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The incredibly sexy 31 year old Annabelle Genovisi is certainly dedicated to her Master. She will listen to every single sexual desire I demand of her! One of her favorite things to do to please me is cook me delicious meals naked. I require this from her so I can witness the magnificence of her tight little body and sensual assets. Annabelle had just gotten home from work when she asked me, "What would you like for dinner Master?" I told her that I wanted her in the kitchen, fully naked so I can see her curvy body, and that this would be more play time than cook time. As she let down the top of her apron so I could view her luscious breasts, Annabelle was instantly turned on. She started to rub her breasts and play with her rock hard nipples.

I walked over to her, and untied the back of the apron, and whispered gently into her ear that she must keep her black high heels on. "Mmmm, yes Master" she said in response to my demand. Rubbing her throbbing pussy, she let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she was allowed to gratify her urge to touch herself. She leaned over the hot stove to continue cooking as I watched her prance around throughout the kitchen in just her black lacy thong and high heels. "Take your panties off, very slowly. Turn around when you do it. Let me see your ass and pussy, sex slave" I told her. More than willing to obey Master's rules, Annabelle stripped her thong off and rolled them down her sleek legs.

In an act of rebellion, Annabelle acted as if she were going to throw her thong into the pot. Now, of course I love the taste of her sweet pussy juice, but I did not tell her to do that, nor did she ask. At that point there was no doubt; it was time for punishment. I told her to turn around and place her elbows on the counter. Running my hands on the inside of her silky soft thighs, I spread her legs far apart and gave her several spankings. Her tight plump ass was red, but that still did not satisfy my intent to punish, nor did it satisfy Annabelle's hunger for some pain. I then found tongs and pinched her hard nipples between the ends. Stimulating her sexual desire, Annabelle was now ready to get fucked. You can watch Annabelle strip down in the kitchen and see the utensils used in her punishment only on®!

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Being 31 years old has never stopped Annabelle Genovisi from fulfilling her ultimate sexual desires with me. She is in love with every curve on her delectable body, and rightfully so! She works hard to maintain a perfect figure for her Master, and she pleases me oh so well. Sometimes, I ask her to dress in sexy outfits and masturbate in front of me. Being the good sex slave that she is, Annabelle is always eager to listen. My favorite color on her is black. It just compliments her smooth flawless skin so well! She tried on this hot black outfit and modeled it for me. The black satin thong was pulled up high between her pussy lips, and I could just feel the warmth from her pussy as it grew steamy just by simply pleasing me. She slid the thong down over her plump ass and laid down on her back to spread her legs wide open. I told her to give me a good view of her sugary sweet twat. After spreading her lips open, she revealed the warm wet pinkness of her pussy and asked, "Is this what you like Master?"  I stood over her and forced her to her knees. I made her wait, wonder, what was to come. "Is he going to tie me up? Is he going stick his cock in my mouth?" she must have thought. No, I had better plans for her. Because she was a good slave by dressing up for me and spreading herself for my viewing pleasure, I told her to grab her favorite dildo. With a huge grin on her sexy face, she grabbed her dildo and sat patiently on the floor. "Can I please masturbate now Master?" she asked. I told her that she must shove the dildo into her wet pussy and cum. Fucking and cumming with her dildo, Annabelle gave me a great show! You can see all of this on® in videos and full photo sets.

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I first met the smoldering 31 year old Annabelle Genovisi in a local sex club in Oregon. She seemed to be the timid type, kind of hanging back around the bar and not really interacting much with anyone. As I approached, I was certain she would not give me the time of day, because I am slightly chubby, but as it turns out she actually thought that was sexy! So we talked and had some hot sex that night and have been playing together ever since. What I have come to learn about Annabelle, is she loves to be a good slave. Unlike most slaves, Annabelle has a tendency to be naughty from time to time and needs some extra "corrective measures" to set her strait. Take for instance the night she got home from work late and started messaging me online.

