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Josie is a divorcee and spends all of her alone time contemplating the kind of lover she'd like to have. "I want a romantic guy who's not afraid to cry. But until I find him, I don't mind taking care of myself with a few of my favorite toys." Josie likes sex a little on the rough side. "Since I can't wear a blindfold to a photo shoot, which would really turn me on, I can play rough with myself and get the same thrill!" she winks at the camera while she flicks her hard nipple. Josie has her favorite toy handy: a hot pink vibrator. "This is the greatest toy ever invented!" she declares. "It vibrates pretty softly so it doesn't overstimulate me, and I can use it as a dildo. A really big dildo for excellent penetration." Josie illustrates by gliding her mature, wet pussy up and down the shaft of her toy lubing it with her milf juice. Next, she bends over for the camera, doggy-style, to reveal her pink pussy lips wrapped around the top end of her toy. Josie moans as she slides her toy deep into her pussy pumping it in and out of her mature meat as she builds her pleasure to orgasmic heights. Josie then moves to the couch, flinging one long leg over the back so she can bury her toy inside her horny body even harder. Want to watch Josie pleasure herself, coating her vibrator in sweet cream? Want to find out just how deep this petite milf likes it? Watch all the action exclusively on®, your premiere source for the highest quality action available.

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Josie is, perhaps, the most petite model we've ever featured on For her tiny stature, though, she more than makes up for it with a big sexual appetite. She met us for her interview wearing a sheer, polka-dot miniskirt! "You might as well see what you're getting right from the start," she declares before getting right to the point of pulling off her darling little skirt. "I was married for many years, using my talents for raising kids. Now that the kids are grown and the divorce is over, I can experiment with all the ways I want to interact with the world. If I could do anything, this would be it! Where else can you be naked all day?" Josie laughs as she tosses her strawberry blonde locks over her shoulder. Her tiny titties are topped with hard nipples which she rubs and twirls between her fingers as she talks. Josie has taken the time to match her fingernails to her coral colored g-string panties, too. "Have I mentioned that I love to masturbate?" she continues. "I didn't start until I was 13 or so. I guess I was a late bloomer in that regard. But now I masturbate every day! I have a few special and favorite toys, but my fingers will do in a fix." Josie rubs her milfpie with both hands, showing us deeper into her pussy by spreading her lips apart to reveal a very pink pussy. But pulling her panties aside doesn't cut it for Josie, she wants easier access to her creamy milf pussy. So, slipping her g-string from her thin, toned legs, Josie flings them across the room and lays back on her chaise with all the prowess of a cougar settling in for a nap. Spreading her lips open, Josie waits patiently for you with more exclusive content than any site on the web. Only at®.

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Josie's favorite thing to do after a long day in front of the cameras is to unwind in the bathtub. She's got a big garden tub and she puts it to good use on an everyday basis. "There's nothing like it, as far as I'm concerned. Climbing into a tub full of bubbles is so relaxing! I love the sensation of warm, sudsy water running along my thighs and back. But before I know it, my stress has dissolved and I start to get a tingling feeling running through my body." That's not her sensitive skin, but her very active, very mature sex drive. "Masturbating after a long bath has been a ritual for me for as long as I can remember. I think it started when I was 13, and I've just kept it going." She unfurls her long legs, stretching one final time before retrieving her bathtime toy.

Setting her lean, petite form against the wall, Josie's wet skin glistens. Her toy is a hot pink vibrator encased in clear acrylic to ensure it doesn't get damaged by the water. With practiced dexterity, Josie flicks her toy onto a steady vibration and begins to rub the toy back and forth across her own hot, pink clitoris. Bubbles float up around her, popping against her creamy smooth skin, and Josie giggles with delight as each one rises and lands while she pleases herself. Hard nipples sit atop tiny titties. Slighly dampened strawberry blonde locks graze and tickle the sensitive skin of her shoulders, and Josie pretends those are the whisper soft strokes of her lover's hands upon her as she works out the first of several orgasms she'll give herself tonight.

