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"Let's get these boxers off of you baby, we both know you won't be needing them," said sexy blonde cougar Sindy Lange as she pulled her most recent conquest's white boxers down with one hand, while stroking his hard cock with the other. "I love this cock so much, I can't help it. You already know how much yoiu love my blow jobs, don't you." Sindy firmly gripped the base of his shaft, then proceeded to lick her lips and then wrap them around the head of his penis. She bobbed back and forth, rubbing her tongue along every inch of him, as her held her hair back behind her head. We're happy to introduce you to our newest Anilo, Colorado native, Sindy.

What she told us was going to be a massage to help calm her nerves before we started filming turned into a smoking hot, impromptu sex scene between her and her friend Eric. "This is what I love about my life - people my age are usually married, with kids, and have absolutely no sex life. But me? I have plans with my sexy friend, and all of a sudden, I have a perfect cock in my mouth, and I know I've got at least one orgasm coming my way soon!" Eric moved back towards the massage table, hopping up to sit on it. Sindy wasted no time following his lead, and straddled him reverse cowgirl. Her big perky boobs bounced as she pumped up and down, loving the way his huge cock felt inside her wet, shaved pussy. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as she came, her arms both using his chest to balance herself.

Sindy turned her head and smiled over her shoulder, as she looked him in the eyes and said "Make me cum again Eric - show me how perfect that cock really is." Eric was determined and quickly spun her around. He smiled as he admired her perfect tits, flat stomach, and sexy pussy - then grabbed her ass with both hands and guided her hips in a circular motion. He fucked her gently like this for a while, taking time to play with her clit with his fingers, caress her body with his hands, and kiss, lick, and nibble her all over. Sindy came again, this time even harder than the first. See this full scene for yourself - photos and video - only at®.

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Cathy Oakely has definitely been a pleasure to spend time with! From her genuine excitement about modeling, to her rock hard body, and of course her super erotic, one of a kind orgasms - she's definitely got it going on! She asked if she could wear her favorite lingerie outfit for her last set, especially since her husband was due home from work and she knew how much he liked it! "Maybe we can get him on camera too!" That would be a good time, if you ask me! We wait in Cathy's room as she changes into her last outfit, and suddenly hear the phone ring. Cathy runs out to get it, apologizes to us then picks up. "That's too bad, I just got all dolled up for you! Was really hoping we could have some fun, but I understand." She hangs up the phone and tells us, "he has to work late. He always has to work late! I wanna cum harder than I have all day, just to get back at him!" It's clear she's not really upset, but it's also clear that she's serious about having her most intense orgasm of the day - and that sounds like a great idea too! Cathy looks stunning with a black flower headband in her short blonde hair, a light pink bustier, sheer pink panties underneath, and matching black and pink thigh high stockings. We can see why it's her favorite! She leans back in her chair, and unhooks her garter. She lets her tits fall out, over the bustier, and then slowly pulls her panties down, over her knees and onto the floor. She turns around, straddling the chair with her back to us. She reaches down to touch her sexy, stockinged foot, and rubs it for a while. She she moves her hand off her foot, and onto her shaved pussy, from behind. She grinds her hips, and arches her back until she's right on the edge of release. She then stands up, puts her sexy black high heels on, and lifts a foot up onto the arm of her hair. She balances herself with one arm, while she uses the other hand to continue rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Cathy throws her head back, closes her eyes, and bites her lip as she orgasms. You do not want to miss this sexy cougar's masturbation session, and you don't have to! Check out the full photo set and video exclusively at the premier site for horny mature women -®.

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"There are few things I enjoy more than dressing up outrageously for a night on the town with my husband. One, is sex. And two, is having sex with myself on camera. Now, I get to combine two out of three!" Cathy Oakely is a 42 year old blonde sex kitten from Essex, in the UK - and she's shooting for Anilos for her absolute first ever modeling job! She sat us down in her living room when she went to get ready for her night out! When she returned, she was wearing a sexy headband in her blonde hair, a pretty choker necklace, a long black cocktail dress, and matching satin black gloves. We aren't speechless very often, but, seeing Cathy dolled up and ready to turn some heads has definitely left us that way.