I told Annabelle to start caressing her smooth olive skin and pinch her nipples. She replied back that she was not in the mood to play. Well, that is not being a good sex slave for Master now is it?! I then demanded that she turn on the camera, rip off her shirt and remove her skirt. I also told her that she had better keep her lacy pantyhose on because that is what Master likes to see her in. Knowing that she would have been in serious trouble if she disobeyed again, she listened. Her firm round breasts were finally in view, along with her tiny waist and sexy long legs.

Getting wet from being told what to do, Annabelle started to touch her pussy, only after asking me in such a sweet way. "Master, can I please touch my pussy? I am so horny right now and I think I may be able to do something that pleases you." After I gave her my permission, she started to insert her fingers into that tight juicy twat of hers, and was moaning so loud. I told her to cum; cum for Master. She was finally permitted to rub her clit and finger her pussy until it was filled with her sweet cum. Screaming louder and louder, Annabelle gave me exactly what I was demanding of her. You can watch the video of her cumming, and you can also see her photos on®, where sexy and mature women are brought to you every week!

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Gigi thoroughly enjoys taking baths to unwind, but her real joy in bathing is being able to please herself in front of her lover. At 31 years old, Gigi is nearing her sexual prime. She enjoys hot sex and stepping outside of the typical bedroom play. "I have to mix things up or sex gets boring! Life is no fun with boring sex!" she told us. If Gigi was anything in this world besides smoking hot, it was definitely NOT boring! Her lover was in the room while we did her shoot so she could really get into her sexy role. Wearing his tie, and her favorite beach hat, Gigi stripped down and laid back in the hot water to prepare herself for a very sensual and steamy masturbation scene. The silky bubbles piled around her full, firm, natural breasts, and she began to rub her body. As she slid her warm hands across her chilled breasts, her nipples tightened up instantly. Moving down her torso, over the soft curves that her body has been graced with, she reached her pussy. Slighty different from the hot water she lay in, her pussy was wet and creamy. Not being able to stand the torture any longer, and knowing that her lover was watching her get horny, she couldn't help but grab her favorite dildo to shove into her craving twat. It slid in with ease and she stared at her lover intensely. The sexual tension within the room could have been cut with a knife, or a dildo in this case! She was grinding on the side of the tub and sliding her hard toy in and out of her pussy with increasingly passionate motions. Nearing her orgasm, she started to pinch her nipples with one hand as she held the dildo with the other. This bathroom got so hot and steamy when Gigi finally let out a moan of bliss, and you can see it all in a huge set of photos, and high quality video, only on®!

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As Gigi sat on her couch after a long hard day, reading her favorite romance novel would be the only way this 31 year old beauty could relax. Innocently, she sat down on her couch and began to read the pages of a steamy sex scene. Her mind was wandering into this fantasy land of sex crazed warriors and damsels in distress. The throbbing in her jeans intensified as the story delved deeper into the sensual scenes. Growing horny from the explicit words she was reading, Gigi started to grope her full luscious breasts. She started to remove her shirt and bra in an attempt to play with her now rock hard nipples. Using the warm saliva from her beautiful mouth, she wet her nipples and pinched them until they stood firmly between her index and thumb fingers. This satisfied her lustful cravings... for a little while at least. Soon after, Gigi's appetite for pleasing her wet pussy would only be satisfied by removing her jeans to get a closer feel. Her perky ass lifted into the air to allow room for her soft fingers to caress her clit. Again, this satisfied her craving but still left her yearning for more! She wanted, needed to feel the penetration that was being described so well in the book that she was reading. She, too, wanted to feel the sensation of long fingers stroking her clit and sliding in and out of her now drenched twat. Flipping over to insert her fingers, Gigi let out a soft, high-pitched moan as if to release the tension that had been building up to that moment. Gigi can be watched pleasuring her delectable pussy to a steamy novel in full photo sets and in exclusive video only on®, where we bring the hottest and horniest mature women!

