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Amber Jayne is a stunning blonde MILF from the UK. She is extremely sexy, sensual, and charming. "I model because I love to do it, not because I have to. It turns me on so much to be the object of men across the world's lust, I can think of nothing more exciting or progressive." As a graduate of one of the top rated universities, academically, Amber means it when she says she does not model because it is her only option. In fact, she worked as an attorney briefly, after she finished her schooling, before deciding to pursue motherhood and modeling full time. Still, business woman or not, Amber enjoys dressing the part. For this set she donned a blue button up collared shirt and a long string of pearls over a sexy lacy white lingerie set - complete with a garter belt and white thigh high stockings.

She has a chalk board in her room, that usually hosts the weeks schedule, including her shoots, her daughter's homework due dates, and a special "me time" section she makes sure to fit into her week days. Today, though, the board was empty and before writing on it she told us, "Today, we will dedicate the board to you!" Amber turned around, unclasped her hair, and let her top fall to her feet - and the room fell silent. It's clear Amber is a hottie, but the extent of the sexiness of this British MILF had not yet been revealed. Amber's perfect ass, beautiful perky tits, smooth skin, and long blonde hair are all "wow factors" in themselves, so seeing it all at once is a dream come true. She pulls her thong down, and glances back at the camera, knowingly.

She giggled as she slowly walked over to her big, leather recliner and asked, "What's going on! You guys don't like what you see?" innocently. This cougar's body, flirtatiousness, and sexuality are all home run's, and when she spreads her legs and shows off her perfect shaved, pink pussy she goes from a 10 to a 12! Amber gently touches her smooth lips, spreading them apart, rubbing her clit, as she becomes noticeably wetter. This woman takes the words "mother I'd like to fuck" to a whole new level. Do not miss out on the sexiest woman ever to come out of the University of Cambridge, or quite possibly the UK in general! Find her full photo set and all videos of her - as well as many other sexy hot older women, in the members only section of®.

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Brittany Blaze is a 40 year old rocker chick from New York with a gorgeous smile, great tits, and a sexy hard body. When she's not helping out at her friend's record shop, or modeling, she spends her time searching for the newest up-and-coming bands, thrift store shopping, or bonding with her music producer husband. Here, we found this gorgeous red head in a skimpy silver string bikini, showing off her personal style and beautiful body art. "When the weather permits, being out by a pool, getting a tan, is the greatest time I can think of. Never underestimate the power of a cold drink and some hot fun in the sun - solo or with your man!"

We feel more than lucky that the weather permitted some outdoor fun for Brittany today, and that we have the opportunity to document it for all of you! Brittany wasted no time stripping down out of her sexy bikini, and hopping into the pool, naked. Her big tits, and hard nipples looked beautiful outside in the sun, and her flat stomach was perfectly decorated with a tattoo and matching belly ring. "Its cold, but in all the right ways. It would be nice to get fucked out here, but I have a feeling it'll be just as nice fucking myself for your entertainment, and of course my own personal enjoyment."

After spending some time in the pool, Brittany decided it was time to really finish herself off, again, and asked if we could move upstairs with her. "This is so nice, but it is getting a bit chilly. Would you want to come shower with me?" I can't imagine anyone in their right mind saying no to a request like that, and so, we followed our sexy mature lady up the stairs and into the bathroom. She hopped into the tub, and smiled, looking from us to the removable water faucet. "This might just be my favorite thing to play with," she told us, licking her lips. Brittany took a step away, rested her arms on the window ledge, popped her sexy ass out towards us, and looked back, with an almost innocent expression on her face. Almost. To find out what happens next, you'll have to check out the full photo set and video, located exclusively at® - and trust me, you don't want to miss this one!

