her success, he pulls her into his embrace. Holding her firmly against him, he ventures first one kiss, then another as his searing desire courses through his body. Tacori Blu feels his intensity, stroking his growing cock through his trousers. She admits to herself that she's always been curious, but this will take their working partnership to a whole new level.

He continues to kiss her, slipping her slinky dress off her shoulders, and deftly unclasping her bra. He tosses her pink bra aside, and trails his kisses down her neck to suck on her nipples. Catching the breath that his passionate kisses have stolen from her lips, Tacori takes advantage of the moment to acknowledge him. "I want to thank you for giving me a place in the realty group, and for helping me to be successful every step of the way." He suggests that she show her gratuity in another way. Her smile may be intoxicating, but the sincerity in her amber eyes as she looks up at him from her knees tells the truth. She gladly takes his fat cock into her mouth, sucking him deeper into her mouth, taking him into her throat. Her big breasts beautifully bare, nipples hard with the building excitement Tacori always feels when giving head.

Giving head to her boss makes her pussy so hot and wet, and she's craving the sensation of his big dick inside her. Tacori gives his head a few more kisses before pushing him onto the counter. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl, slowly sliding his cock into her wet, mature pussy. As she rides him with long strokes up and down his shaft, her pussy milking his pleasure and her own, Tacori teases her clit with her free hand. She's going to cum all over her boss tonight! Still wearing her high heels, Tacori Blu sets the standard in so many ways, providing a perfect example of what a woman on top should be. Schedule your own celebration with Tacori at Anilos.com®, and see if she represents the gold standard for mature sex appeal from among thousands of hot and horny milfs and cougars.

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Bella Exotic Masturbator

Beautiful Bella is a busty brunette who is horny all the time. Her career as an exotic dancer keeps her sex drive ramped up, and she knows more than a thing or two about the art of seduction. "It isn't all about knowing how to take your clothes off in an appealing way. Exotic dance is the art of making a complete stranger desire you. And if you don't know what turns you on, or don't appreciate your body as a sexual instrument, you just can't be successful." Bella tosses her long locks playfully as she hooks her finger through the frilly black babydoll panties she's wearing. "You have to like the way it feels as you remove whatever you're wearing. It has to turn you on for the real appeal to show through. Lots of women in my profession think they can fake it, but I never fake anything!" Bella taunts herself and the camera while she shows us exactly how it should be done. "It should be like watching a flower unfold to bask in the sun. Every surface needs to feel the rays and be celebrated." Bella's signature color is black, and all of her lingerie is contrast with little feminine details. Bows and strings tease the eye, just like her huge tits are topped with luscious rose colored nipples. "I am horny all the time, but only when I'm at home can I relieve my frustration," she giggles as she pulls out a black nubby dildo. "It's not as big as being with a real black man, but this little toy just hits the spot!" Bella beautifully fucks herself, and you can watch her strip tease from beginning to climactic end, but only at Anilos.com®.

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Bella Brunette Milf

Bella loves to be treated like a princess. Older men seem to know how to treat a lusty lady right- they know that they're supposed to pamper their precious pussycat. Bella has just spent the afternoon at the spa, courtesy of one of her favorite patrons, getting waxed and polished, manicured and massaged. She's feeling exceptionally grateful to him, and wants to reward him by showing up at his townhouse for a private dance or two. She's wearing a dress that another of her admirers has bought for her, but he doesn't need to know that. Bella draws his eyes toward her body as she slips her huge titties through the armholes of her little ruched dress, emphasizing their firm stature with the asymmetrical play of the fabric.

Newly pedicured toes gracefully accent golden, bejeweled high heels. Long legs, tanned and waxed, kneel gracefully as Bella continues her visual seduction. Playing with the straps of her hot pink mini-dress, Bella's big tits are on full display. Her long chestnut locks flow freely down her back, the only hair remaining on Bella's bodacious body. Squatting before her favorite patron, Bella reveals that she's not wearing any panties, and her bald pussy, framed by her sexy legs, twinkles with the new bar she's bought for her clit piercing. "Mmmm, baby. I really enjoyed my day!" she muses. "How ever can I show my gratitude to you? Would you like a lap dance, love?"