Josie handles herself with all the efficiency of a milf on the prowl. Spreading her lips open, Josie proudly shows the tender pink folds of her pussy, inviting the eyes, the lips, the tongue to explore her sweet spot even further. Her pussy is framed by fiery blonde hair trimmed nice and short, and her firecrotch is wet in more ways than one. The pink lips of her milfpie are tingling with excitement and Josie is hungry for another orgasm or two. Twirling her red fingertips over the pearl of her clit, Josie smiles up at the camera while both of her hands are engaged in pleasuring herself. Don't you just love it when a woman takes charge of how she wants to be touched? How she can spread her sweet lips to open it all up just for you? Check out even more of Josie's exclusive online content, or choose from at least a hundred more redheads who want to give it all to you. Exclusive selection exclusively at®.

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Alexandra Silk has Mondays off. Time which she uses to pay bills, check her email, and play both computer solitaire and a personal game of sexual solitaire. Dressed in a gorgeous shade of plum, Alexandra Silk's creamy mature skin and hazel eyes are set radiantly behind the soft velour of her shirt. "It seems silly to dress up on a day off, but I like getting all dolled up. If I feel sexy, I feel on top of the world." Wearing a pearl necklace and studded black high heels, Alexandra covers both realms of sex appeal: she's edgy and daring, and a perfectly polished lady. "And my signature pretty panties. Hot pink polka dots today!" Alexandra is silky from head to toe, to the tips of her freshly polished french manicured nails.

Alexandra Silk has been watching porn online and is feeling really turned on. Once you get her mature sexual engine running, she'll keep going at it, like a deisel, until she reaches her finish. But she doesn't want to cream all over her clothes, so Alexandra carefully peels back her blouse revealing a black demi bra. Quickly she slips off her flounced skirt to reveal that the only thing between her fingertips and her mature pussy are those sexy pink polka-dot panties. Her stockings have backseams running all the way up to her toned thighs. She unclasps her bra and tosses it aside, gently cupping and lifting her full breasts until her nipples harden as she pinches them between her perfectly polished fingertips.

Pulling her polka-dot panties clear of first her knees, then her high heels, Alexandra reveals her mature mound. Tightly trimmed to just a sparse brunette bush, her pussy is perfectly framed by her pubic hair. "Older women tend to want younger men because they have the stamina to keep at it longer. Unfortunately, older women just need more action to get us in the mood. That's part of the reason I work so hard to keep my sex drive in full tilt. I'd hate to miss out on a hard cock because it was taking too long for me to get wet." Sage advice from a hot older woman. Think you've got what it takes to please a milf like Alexandra Silk? Make sure you check out all of her exclusive content, the most and best available on the web, or choose from thousands of women just to your liking. Only for you, only at®.

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Alexandra Silk is spending her Sunday afternoon lounging around the house in a light and airy chemise, white lace boyshort panties and matching white silk stockings. "I don't like to have to wear clothes, especially when I'm just lying around the house. I'm far too horny to let a buch of fabric interfere with pleasuring myself if no one is around." Pulling her chemise off, Alexandra shows us that she's not wearing a bra. Her full milf titties stand pertly upright, her nipples hard and distended. "And I don't think there are more pleasurable sensations than the blow of the air conditioning across my body. I get goodebumps all over. It tickles!" she confesses as she slowly strips out of her ensemble. Alexandra Silk runs her satiny fingertips down her body, hooking them in the waistband of her lace panties. "I always wear sexy or playful panties. I like to look hot!" Alexandra Silk gets her sexual engine revved up by stretching all of her tight muscles in some very sexy, mature poses. Her long brunette locks twirl down her back reaching all the way to her ass, and she tosses her ponytail over her shoulder to let its silky softness tickle and tease her titties, too. Retrieving her beloved vibrator from under the couch cushions, Alexandra begins to rub the pulsing toy over her body. "That feels so good!" she illustrates, waving the wand up and across her hard nipples and soft breasts. Trailing her toy further down, Alexandra Silk finds the sweet spot- her cougar cunt- and pushes the toy into her dripping we desire. Want to watch?® has more exclusive content than any other site online, guaranteed!

