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A housewife in every sense of the word; the stunning Anna Joy, 32 years of age, is one woman that most men wish they had! Not only does this beauty love to cook, clean, and complete her other womanly duties, but she is sexual beyond compare! Her intimate moments up to this point had been behind closed doors. Well thankful for us, Anna decided to shed her clothes and bare all in this® exclusive!

If her sexy English accent doesn't get you going, perhaps her voluptuous curves and raw sensuality will! Her flawless legs deserve stares of envy and lust, with their soft satin smoothness. Slipping on her black thigh high stockings, Anna was very much anticipating her first experience in front of the camera. "I am a little nervous, but more excited than anything", she said before her very first shoot. Fully dressed in her sultry purple lingerie, Anna began to rear her naughty side and began exposing every part of her delicious body.

Though her vote for her best asset goes to her legs, our vote would definitely go to her tight, wet, pink pussy. Shaved to perfection, the sheen from her wet sticky sweetness has a brilliance that one cannot look away from. As she spread her pussy open, she moaned in a high pitched, but sensual way. Slowly and surely, her fingers crept closer and closer to her clitoris. Anna then rubbed herself ever so gently and began to snake her body all over the bed. When the sensual massaging of her pussy would no longer suffice, Anna inserted two fingers deep into her pussy. Increasing the motions, she began to finger fuck herself like no one was watching! She simultaneously rubbed her clit while she inserted her fingers for even better stimulation. At the moment of climax, Anna looked strait into the camera and came all over her fingers. Watch Anna cum in her debut only on® the hottest website that brings fresh MILFs and cougars weekly!

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The greatest highlight of my day is getting to watch my hot 30 year old neighbor, Amanda, undress and masturbate. At times I wonder if I should look away, but it is impossible not to stare at her magnificence! Amanda's alluring smile and smoky eyes drew me in from the moment I laid eyes on her some years ago. Like a distant dream or something, Amanda has this fantasy like aura about her. Not only is Amanda beautiful, horny, and an exhibitionist, she also has an intellectual mind unparalleled to something I've ever seen before. As with every other one of her nightly shows, Amanda was especially in the mood to please herself on this night! When she wears her silk lacy bra, I know I'm in for a treat because she will soon be voraciously finger fucking her craving wet pussy. I stood quietly so as to not interrupt her masturbation session. She started by rubbing her thighs and stomach. Swaying like a belly dancer, Amanda moved her womanly hips and plump round ass in this figure 8 motion. After turning herself on by the sensual movements, Amanda slowly puller her bra off to reveal her pillowy soft breasts. With skin that looked like it was hand crafted porcelain, Amanda's intrigue was undeniable. Shoving 2 of her fingers deep inside her tight twat, she leaned back in erotic bliss. Arching her back with her mouth wide open, I knew that she was ready to cum. With the steadily increasing motions of her finger insertion, she finally let out a scream that I could actually hear from outside! She immediately rolled over in a doggy style position and rubbed her pussy gently. Her orgasms are so sexy and you can watch her climax on®; the best website that delivers the hottest cougars and MILFs fresh every week.

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As a neighbor of the 30 year old Amanda, I can't help but stare into her home when she waltzes around in the nude. I think she knows that I sometimes watch her because she like to put on masturbation 'shows'. She will dress up in hot lingerie and slowly strip until she is full on touching herself, screaming and cumming. Watching her masturbate is the hottest thing you could ever see! Often times, she is in the kitchen when she is overcome with a lustful desire to pleasure her craving twat. She will dress up for the smallest tasks like washing her dishes so she can reward herself for all of her hard work.

Once she finally completes her chores, she will slip off her clothes, leaving only skimpy lingerie to cling to her tiny waist. Watching in awe, I have seen Amanda hop up on her counter and spread her legs far apart. After lathering her body with the silky suds from her sink, she actually started grinding on the counter top because she was so turned on. With slight movements on the hard cold counter not being enough to fully satisfy her thirst for clitoral stimulation, Amanda started to rub the suds on her pussy.

There is no way Amanda doesn't know that I stand outside watching this all happen before my eyes. The way she moves and the positions that she gets her body into are almost indescribable. Changing from sitting down with her legs spread, she turned over and assumed a position on all fours. I could barely see that sweet pink pussy of hers because she was fingering herself so hard. Stroking in and out, her fingers glided with ease, and were soon covered in her hot, sticky, creamy cum. You can see exactly what I am talking about if you visit®. Amanda puts on a show you have to see to believe!