As she settles down onto the carpet, Bella spreads her legs wide open so she can show her patron how excited he's made her. Reaching down with her manicured hands, she begins to massage her lips, teasing her clitoris. "Mmmm, this is where I want you to lick me." He takes no time taking full advantage of his favorite dancer, and is on his knees in front of her, hungry to taste every bit of flesh Bella offers him. The pearly ball ends of her piercing guide the action, setting up a physical target for the tongue to tickle. The sienna silkiness of her lips, glistening with wet, is the sweetest of rewards to a suitor who has taken the time to indulge his favorite artist. Bella makes some sweet music as her body sways and moves to the rhythm of her lover's desire. Have a penchant for lusty exotic dancers? Want to see more of Bella's conquests? Or do you have a thing for big breasted Milfs? We've got all that, and more, all for your pleasure, exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Bella Hot and Horny

Bella, our bigtit brunette, has recently decided to take up weight lifting to help keep her mature body firm and flawless. She doesn't want to get old, or have flabby arms like women of her grandmother's generation did. So she's invested in a bench and a few free weights, installing them in her garage so she can work out naked if she chooses. Since she's working her upper body today, Bella has decided she's not going to wear a bra (or a shirt for that matter), because she wants to really see her technique. She loves watching her lean muscles work under her bronzed skin. After a few sets, Bella is feeling hot and sticky. Though she's only wearing sneakers and a sheer black g-string thong, even that is too much to bear in the humidity. Peeling her panties off, Bella reveals a pierced clit which keeps getting stuck to the vinyl seat of the bench. The slight tugging sensation begins to really turn on this milf, and Bella struggles to remain focused on her workout. She gets ready to shift her workout to using resistance bands, but her arousal makes Bella start to consider the bands' value for sexual purposes. She had never before considered being bound while she participated in her favorite fetish: having her lover lick sticky and sweet condiments from her huge tits. Just thinking about her fetish, along with the introduction some bondage, makes Bella's mature pussy begin to throb. "Fuck it," she sighs, "I need to climax more than my muscles do." Dropping the bands onto the gym floor, Bella leans back on the bench and begins to massage her swollen clit. Her piercing clacks against the tips of her long, french-manicured fingernails as she rubs furiously at her wet pussy. What a workout! Want to get your blood pumping (as if it isn't already) watching Bella work out? Would you like to be the lucky guy licking whipped cream off of her full and fabulous breasts? Perhaps you prefer a little bondage? Try her on for size exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Bella Busty Horny Milf

Bella is a master at the art of seduction. Her first and only career, as an exotic dancer, has taught her more than most women how to really please a man. She always wears lingerie, no matter the day of the week, so that her lover's eyes always have something to gaze upon. Today, she's getting ready to enact one of her favorite fetishes: to have honey poured onto her huge tits, and to have them licked clean by her lover! Removing her black lace bra, her firm and full breasts are capped by erect nipples, tingling in anticipation of her favorite foreplay. Kneeling on the bed in black fishnet stockings, Bella is basically breathless with desire!

Leaning back onto the pillows, Bella giggles while she artfully removes the garters from her stockings. Her black thong is already wet through, and her pussy is dripping with the lust that is rippling through her body. It's a rare treat, indeed, for a mature mistress who spends her nights pleasing an audience to get such an intimate pampering for herself. The butterfly tattoo upon her firm belly seems to dance with every anxious breath Bella draws as she continues to remove the garters. She wants nothing between her lover's tongue upon her breasts... and eventually, her creaming pussy.