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Alexandra Silk loves to wear interesting little lingerie pieces under her evening wear. Tonight, she's selected a black lace body stocking beneath her black party dress and strapped sandals. Going on dates is part of the ritual that helps this hot milf get wet and ready. "I take my time to dress to impress. At work I wear scrubs. Very boring. So, in the evenings I get dolled up. It's all part of my ritual to feel sexy at my age. And, let me tell you, it works!" Alexandra tosses out her long hair behind her as she twirls in her sheer lingerie black party dress. Lifting it from the hem, Alexandra teases the eye to expect garters, but the black lace continues up, contouring her bodacious body and pressing against her full breasts.

Though Alexandra Silk looks delectable in her lacy undies, she'd much rather be naked. She removes the shoulder straps of her body stocking, inching the lace further and further down her torso. When the fabric clears her breasts, finally, they bounce back to their firm and proud perch upon her chest. Nothing in the world is softer than the creamy skin of a milf's breast, and Alexandra has an ample bosom to touch... and enjoy. She continues stripping, rolling the body stocking down to reveal her tidy muff and rounded, full hips. Standing, spreading her legs to bare more, Alexandra's nipples perk up hard and sweet and she giggles with the thrill of the cool air rushing against her skin, and her long brunette hair tickles her lower back.

She rolls the lingerie all the way down each leg, kicking her high heels off in the process, and strokes her silky skin with satiny fingertips as she slowly stands back up. Alexandra tosses her long, brunette hair over one shoulder, emphasizing it's length and luster. Completely naked, Alexandra strikes a few poses for our camera, teasing us with her sexy milf body as she tiptoes and bends to show us her other 'silky' body parts. Like your women older? Want a woman with a curvy body and plenty of experience to put you to bed right? Wouldn't you love to spend an afternoon gazing at all of Alexandra's silken curves and cool, liquid hazel eyes? Get full access to her, or chose from thousands on the internet's premiere site for mature mamas:®.

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Alexandra Silk may not kiss and tell, but she'll suck and show, that's for sure. She'll readily admit that she's slept with a coworker or two, but what does one expect from a hot and horny milf? Alexandra's been catching the eye of her newest coworker- a male nurse who works her shift- and he's invited her out for dinner. But he'll have Alexandra for dessert! He takes her back to his place, wishing he'd gone ahead and ordered that creamy dish on the menu, but Alexandra Silk offers him her sweet, succulent titties instead. He suckles on her rosy nipples, Alexandra moaning with pleasure, her pussy beginning to water. She can feel his cock starting to throb and grow against her thighs, and she just never could resist sucking a man hard. Slipping off his lap, Alexandra gets onto her knees, she opens up without him even having to ask and begins to suck his hard cock with all the efficiency a nurse should show. Straddling him, finally, Alexandra Silk inserts his throbbing cock into her pussy in reverse-cowgirl, sliding her tight mature pussy up and down the length of his shaft. But the nurse wants more, and he lifts her up so he can bury it in her from behind. He pumps his hard cock deep into her pussy, rhythmically driving her higher in ecstasy and pleasure. He pinches her nipples pushing her building climax over the top! Want to see the exclusive video? Would you be interested in learning what else turns this milf on? You can, but only at®.

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Alexandra Silk loves to get a massage! Her idea of relaxing includes shopping and spa trips, but that has more to do with the fantastic sex her massage therapist gives her. She's meeting with him a few hours after her shift at the Hospital, changing out of her scrubs and into a denim miniskirt and white, lacy blouse. Alexandra's had a long, hard week and she's booked an after hours appointment with the masseuse to get it even harder... both on and off the table. After a few preliminary questions, the Masseuse asks her if she has any areas that need special attention. Draping her arms about his neck, Alexandra murmers into his ear as she strokes his cock through his blue jeans. The good man is more than willing to oblige.

Alexandra Silk is a definite milf. Every older woman knows that it takes a little extra effort to get them going, sexually, and that men need some special attention, too. She slips down onto her knees while she pulls the therapist's cock from his pants, sucking the tip of his growing desire with her skilled mouth. Alexandra sure knows how to guarantee her pleasure, sucking harder and faster on his dick so that when he slips it in, it'll be bigger and slicker than had he gotten himself stimulated. Besides, giving head is one of those things that just turns on this country girl. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock, pumping his shaft with her strong fingertips. She takes only a few seconds to look up at him with her hazel eyes, pauses her sucking to ask "I've got somewhere that really needs a firm massage, and I think you've got just the tool to reach it!"