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Habitually masturbating, the radiant 30 year old beauty, Amanda, is the best neighbor a guy could ask for! I knew from the moment that I met this incredible woman that she was feisty and sassy in all the right ways. Prancing about the house nude the majority of the time, and in sexy lingerie the rest, Amanda tauntingly displayed her rock hard body for everyone to see. Lucky for me, I happen to be right next door with the perfect view of her! The obvious exhibitionism was erotic beyond measure, and I couldn't help but anticipate what she would do next. Never in a million years did I think her outward and overtly sexual nature would eventually lead her to the porn industry. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because being intelligent and classy does not mean that you can't also have a little naughty side! And naughty she was! I saw this whole shoot happen and I couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing bright red lingerie and stunning red stilettos. Gazing in wonderment, I witnessed Amanda slowly removing her bra to show off her perky round breasts. Rubbing her throbbing pussy, Amanda was becoming increasingly horny. The wetness was pouring out on to her silk thong as the stimulation intensified. I could see her plump lips part to let out a sensual moan as she inserted her fingers. Watching this whole scene going on, I couldn't help but wish I was the photographer, or even just someone on set. Amanda then ripped her thong off so she could finger fuck herself better. I could see the sheen from her pussy as it was drenched in her sweet pussy juice. Her legs began to tremble and she slowed her movements, which made me realize that she had made herself cum. It was the hottest thing I have seen her do yet! You can see Amanda fully nude and spreading her pussy lips only on®; the premiere site that features hot and horny cougars every week!   

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The unbelievably sexy 30 year old Amanda moved into my neighborhood several years ago, and I have to admit, I was instantly attracted to her. She never seemed to fit the stereotypical intelligent and sophisticated scholar look, as her beauty far surpassed anything I have seen! When I first heard her charming and sweet voice chime through the air, I felt like a piece of shrapnel drawn to her magnetic beauty. What is a neighbor to do when you have someone this incredible right next door? My lust and adoration grew stronger every time I would gaze in wonderment at her bedroom window when she would pass by completely nude.

After sitting out back for some time, I grew quite fond and aware of her habits. Let me tell you, Amanda is one horny cougar! She is practically always nude when she is at home, and she masturbates every day. I am starting to wonder if she is actually doing it because she knows I am watching. Perhaps she is a secret exhibitionist? My favorite thing to see her in is her lacy thigh high stockings and high heels. Her long satin legs stretch way up to meet perfectly at the bottom of her plump juicy ass.

Amanda often dresses up to pleasure her yearning pussy. It is so apparent when she is turned on because she will lie on her back and caress her full natural breasts. Pinching her nipples ever so slightly, she does this thing where she arches her back and inserts her fingers deep inside the warm wetness of her twat. When Amanda is done cumming, she then sticks her sticky sweet fingers on her hot moist tongue and licks off the creamy treat. Watching Amanda's daily masturbation is such a sexy sight, and you can see it all is high quality photo sets only on®!

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The 30 year old MILF, Alysha Rylee, could change her name to heavenly, and that still would never do justice to just how beautiful she is! Her piercing blue eyes and long sexy blonde curls set a serene stage for the bold whiteness of her perfect smile. One would never guess that this babe is a mother of 3 and a stay at home wife. With looks like hers, it is a wonder why she is not plastered on the web every where you look! "Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I need to lose my sexuality. I actually think it enhanced it because now I have a better idea of who I really am, and what I really want!" Alysha's audacious sexuality makes her a ticking sex-bomb, just waiting to explode!

Alysha slowly rolled up her dress to reveal the perky round breasts she had hidden under there. Her almost see through white thong was tantalizingly low on her curvaceous hips, making it nearly impossible to hide that perfectly shaved and tight pussy of hers. With satin smooth skin and curves in all the right places, her body seemed to shape the perfect mold of what every woman should look like.

Spreading her long and slender legs far apart, Alysha gave a pristine view of her pure pink pussy. Shaved silky smooth, her pussy lips were glistening in the light from her sticky sweet cum spilling out all over them. You wouldn't believe the the view she gives us! Up close and personal, Alysha opens up and spreads her juicy twat for all to see. "I wanted to show the world that I am 30, and I am sexual! The more mature I become, the more I find myself wanting to explore my sexuality and push the limits of what is considered appropriate" she said. With her revealing glimpse into her life and all things sexual, Alysha Rylee leaves little to the imagination in her photos and videos that can only be found on®. Visit today to see Alysha and so many more horny MILFs and cougars that enjoy hot sex!

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Cooking for her family will never stop the sizzling siren, Alysha Rylee, from having her fun! As a 30 year old mom, her days can be filled with chores and tedious tasks that most would find unbelievably boring. But not this MILF! Alysha finds ways to keep herself, and her pussy, entertained throughout the day. Simple things like cooking can turn into a whirlwind of hot steamy finger fuck sessions. "I love to masturbate! If I had my way, I would play with myself all day. I'm just always horny! Hahaha!" she boldly told us. Her honesty was refreshing as most moms try to hide their sexuality. Alysha invited us in to watch her masturbate in the kitchen, which is actually quite a normal thing for her when she has the house to herself! "I love masturbating in the kitchen because there is an element of danger to it. Like I could be caught or something" she revealed. This eager and enticing spirit of hers was so easily captured on camera. With a waist that would put most 20 year olds to shame, Alysha flaunts her sexy body in tiny shorts and a barely there bra. Rolling down the blue spandex shorts, Alysha showed off her firm ass and long lean legs. Allowing her round perky breasts to pop out from her bra, her anticipation for 'play time' was growing. Finally completely nude, Alysha hopped up on the counter and started to rub her clit. Her pussy was sopping wet and she decided that it was time to grab her favorite toy; her magic wand. As she pressed the vibrating toy up against her shaved pussy, her stomach began to stutter due to the intense vibrations sent to her clitoris. Alysha gets herself off, and cums all over her toy, and you can only see this on®; the site that shows off only the sexiest and horniest women of maturity.