Bella slips off her panties, keeping the garter belt and stockings on, and raises one tanned leg high in the air to allow a premium perspective of her silky sienna pussy lips. Her clitoris is bejeweled with a piercing, and glistening with wet desire. As she spreads open her lips, the sweet pink meat of her honeypot is tantalizing against the cold metallic gleam of her piercing. So tender, and yet so tough. Laughing with pleasure, with complete abandonment to her sexual appetite, Bella is a beautiful, busty bite! And there's more, so much more to see. Come inside and whet your appetite for busty babes and milky milfs. Check out Bella's sweet sexiness, and see a few more of the moves she's saving for your private lap dance. Only for you. Only at Anilos.com®.

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Lenny Anilos Next Door

Lenny has all the sweet charm of the 'girl next door', but she, like all women, has a secret and surefire method for keeping her mature sex drive in high gear! Lenny has just been lingerie shopping, a hobby that always leaves her turned on! Once she's home from the store, she tries on her latest purchase: a fiery red lace bra and panty set. Posing seductively on the coverlet, Lenny inspects the sex appeal of her undergarments. But the final test is how easy they are to remove. She begins with the panties. They're a little tight, and that they are seamed, they're beginning to give Lenny a bit of a camel-toe. Pulling the bikini panties off over her full hips slowly, one side at a time, Lenny's mature mons is freed from the discomfort. Turning around on the bed to inspect her rear-view, Lenny tosses her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she unclasps her brassiere. Allowing the straps to slide down her arms, Lenny's small breasts surge into peaks of arousal as the cool air hits them. She tosses the bra aside, bouncing on the bed like a giddy school girl, thrilled to have a few new articles to arouse her man's interests. Her lithe, limber body is as taut as a teen's, and her erotic exuberance matches! Shopping has always turned Lenny on, and today is no exception. Leaning back onto the pillows, Lenny retrieved her favorite toy: a blue, ribbed vibrator. This bad boy has never let her down, and she's in a hurry to be pleased! Watch as Lenny inserts her blue b.o.b. deep into her hairy pussy. Watch as Lenny buries it into the oasis within her blonde bush. You can watch, in fact, you can help... but only at Anilos.com®, the premiere site for thousands of the mature women, and thrilling thirty-somethings, that you crave!

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Lenny Seductive Strip Tease

Lenny has just come in from a party, in which she played the mature seductress all night. Though the sun is rising, Lenny is just now settling down. Her sexiness has stamina! She begins a slow strip-tease, shimmying out of her sparkling black dress. She begins by pulling the shoulders of her dress down, slipping her arms out of the garment so that her breasts are freed from the itchy fabric. Continuing to wriggle out of her dress, Lenny catches her reflection in the mirror, and pretends to taunt with her luscious ass, slowly revealing the creamy ivory skin of each cheek. A black g-string thong accents her perfectly rounded hips. Ridding herself entirely of the dress, Lenny rolls onto her back to pull the black thong clear of her satiny black slingback high heels. Her blonde bush peeks out from her thighs as Lenny opens and closes her long, lovely legs in a criss-crossing scissors motion. Finally free of all her clothes, excepting her black high heels, Lenny stretches her inner things, spreading her legs wide and invitingly, allowing her pubic hair to unfurl across the lips of her vagina. But Lenny isn't stripping down to go to sleep- she's got something far more naughty in mind. Want to find out what erotic thoughts are running through Lenny's mind? Want to learn more about this blonde, big bushed milf? Get to know Lenny, or chose among thousands of hot and horny housewives, only at Anilos.com®!

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Lenny Loves her Girlbush

Since the office was empty by the time Lenny and the doctor finished their appointment, Lenny accepted his offer for a drink, and gladly escorted him back to his place. She can never get enough, once she's got her hazel eyes locked on a man, and she wants this doctor with all of her being. While he's uncorking a bottle of Muscat, Lenny makes herself at home. After removing and gently folding her jacket and skirt, laying them over the couch, Lenny kicks her high heels aside and wanders around the doctor's flat until finally settling down on the fur rug in front of the fire he's lit. She relaxes into a gentle stretch, wearing nothing but her babydoll blouse and lace panties. As he hands her a glass of wine, his eyes are drawn down to the edges of her white lace panties, where her full bush spills out of the confines of her panties.