She smiles as she says, "you think that's hot? Wait until you see what I have on underneath!" Cathy unzips her dress and lets it fall down off her body, and onto the floor. She's wearing a teal and black matching lingerie set under, complete with thigh high black stockings and sexy black high heels. She sits down on the arm of her couch, and lets the straps of her bustier fall off her shoulders, moving the top down slightly so her perky mature boobs and sexy hard nipples are full exposed. Her sheer panties are driving us wild, giving us a sneak peek of what we've been waiting for!

She lets her panties drop, and turns around, straddling the couch. She gives us a naughty, over the shoulder smile, breasts still exposed. She plays with her hard nipple for a second, then slowly moves her hand down along the curves of her body, rubbing and stimulating every sensual part of her. She pushes two fingers down into her stocking, leaving her wedding ring exposed to us! "My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I'm in charge of what I do! He's warmed up to it now though, he said he's going to masturbate to the pictures when they come out!" Cathy's ass is just as beautiful as her pussy, if not even better. She is fully shaved everywhere, and always begging to be touched. She proceeds to masturbate in doggy style position, then switches it up, until she cums hard, yet again! Her orgasms are more intense, and sexier than anyone could even imagine! Find out for yourself at the premier site for sexy mature women -®.

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If she hadn't told us, we would have no idea that this was Cathy Oakely's first time ever modeling! This gorgeous blonde from the UK is a natural in front of the camera, and adores taking her clothes off! "I love my body! What's not to love? Many women dread passing 40, but I'm happy to be my age! I finally feel like a real woman, not just a girl! I know exactly what I like, and I have to say, I know how to please a man as well. Until you hit a certain age, you don't know what is guaranteed to work, and what isn't!" Well, everything about this little spit fire definitely works for us! Cathy is wearing a blue and white patterned dress, lacy white panties, and matching white fishnets. She grabs a polaroid camera and snaps a photo for herself, "for the photo album!" she giggles. She puts the camera down on her bed, and stands up to remove her dress. She reveals a sexy matching white bra and garter belt. She snaps another picture with her polaroid camera, this time of her sexy navy blue high heels. Then, she stands up and removes her white bra, letting us admire her perfect mature tits. She wiggles out of her white panties then quickly runs to the coffee table and opens the small drawer on it. She shuffles some things around until she looks back at us devilishly. "Look what I found!" she says as she turns around and reveals a blue vibrator. Cathy turns it on, and starts rubbing it over her tits and nipples. She brings the sex toy to her mouth, licks it a few times, demonstrating her perfect blow job skills. Cathy slowly runs the toy down her body again, but this time continues until she reaches her yearning pussy. She holds it right on top of her clit, allowing the vibrations to just almost bring her to a full orgasm. Right before she reaches climax, she slips the toy inside of her, and her body trembles in complete ecstasy. She lets out a gasp and then continues to breath heavily until she removes the toy, her face beaming in happiness. See this entire sexy photo set, and video - along with that of hundreds of smoking hot mature women - only at®.

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This week, we bring you all the way to the East of England, to the county of Essex to meet our newest Anilo, Cathy Oakely. At first glance, we can already tell this sexy mature blonde is the full package! Cathy is 42 years old, she prides he2rself in how well she takes care of her body, but has never taken the opportunity to show the world just how sexy she is - until now! "I've always been curious about nude modeling and pornography, but I never thought I would actually get the chance to do it! This is going to be very, very fun."

Cathy sits at the desk in her husbands study, in their gorgeous, but modest house. She's got a huge smile on her face as she slowly removes her grey blazer to reveal an irresistibly sexy grey and black lacy lingerie set. Who knew it was possible to look so good at 42? Her tits look amazing, just barely covered by her bra, and her black panties are dying to come off. She wears nude thigh high stockings, held up by a matching lacy garter. Cathy gently rubs her hot-pink manicured fingernails over her pussy, caressing herself just enough to start getting going. "I've never done this before! It turns me on so much to know there are people watching… Wow. This is a blast."

Cathy is so comfortable in front of the camera, it's hard to believe she hasn't been modeling for years. She unhooks her bra, and allows her perky, mature boobs to fall out, over her garter. She then takes time removing her tiny panties, and we see that she's shaved bare underneath! Cathy has a perfect pussy, not that the rest of her isn't stunning, but it is literally perfect in every way! She rubs it, showing off how wet she is - then proceeds to rub her clit harder and faster until inserting her fingers inside. Watching Cathy cum for the first time on camera is a beautiful thing - from the way she moans, to the knowing way her fingers hit all the right spots, to the sexuality this woman possesses, she can do no wrong! See the full photo set and video only at®.