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Angelic in her racy white lingerie, the beautiful 30 year old Alysha Rylee is bringing back the term MILF! Her oh so scrumptious breasts and daring curves could knock your socks right off. "When I masturbate, I like to wear lingerie so I feel sexy. There is something so erotic about thigh high stockings and high heels!" she said. In her white satin corset and skimpy thong, Alysha was radiating sex from every glance toward the camera.

Slowly undressing for the camera, Alysha was getting more and more turned on knowing that people were going to watch her masturbate. As a profound lover of self stimulation, she regularly pleasures her pussy. She finally removed her corset and delicately un-clipped her garter. Alysha was ready to remove her thong almost instantly, as her pussy was now throbbing with the anticipation of stimulation from her fingers. Dripping with sweet creamy cum, her clean shaved pussy was revealed as she slid her thong along her long silky legs. The allure she had to every move was almost indescribable! Every movement of hers was a though out action; actions that were meant to draw you in and watch her very closely. Slowly and sensually, Alysha ran her fingers down her rock hard abs to her pussy where she began to rub her clit.

As she legs trembled, Alysha began to moan as if to expel the pent up sexual tension she had been accumulating all day. In a final burst of joy, Alysha let out a scream that was clearly the natural reaction to her climax. With juices oozing from her shaved pussy lips, Alysha reached up to pinch her rigid nipples in her hands. A sigh of relief was finally let out and Alysha then sat up to view the expressions of those around her. She let out a cute laugh as she noticed that every single person was stopped completely in awe and amazement at her unbelievable orgasm. Watch Alysha masturbate and cum in high quality videos and photos only on®; the only website that showcases horny MILFs that are as sexy Alysha!

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"When the kids are away, mommy plays!" Alysha Rylee told us; and play she does! At 30 years old, this smoking hot MILF still enjoys time to herself to relax and please her sexual urges. This was the perfect hot summer day to throw on her sexy bikini, grab a popsicle and lay by the pool. Slowly sipping her spiked fruit punch, Alysha began to get a little tipsy and very frisky. After setting her drink down, she began to grope her full natural breasts. Licking and sucking on the icy cold sweetness, she then ran the sticky popsicle down her chest and in between her breasts. The sweet treat was melting and rolling down her chest causing her smooth tan skin to develop goosebumps. Getting increasingly turned on, Alysha's breathing started to grow heavier. She pulled her brightly colored bikini top to the side and circled her nipple with the stick. Immediately, her nipples became rock hard. After chilling her body with the treat, she then started to deep throat the popsicle. Shoving it far down her throat and sucking on the juices as if it were a huge cock, Alysha showed off her deep throating talents. Her treat was devoured and her pussy was throbbing; that left only one thing on her mind. Sex. Stripping out of her bathing suit was the first step toward her ultimate goal: pleasuring her yearning pussy. She then sprawled out her fully nude body on a lounge chair so she could spread her legs wide open. Alysha gave the perfect view of her clean shaved twat while she used her fingers to spread apart those juicy pussy lips of hers. Slow insertion of her fingers into the steaming hole sent her into a frenzied state of arousal. Her lips quivered as she pleasured herself. Rising and falling with every breath, Alysha's rock hard abs were showing her obvious sensation of ultimate bliss. Visit® to see Alysha strip down and pleasure herself by the pool.

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Being a mother hasn't stopped the stunning 30 year old Alysha Rylee from filling her boring housewife days with naughty sex. She regularly calls her friend over to fulfill her hunger for huge cock. "I have to keep 'friends' in my life so I can get laid on the regular! I seriously love sex and sometimes my fingers don't cut it!" she told us. After getting the kids out of the house, it was the perfect time to Danny come over. Already sopping wet, Alysha opened the door in her tight mini skirt and revealing tank top. Not much time had passed before drinks were sipped and they were headed to the bedroom.

After fondling her luscious natural breasts, Danny slowly made his way down to lick her juicy pussy. The anticipation for deep penetration grew inside of Alysha as her clit was being stimulated by his hot, wet tongue. Moaning and breathing heavily, Alysha grabbed Danny by the hair and pulled him up toward her mouth. She began licking his lips to taste the sweet residue left by her cum. He then grabbed her by her tiny waist and sat her up while he positioned himself between her legs. Grabbing his throbbing shaft and jamming it inside of her tight wet pussy, Alysha began to pump herself up and down faster and faster.

Her intense movements were getting them both into a sexual trance. Having no choice but to succumb to her increasing urge to climax, Alysha leaned forward and allowed Danny to slam her tiny body into her manhood. Her ever tightening twat being lubricated by the evidence of her joy was now making Danny want to cum. He watched as her pink pussy was being drilled by his cock and her beautiful perky tits were bouncing right in his face. He quickly lifted her off of his cock and kneeled to deliver his huge load all over her. You can see this whole scene only on the premium website that features hot and horny Milfs;®.

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