Instead of diving right in, licking her sweet, mature mons, relishing in the tickling sensation of her bush upon his cheeks, he decides to play the seduction game with Lenny instead. He begins the talking by complimenting her work performance, and then moves to flattering her about her figure. Lenny knows what he's after, though, and tells him about how she's found him attractive since he took over the practice, and how she's fantasized about being with him since the moment she first met him. Lenny pulls down the top of her shirt, displaying her tiny titties, and describes how erect her nipples become each time she hears his deep voice echo down the hall. She plays coy and innocent, but it's only to hide the wet desire that's accumulating on her dewy bush.

He is drawn from the couch by the lure of her creamy skin, and takes each of her rosebud nipples into his mouth, eliciting soft whimpers from Lenny's throat. He tugs at her panties, wanting to feel the brush of her bush against his hands. While his lips tug at her nipples, trace lingering lines of kisses across her neck and shoulders, Lenny manages to wiggle out of her panties. The doctor sits back on his heels, admiring the natural state of her pubis, fascinated by the dewy droplets of desire that glisten upon her full blonde bush. Lenny lets him take full stock of her sexiness, spreading her legs just a but wider to encourage him. Drawing long, slow strokes upon her thighs with the hot pink tips of her nails, she visually lures the doctor right where she wants him- his lips upon her labia, his tongue teasing her clitoris. Who wouldn't want to taste Lenny's milf pie? What man would be able to resist her mature appetite for pleasure, or Lenny's slow seduction? Can't resist any longer? Come inside, play doctor for a while with thousands of lovely older ladies, exclusively at Anilos.com.

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Lenny Big Bush Business

Lenny is a secretary at a doctor's office. Not surprisingly, he is her gynecologist as well, and he's scheduled her for her annual exam since the office has been slow. He's got a thing for dirty blondes, and he's had the hots for Lenny since he first took over this practice. The retiring Physician has told him that Lenny is always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone on staff is happy. The doctor also warned that Lenny can be quite efficient. Why would that be a bad thing? The new doctor soon discovered for himself when Lenny arrived for her appointment. Without waiting for a gown, she stripped out of her suit so that the doctor would have an easier time giving her a full exam. Flinging her black lace panties across the room, Lenny declared "Doctor, I'm ready for you."

What the doctor didn't know is that Lenny had the hots for him, and had been planning on seducing him the first opportunity she got. This Milf was in a hurry to show the doctor her goods, and how playfully she approaches sex. Bent over the lucite chair, Lenny's long legs are beautifully framed by nothing but a pair of black sling back high heels and the dark contrast of her briefcase. A tribal tattoo graces her slender ankle, adding the notion of something wild and exotic within the mind of this secretary. This is also echoed by the natural state of her pubic hair- a wild, untamed bush curling out from the petals of her labia. Bent over the chair, Lenny begins to comb through her bush, letting her splayed fingers find the sweet spot hidden within the hairs. She begins to stroke her mature sex drive with each touch upon her clitoris.

The doctor is beyond intrigued. Most women he's seen don't have any hair on their pussies. But Lenny's bush has never seen a razor, and he can smell her musky sweet scent from across the room. Lenny knows she's got the doctor under her spell, and she begins a slow masturbation for him, dipping just the tips of her long fingernails into her mature pussy. And then two fingers, in and out of her throbbing and wet bushy pussy, inciting the doctor's arousal. And though her belly-button piercing glints in the sunny lighting, he can't tear his eyes away from her furry labia. He wants her, all professional ethics aside. And Lenny knows it! Want to find out how this tale of mature seduction plays out? Want to see the sweet rewards the doctor receives for his rapt attention to her most pressing concern? Wish you could help sate this horny secretary? You can have Lenny fulfill all of your fantasies at Anilos.com®, your premier source for mature milfs and sexy secretaries alike!

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