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Our newest Anilo is a blast to be around, a sight for sore eyes, and a sexy temptress all at the same time! Her name is Brittany Blaze and she's one of the first alternative cougars we've met in a while! Brittany is born and raised in New York City, happily married to a musician turned producer, and models part time - mainly to allow herself to embrace her inner exhibitionist! Britt has shoulder length, dark red hair, bright green eyes, and big pink lips. "I love my fake tits! Some people prefer natural, but some people don't! They're for me before they're for anyone else. They make me feel sexier, no matter what I'm wearing or doing." She's unbuttoning her grey and white striped collared shirt as as she talks about them, and though we've seen them before, we can't wait for her to demonstrate again. She finishes unbuttoning, puts her top the night stand, and smiles. Brittany walks over to her bed, crawls up on it, and allows us another minute to admire her sexy curves. She wears sexy sheer thigh high stockings, a black thong, and a matching black bra - that she's already working on removing. "Wow, I'm already way too horny for my own good! I can't wait to cum for you again." Her big tits look stunning, and she lies back on her bed before lifting her legs into the air above her. She slowly pulls her black thong up, over her legs, and off her sexy body, more than ready to get down to business. Brittany was still on her back, in the same position, when she started to grope her tit with one hand, while the other made its way down to her sexy shaved pussy. She spread her lips, rubbed her clit, and finally worked her way inside of her self, again. It wasn't long before she was moaning and groaning, grinding her hips and biting her lip. You definitely do not want to miss out on this sexy photo set or video - and you don't have to! Head to® for the exclusive footage of Brittany Blaze getting down and dirty, as well as that of many other horny mature MILFs and cougars!

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Brittany Blaze is a redheaded New Yorker with a passion for music, sex, and, well, life in general! "I am so beyond lucky to have the things that I have and to get to live the way that I do!" This cougar has her own unique views on fashion, art, and modern day relationships - and we can't help but appreciate a sexy mature lady that speaks up for herself and shares her opinions! Here, Brittany is wearing a skin tight black mini dress, and her favorite sweater. "I got this sweater at a vintage shop near my record shop, I love it. Simple, yet sexy! It's nice to dress my age sometimes!"

Another beautiful thing about our newest Anilo is her confidence, this woman is anything but shy, and that's an important quality when it comes to modeling. When Brittany lifts her dress up, we find out she's not wearing any panties - her tight little pussy is shaved to perfection, and she's got her belly button pierced AND tattooed! "I got the tattoo first, and then my hubby told me he really loved belly rings, so I got it as a surprise for him. He loves it! Says they're super sexy - and I like just about all piercings, so it works!"

Brittany is fully nude now, huge tits exposed and looking absolutely perfect in every way. She can't help but let her hands wander down towards her wet pussy. A smile flashes across her face and she dashes to the coffee table and opens the top drawer. She pulls out a colorful, smooth, glass dildo and cocks and eyebrow, as if to ask permission to use it. Before she receives a response, she fell back down onto the couch, got the dildo nice and wet with her tongue, and started fucking herself with it. She grinds her hips as she thrusts the glass toy in and out of her hungry puss, and drifts closer and closer to orgasm. See this sexy mature rock star cum hard from her big glass dildo in the full video and photo set, only available at®.

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Brittany Blaze is a fierce, mature rock star with a sexy body and a dirty mind! At 40 years old, this edgy cougar really gets us going. From her sexy, "enhanced" tits to her flat stomach, and pretty eyes Brittany is absolutely one of a kind! "I like to be different. I'm very open, sexually, and emotionally - and I don't give a rat's ass what people think!" she confidently told us. Brittany wore a long sleeved maroon dress for this sexy living room set. We turned on some loud rock music, as per her request, and she started seductively dancing and stripping for us. She lifted her dress up and revealed a sexy lacy black thong, and the bottom of what looked like some sort of tattoo. She moved her body to the beat of the music, and pulled her dress over her head. Brittany looked great wearing only her silver bra and black panties - but we could hardly wait to see more. "I love my tattoos, a lot of women my age either regret theirs, or try to hide them. I'll never try to hide any of mine," she told us, when she noticed us checking out her ink. Brittany pulled her tiny panties down her legs, and stepped out of them, then allowed us a good look at her pink, shaved pussy. She then unsnapped her bra, smiling at us, as we nodded back in approval. The excitement on Britt's face was easy to see, and she skipped over to the couch, turned around, and fell back onto it. She licked two of her fingers, slowly moved them down her naked chest, over her pierced bellybutton, and finally onto her clit. She masturbated like this, stimulating the outside of her tight, shaved pussy, for a few minutes until she couldn't wait any longer. Brittany slipped one finger inside of herself, directly followed by another, and finger fucked herself hard until she came. See this full set of photos and video of Brittany Blaze, and many other horny mature women, at®.