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Feroceous in the bedroom and easy on the eyes, the steaming hot 31 year old Gigi works hard to maintain her rock solid body and tight little tummy. "When I work out, it makes me want to have more sex" she told us. Having a great sex life must come quite easy for Gigi, as she is into the BDSM scene. Fierce men taking control of her body is what turns this sexy woman on. "My 'master' told me I must maintain a fit body but keep my womanly shape" she admitted when asked why she is so dedicated to her workouts. She undoubtedly has a body that men lust over. Her firm perky breasts and soft gentle curves make this temptress oh so hard to resist.

As she was working out, Gigi began to fantasize about her "master", as she called him, watching her work up a sweat. She removed all of her clothes so we could watch her body glisten as the beads of sweat formed on her soft ivory skin. Like clouds of heaven, her soft pillowy ass was perfectly round and luscious. Grabbing a toy that she loves, Gigi thought it would be a good idea to get herself off while she got in a quick workout. The bright blue color of the toy she used contrasted in such a splendorous way against the purity that is the color of her skin. So angelic and porcelain, one could just imagine running their hot tongue along the insides of her silky smooth legs toward her warm awaiting pussy.

As Gigi gained a sense of submission as her day dreaming continued, she quickly rolled on to her back to throw her legs into the air; giving us the perfect view of her tight pink pussy. With smooth and careful strokes, she shoved the toy in and out of her pussy. Hot sticky cum enveloped the toy as she reached her climax. She then stuck the toy into her mouth as if her master told her what to do at that very moment. Her actions were as thought out as a novel, like the pages had already been written. Surely Gigi masturbates exactly how her master tells her to because she listens so very well! Watch Gigi cum all over her blue toy on®, the premiere website to see hot and horny cougars like Gigi please themselves on video!

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Gigi has quite a few secrets hidden away in her little cougar closet! At 31 years of age, she uses her intellect and smile to draw you in, then keeps you coming back for her full ample breasts. Law clerk by day, and sexual deviant by night; Gigi's favorite way to enjoy sex is through BDSM. She enjoys being tied up and filled up, with cock that is! Relinquishing control in the bedroom is what Gigi yearns for when having sex. "All I think about when I masturbate is being tied up and getting fucked really hard. So sexy!" she told us. When you see the tight waist, full soft hips, and perky pink nipples, it is easy to let your mind wander into her deepest thoughts of bondage pleasure while you watch her masturbate.

As if she were engaging in the sexual play time of BDSM, Gigi was told to spread her pussy wide open. Like the obeying woman she is, she laid back and opened her smooth legs to reveal her juicy pussy lips. The wet sticky lips peeled open to show off how tight and pink she is. "I love being told what to do by real men. I will always listen if they know how to tell me!" she said teasingly. Gigi certainly knows how to find real men that can please her every sexual desire. Never being forceful, but authoritative is what Gigi seems to enjoy. This woman loves to get fucked hard and she has no problem saying that to anyone!

As Gigi delved deeper into her own sexual fantasies, she felt the urge to shove a bright pink dildo deep into her pussy. Wishing, wanting, lusting over penetration, Gigi imagined the dildo was the cock of a dominant man that was ready to tie her up and show her how real men can fuck. She grew closer and closer to her orgasm and began to breathe heavily. Her moans of bliss echoed throughout the room and her soft natural breasts were smoothly gliding with the motions of her arm. In and out, she rammed the dildo into her warm love cavern and came like you wouldn't believe! You can easily see the whole thing on®, the premium website where you can view photos and videos of the horniest cougars masturbating.