Standing up, Alexandra Silk pushes her lover onto his massage table, turns her back on him, then swings her long legs over him to mount him in reverse-cowgirl position. This isn't Alexandra's first "massage session" with her therapist, and she wants it deeper than he'll typically give it to her. "Oh, yeah," she moans with each stroke of his cock, "do you like it deep inside me? Deep inside my silky pussy?" The therapist watches her tight milf ass bounce up and down on his thick cock until he thinks he's going to explode. But he's determined to give her some hard satisfaction, and keeps going and going until he gets her off. After a climax like that, Alexandra can really relax and settle into her full body massage. Watch all the orgasmic action exclusively at®.

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Jena Jackson is 39, but you'd never guess because her mature body is smoking hot! She's got a winning smile and long blonde locks to compliment her perfectly tanned figure. And she only wears the finest lingerie! Jena's perfect, plump breasts are firm and topped with rosy nipples. Her torso is lean and hard. How many hot mamas have six pack abs leading down to a shaved pussy? Jena Jackson is sexy from head to toe. Plus, she is up for anything, from spending a quiet evening catching up on reading, to heading out into the wilderness to fulfill her latest fantasy: having sex in a raft while she's pulled over the rapids. Though those adventures are few and far between, Jena Jackson can fulfill her everyday sexual desires by masturbating on an everyday basis. She's got a collection of toys, and today she's chosen a light blue metallic vibrator. "I don't always turn it on, though. I'm the kind of woman who prefers it hard and fast, so the penetration is what I really want." She prefers the sensation of her fingertips massaging her mature pussy, working circles over her clit. It's beautiful to watch a milf masturbate. Want to see Jena Jackson's climactic close? Want to see her sweet, juicy pussy after she's pleasured herself?. You can see that, and so much more, exclusively at®.

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Jena Jackson's latest hobby is learning how to fly. She's just getting in from her weekend lesson, and is so ready to strip out of her flight suit. She looks hot wearing her aviator sunglasses, her long blonde hair pinned up in back, and there is a daring look in this cougar's eyes. Beneath, Jena wears cherry colored lace bra and panties, a sweet surprise under the drab green of her flight suit. "I am a sexy woman. Why shouldn't I wear such fabulous undergarments?" Jena has an ulterior motive, though- a secret crush on her flight instructor. He's about a decade younger than Jena, but she's no stranger to that. "I keep waiting for the day when he's brave enough to approach me. Every weekend I go prepared to wow him with what I've got underneath."

"If he had brought me home this afternoon, I would just pretend I was dying of heat in my flight suit, and I'd slowly unzip the top. Give him a little peek of my red bra. If he kept looking, I'd know I had him! Then, I'd take the suit farther off, giving him a much better view." Jena has all the instincts of a cougar, and knows how a bit of slow yet overt taunting can help her ensnare her prey. Like all milfs, Jena is a little tender, a little tough. The tattoo on her arm indicates she's not afraid to bare her wild side, while the soft gaze in her hazel eyes longs for the pleasure that can only be found in conquest. Jena isn't shy about going out to get the satisfaction she craves. "I may be 39, but that only means that I know what I want."

Jena Jackson's smoking hot body belies her age. She's firm and fit, displaying a lithe musculature beneath curves in all the right places. Her full breasts sit high on her chest, and her ass and thighs are nice and rounded. "I love when men tell me how young I look! It's such a thrill. I work hard to stay fit- makes it much easier to date men half my age!" Jena returns to the fantasy of having her flight instructor there with her. "He's got such a great smile! All he'd have to do is flash that grin at me, and I'd let him take me right here in my living room!" Jena's long blonde hair barely grazes her tight ass as she arches her back. See how easy it would be to make this cougar fly high into the ultimate pleasure? Take your turn, exclusively at®.

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