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Brittany Blaze is a fiery redheaded cougar from the heart of New York City. She grew up listening to rock and roll and has loved all things musical for as long as she can remember. Brittany works at a record shop a good friend of hers owns, and Ben, her husband is a music producer. When Brittany has a day off from work, she always hopes Ben will "cum" by the house on his lunch break to keep her company. He decided to stop by and surprise her the day we were over, and she was ecstatic! "You are everything! I'm so happy you made time to come by! I promise you won't regret it!" she told him, as she unzipped his dress pants. He smiled knowingly, and started unbuttoning his shirt. After his pants were off, Brittany pulled her clothes off, and pushed him onto the couch where she proceeded to reward him with a sexy, sloppy blow job.

After sucking his cock with the ease of a long time veteran, she looked up at him, and cocked her head to the right - as if to ask if it was her turn yet, or not. Ben smiled back at her, and pulled her onto the couch in front of him. Brittany's big, fake boobs are extremely sexy, and her tattoos reinforce her role as a rocker chick. Ben spread her legs apart, and rubbed his hard cock on her tight, wet pussy. "He loves teasing me! Babe! I need that cock right now!" she begged. Ben shoved himself inside of her and she gasped, smiling big, with her eyes closed. "If anyone knows how to make me cum hard, it's this man right here," said Brittany as Ben continued fucking her, hard and fast from behind.

It didn't take long at all until Brittany was almost yelling in orgasm, multiple times if I'm not mistaken. She seemed to be in a daze after what seemed to be orgasm number three, and had a smile plastered across her face as she panted, trying to catch her breath. "Are you going to cum for me? Please cum for me… I want you to cum on my face… Please?" she asked sweetly. Wow. A mature, tattooed rocker MILF with a dirty mouth? Sounds like we hit the jackpot! Ben hopped up as Brittany fell to her knees for a second time that day, and came all over her mouth, face, and chest as she massaged his cock and balls with her hands. Brittany licked the cum off her lips, and asked if he wanted a glass of water. This dirty cougar is definitely worth checking out - and luckily for you, the entire photo set and all video footage is available in the member's section of®.

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India Summer Milf Pussy

What could possibly be better than a open minded, extremely fit, gorgeous MILF? Well, that's easy! An openminded, extremely fit, gorgeous MILF in super sexy, classy lingerie! India Summers was gracious enough to pose for our cameras to demonstrate just how true that is - and we couldn't be happier! India is a stunning 36 year old brunette from Wisconsin. She's an avid gym goer and loves everything about her body (What a coincidence! We feel exactly the same way!). For this sexy set India wore a skin tight black chamise, complete with a matching garter, sheer thigh high black stockings, and sexy black high heels.

"I can't believe how wet I already am! I am so happy I get to cum for you again," India said to the camera. She stripped off her sexy silk dress and let it drop to the floor, next to her feet. She leaned back on her couch and smiled, gently moving her soft hands over the curves of her body. India has perky natural tits topped with little pink nipples, smooth tan skin, toned legs, and a very sexy trimmed bush. As her hand caressed her full, round ass, India let her fingers travel downwards to tease her clit, but only briefly, before continuing down her thigh. "I love teasing myself almost as much as I enjoy teasing you," she said before working her fingers inside her tight pussy.

India moaned in pleasure while she finger fucked herself from behind. After a few near-orgasms, she sat up on the couch and gazed into the distance euphorically. After a no-more-than five second time out, she was right back to masturbating, and getting closer and closer to orgasm by the second. See all the footage of our newest cougar, and many other sexy, seductive, mature women, at®.