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The bedroom is undoubtedly Georgie's favorite place to play. Having hot and steamy sex with the insatiable 45 year old beauty is a dream come true. Just take one look at her rock hard body and tiny little waist. It will be easy to see why men fall all over themselves just to get a glimpse of her! Dressing up in sexy lingerie is one of her favorite things to do. Wearing only a see through black nighty and a small sexy black thong, Georgie's body is revealed in a subtle yet sensual way. Watching her barely slip the thong down her smooth satin like legs with her finger tips was more arousing than I had anticipated. Georgie's rock hard nipples were visible through the sheer lingerie and all I could think about was how badly I wanted them in my warm mouth. She started to take the nighty all the way off. Before she had all of it removed, she stopped and let it hang around her womanly hips. It just accentuated how insanely curvy and fit she is. With big beautiful breasts, a small tight waist, and explosive hips that only a woman of her age could acquire, Georgie was the full package. Finally, she started to shove this purple ribbed dildo into her extremely tight pussy. She was already creamy and wet so it slid in with ease. She started to moan with noises of pure pleasure and I couldn't help but imagine that it was my cock sliding into her. The vibrator was getting Georgie so turned on, that she looked back at me and said, "It feels like you". Are you kidding me?! This was the hottest thing I've heard come out of her perfect luscious lips! Watching her masturbate was such a great experience and you can view this too! Just go to® to see Georgie, and so many other horny MILFs that masturbate and fuck their favorite toys.

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When daily chores come up on the to do list for the day, the South Carolina blonde bombshell Georgie has a way to get through them easily. As daunting as a task may be, this 45 year old mynx is always horny and ready for a good time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to live through the experience of having a feisty affair with my friend's mom. Just watching her now makes me cringe with desire. The grace and class that she carries is one of those things you have to see to believe. Her womanly stride is like gliding above the floor and witnessing her gestures is like watching the fountains at the Belagio soar into the air with a theatrical like presence. Even with simple things like chores, Georgie manages to make them seem effortlessly appealing and sexy beyond belief.  .

I could tell Georgie was getting hot and wet because she kept putting her pussy closer and closer to the handle of the vacuum. I could see that her body would quiver with sensual delight every time the vibrations would stimulate her clit. She quickly went from just simple touch and go motions with the vibrating handle to finally keeping it on her clit long enough to get her to climax. One thing Georgie loves is penetration, so naturally when she was so aroused by the tingling vibratiuons caused by the roaring vacuum handle, she had to insert it into her throbbing pussy. "Oooooh!" she exclaimed as it slid into her sopping wet pussy. Georgie only makes that noise when she wants to cum so bad, and she finally found the perfect thing that will get her to that point.

After lying on her back for some time, fucking the handle of the vacuum, Georgie could take any more. She was wriggling with excitement, and she had this explosive urge overcome her body. She flipped around and started to ride the handle. Up and down, she rammed the vibrating stick deep into her pussy until it would hit her G spot. She shouted with this sexy moan when her orgasm was about to rear its head. Watching Georgie cum is nothing that can be described in simple words, it must be watched first hand. You can watch this incredible video or view the full picture sets only on®, the premium website that shows what a sexy MILF really is!

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Amazingly sexy, and unbelievably 45 years old, Georgie was the MILF of my fantasies. As I grew up with her son, I found myself thinking things about this amazing and beautiful woman more than I probably should have. How could I help myself? I would always see her in the hottest clothes that normal housewives just do not wear, ever! I always wanted so badly to rip her skimpy dresses off and lick her clit until she came. Her maturity and sexual ferociousness is exactly what attracted me to Georgie. She had this aura of kindness and a soft nurturing sensuality. This sensuality made her irresistible, and we eventually started having sex on a  regular basis. Wow was I a lucky guy! When I would come in to town from college, she knew the very first thing I would ask for. I loved watching her get all dressed up. She would try on so many different sexy outfits like short mini skirts and impossibly sheer tank tops. She would love to tease me with these clothes on and dance slowly as she dressed and undressed. Teasingly, she would spread her long smooth legs open so I could catch a glimpse at her tight juicy pussy. Bending over, allowing her supple round ass to slip right out from under her mini skirt, Georgie would bend over to caress her legs and insatiable feet. Pristine and perfectly shaved, her pussy had the allure like water to the desert. This activity of teasing me with her fully nude curves to getting dressed in the most tantalizing outfits was obviously one of my favorite things to witness with Georgie. You can watch Georgie play this naughty game of dress up while she fingers her craving pussy in full photo sets and on video, only on®, where the sexiest and horniest MILFs are just a click away! 

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