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We found our newest mature sex kitten, Lucky Starr, in her guest bathroom for this set. She wore sexy, sheer black thigh high stockings, black panties, and a black bra - covered by a smoking hot red silky robe. Lucky loves to be naked and told us "I know my body isn't perfect! But it doesn't need to be. I feel sexy, my man thinks I'm sexy, and that's all that I'm worried about. I love my body, even if it isn't rock hard like some of the other women around here." She dropped her robe to the ground, and then sensually unhooked her bra and let it fall down as well. Lucky has perky, natural boobs with nipples that seem to be permanently hard. Her black, shoulder length hair, and sparkling brown eyes suit her perfectly. "I'm super horny, I know I was going to shower for you guys, but would it be okay if I masturbated for a while first?" Our mouths dropped as we told her that we were only here to observe, and she was more than welcome to do anything her little heart desired. She reached under the sink and was practically glowing when she located her magic wand with it's matching blue attachment. she gently teased her body with the vibrations, then popped the attachment on, and hopped up on the counter top. She crouched down and pushed the attachment into her wet, yearning, shaved pussy - moving it in and out but allowing the vibrations to stay directly attached to her clit. After grinding her hips as she fucked herself, and moaned and moaned, and finally came hard. Her eyes rolled back a bit, and she let out a soft giggle, as she removed the toy. She looked at us, smiled, then gently sucked her juices off of the toy, in a way only a real sexy MILF like her could do. You can find all of Lucky Starr's full photo sets and videos at®.

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When we walked into Lucky Starr's bedroom, we realized that some women are just born with a certain "je ne sais quoi" quality, and some aren't. Lucky definitely has it, and it just about takes over whatever room she's in. She was bent over her night stand, so her ass was facing us, and it was definitely looking very hot in her ultra sexy outfit. From the bottom up, she wore hot black high heels, and black sheer thigh high stockings, a purple garter belt that held the stockings up, and a matching purple lacy bra and thong lingerie set. She looked over her shoulder and smiled knowingly at us, patronizing our lack of words, completely loving that she left us speechless.

Lucky hopped on to her bed and removed her high heels. She smiled as she unhooked her bra but held it up with her sexy little hands, teasing us some more. One of her perfect tits fell out, exposing a very hard nipple, and now we're dying to see the other one. "My nipples are always hard! I don't know if that means I'm constantly turned on, or that I'm cold even when it's a nice day, or what - but people seem to like them, so I'm not complaining!" Trust me, we aren't either. Lucky let her bra drop and sensually rubbed her hands over her body, enjoying her own soft touch.

She removed her panties, but left her garter belt on, and connected to her thigh high stockings. She leaned back, breathing harder as she felt her shaved pussy growing more and more wet. Her smile says it all as she runs her fingers over her clit, pinching the lips, and almost slipping inside of her. We got a great view of her perfect little pussy thru her legs, as Lucky spread her ass cheeks a bit to give us the perfect shot. Lucky Starr is definitely a sweetheart, a sex kitten, and a great addition to the site. For her full photo sets, videos - and that of many other hot mature women, visit®.

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Imagine living on the beach, in paradise, in a beautiful home surrounded by people you love. Sounds like a dream, right? Well for 38 year old, Filipino wife and mother, Lucky Starr, this is more than just a dream - it's her reality. This sexy MILF grew up in Miami Beach, Florida with her grandparents, and now lives there today with a family of her own. We caught up with her outside, next the pool, at her gorgeous estate. "I know I am lucky. Why do you think they call me that? I get to be treated like a goddess by the man I love, work at a bakery making all the things I've always loved to make, and have the most beautiful children in the world. Something went very right for me." Lucky is wearing white sunglasses and a matching white blouse, over a very sexy black bikini. She lifts her glasses over her eyes, to show off her adorable baby face. Perhaps the sexiest thing about this mature woman is her ability to still have a childish charm, an innocence we can feel - even through her naughtiness and sexuality. She turns around to show off her cute, round ass, and we are blown away, just as we have been all day. This lady really does have it going on. From her pretty face, to her perky natural boobs, and her hot, toned ass, there is no way not to be into this smoking hot Asian MILF. Her legs look long and fit in her black high heels, and we can hardly wait to see the rest of her. Next, Lucky removes her top and sets it down, as she lies back on a chaise lounge. "There's nothing like the Florida sun. I love spending time out here, and when I have the house to myself, I definitely like to get a little naughty. I used to just tan nude, but I've gotten into the habit of getting myself off here as well... I can't help it! I love the rush of being out doors!" Her black bikini looks perfect on her, and she wastes no time in pulling her top down to show off her hard nipples. Lucky is so charming it's easy to forget that all of this is actually happening. She unhooks her bikini top and turns around, showing off her ass for the camera again. She starts to pull the bottoms down, and we are now officially beaming. See our newest Anilo sexually strip, and then pleasure herself just for you, exclusively available in the members only section of®.