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"I was quite the exhibitionist when I was younger!" the gorgeous India Summer told us on set at her gorgeous family home in Wisconsin, "I would say that I've calmed down a lot, in some ways! I used to LOVE any and all outdoor or public sex! Now, I know how dangerous it can be! I don't want to get myself into trouble with the law! It is still pretty thrilling though…" India sat on a massage table in her living room in front of two big, heavy glass swinging doors. Her long, dark hair framed her beautiful face perfectly as she slowly crossed her long, toned legs over one another in front of her. She wore a fitted grey and white mini dress, and sexy nude high heels. A magic wand rested on the table next to her - and despite the location, I silently prayed she wouldn't be using the massager to work out a few kinks in her back. Her naughty smile ensured me that she wouldn't. India gazed at us seductively, then slowly removed her dress. She unhooked her black bra shortly after, and let her perfect, perky natural tits come out to play. Her small pink nipples were poking out, clearly horny and hard. "I have an idea!" India hopped up and walked to the glass doors behind her. She opened them, grinned, and said "Now we're almost outdoors… And that really does get me going!" India twirled around for us, stopping in the middle to give us time to admire her perfect mature ass, and sheer black thong. India seductively pulled her panties down, and stepped out of them. She used her fingers to rub gently around her pussy lips, taking extra time to linger on her yearning clit. India's pussy got wetter by the second, and she hadn't even started using her toy yet! This is one wild scene you definitely do not want to miss out on - see the full video and photo set exclusively on the premier site for horny mature ladies,®.

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From her long dark hair to her sparking brown eyes, her killer smile, and rock hard body, India Summer is a girl of many a mans' dreams - but it does not end there. This super hot Wisconsin native has a beautiful face, an outgoing, sweet personality, and as if that weren't enough, she comes complete with a perfect body, to seal the deal. Her perky size B tits and permanently hard, sexy nipples stare into the camera, commanding attention from anyone within eyeshot. We found this super model look-a-like in the kitchen, preparing a sweet treat for her clearly overly fortunate lover.

If we take a step back, we get an even better view of India, and we couldn't be happier about it. After fondling her perfect natural tits for a few minutes, India unzips the rest of her dress and lets it fall to the floor, before stepping out and over it with her sexy high heeled feet. This charming MILF has the sort of body that can only be achieved thru a mixture of intense physical exercise and extremely good genes. "I love working out and being active! I still play basketball when I can, but I also do yoga daily, go to spin class, and take a stripper pole aerobics course multiple days a week." This strenuous work out is clearly working, considering how great India's tan, tight body looks nearly in only her black satin panties.

Without waiting for any type of direction, India turns her back to us, lifts one leg up to rest it on the counter, and bends over. She moves one hand down, over her tits, then down her stomach, and finally lets it rest on her wet pussy. Then, she moves her other hand around the opposite way, and spreads her ass, to position herself better for orgasm. As she pleasures herself with her fingers, India moans and groans, her whole body lightly trembling from time to time. She continues all the way thru until she tenses up, then abruptly releases, shivering in ecstasy. This sensual scene comes complete with a photo set and video, so you can experience every last detail yourself! Don't miss out on India, or any of the other smoking hot, horny MILFS found only on®.

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What turns a girl into a woman? When does a beautiful female turn into a sexy, seductive cougar? If you're looking for answers to these questions, you may want to take a second and check out the sensual and vivacious India Summer - a prime example of a sexy mature woman. At the ripe age of 36, India is everything Anilos could hope to find: stunningly gorgeous, confident, sophisticated, sexually experienced, and open minded. "I love being over 30! There's nothing like hitting the 'cougar' stage - I feel so in control now. I was once insecure, shy, and nervous and now I feel like I finally know who I am and what I want." India is wearing a black, lacy 3 piece lingerie set complete with sheer thigh high stockings, black high heels, and pearls. She sits on the leather couch in her living room, oozing sexuality and eroticism, her flat stomach and long legs on display for everyone to admire. She stands up, turns her back towards the camera, and shows off her perfectly round ass, as she glances over her shoulder, briefly shooting us a sexy 'come hither' look. She then lets her bra straps fall, revealing her perky, natural tits. Her small nipples are hard, as she runs her hand over her chest, quietly moaning throughout. With her other hand, she holds her long, dark hair back in a pony tail, showing off her sexy collarbone and beautiful, thing frame. India smiles as she plays with the waist band of her sheer black panties, before slowly pulling them down her legs, and finally stepping out of them completely. After successfully removing her panties to reveal her sexy, trimmed bush and wet, yearning pussy, she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the ground as well. She slowly unbuckles her heels and kicks them off, before sitting down. India is comfortable and confident wearing nothing but her garter belt and stockings, before she starts masturbating. Her fingers move knowingly over her pussy lips and clit, and her whole body relaxes as she nears orgasm. This certified cougar looks like a million bucks when she cums, and you definitely do not want to miss it! See for yourself in the full photo set and accompanying video, at the premier site for sexy older women,®.

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