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Lucky Starr looks fantastic when we find her in the kitchen of her Miami home, wearing a classy, patterned halter dress. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, above her head, and she is wearing sexy pearl earrings. She smiles as she charmingly explains that her style has changed as she's gotten older. "I used to dress very slutty - but now, I'm 38, I'm a mom and a wife, and I like to cover up a bit more. That doesn't mean I'm less sexy, and I think it's fun to leave more to the imagination." Our imaginations are running wild as we anticipate what Lucky will look like with that dress on the floor, so apparently her plan has worked!

Our hearts are racing as she reaches up, behind her neck, and unties the straps of her dress. One by one, she lets the straps fall down, and her small but sexy natural tits come out to play. "I love my boobs. I know they're small, but they're always perky, and my nipples literally stay hard all the time." Lucky has a near perfect everything - a dazzling smile, pretty eyes, and a sweet demeanor - that all contribute to making her everything we've been looking for! "I love modeling! I feel like a million bucks knowing there are people out there that will touch themselves while they look at me! It gets me off to think of it every time!" And how could we forget, she's got an unexpected naughty side that pushes her even closer to the top of our "favorites" list!

Lucky stands up to remove her dress completely, letting it slinkily drop down her body, and onto the floor. She is wearing crotchless panty hose, and we are stunned and excited at the same time. Lucky tells us she can't wait to get off again, but really wishes she could get fucked hard like she had been earlier. Her wet, shaved pussy is yearning for cock, but her man is at work now and she says "I only fuck other men if he's there and approves." They have an open relationship, sexually but not emotionally. "My heart belongs to him, but we both enjoy sex too much to try to hold the other back." The way she fiends for cock, and the way she looks, almost naked but not quite, is such a turn on. Lucky starts touching herself, running her hands over her sexy body, and proceeds to pleasure herself with her fingers. Though she wanted cock, she is definitely having a blast, and soon cums hard, all over the floor. See the whole erotic, sexual experience for yourself, on video and in photos, only at®.

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Lucky Starr is a very sexy, outgoing Filipino spitfire from Miami, Florida. She is the definition of the word MILF - and the best part is that she knows it! We met our newest Anilo in Florida, at the bakery she works as head pastry chef at. "I'm basically living my dream right now! I have beautiful children with my sexy husband, and I get to work every day doing what I love to do!" Lucky invited us back to her family's home, and told her that the kids were gone for the weekend. We spent some time getting to know her before her husband arrived. When he got there, Lucky wasted no time practically jumping his bones. She tenderly kissed him on the mouth as she unbuttoned his blue collared long sleeve shirt. As she pulled her nice, natural tits out of her pink, strapless dress, it was clear to see her lover's cock was getting hard. He turned her around and as he kissed her sweet, round ass he pulled her sheer panty hose down, over her butt, and towards the floor. Lucky then slithered out of her little dress, unzipped his pants, and proceeded to cup his balls in her hand. She then proceeded to perform a sexy, sloppy blow job. She sucked hard as she moved her head up and down, running her tongue over the shaft, and then licking the tip. "Please fuck me, I need your cock right now. It's all I'll ever need." You would be out of your mind to reject such a sexy request, especially when its coming from someone so hot! She hopped up off the couch, and he pulled her down, onto his lap, so she was straddling her man in reverse cowgirl position. While he was moved her up and down, he slid his throbbing cock into her wet, shaved pussy. She moaned louder and louder, arched her back, and bit her lip. Seeing two people so sexually in sync is unbelievable. Watch this super hot hard core sex scene at the premier site for sexy mature women -®.

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