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Mary Jane is a hot mature blonde from California with great tits and an even greater attitude! Mature women tend to be more experimental and open minded in general, but this firecracker has a way of turning any situation into a sexy one! MJ and her husband have been slowly but surely renovating their house for quite some time now, but the construction workers aren't around today. "I have a really great idea, I'll meet you in the study," she tells us with a mischievous look on her face. When MJ returns she is wearing a white tank top, a short jean mini skirt, construction boots, and a blue plaid short sleeve button down. She picks up a hard hat from the desk and giggles.

"I've thought about doing this too many times to have not actually tried it!" Mary puts the hard hat on then unties the blue shirt and tosses it onto the desk beside her. After, she rolls her tank top up to expose her perfectly flat stomach and perky little tits. She grabbed two pliers of the ladder she was standing next to, and slowly lifted them to her chest. She opened them both with her fingers and placed the clamps around her nipples. Slowly, she closed the tools around them, and winced in pain and pleasure. "Wow. That was really hot… I want more."

Mary Jane climbs down from the ladder and grabs an electric drill. She runs to the other room and returns holding a big, flesh colored dildo. MJ places the drill end into the open bottom of the dildo, and turns it on, creating her own rendition of a classic "fucking machine." Quickly, she falls to the floor, leans over on her side, and switches the power on her new home made toy to on. As the dildo moves with the force of the power tool, she fucks herself from behind with it, almost yelling in ecstasy. It's not long before this hot blonde is cumming harder than she could have imagined. See the full construction fantasy photo set and video available exclusively at the premier website for horny mature ladies like herself -®.

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We find ourselves listening to our smoking hot mature blonde model's story as we sit down in the living room, while she gets ready for her next set. Her name is Mary Jane, and she has lived in sunny Orange County all of her life. "I first masturbated when I was 17 years old! Some might call me a late bloomer, but I'm almost happy I wasn't sexually experienced until I got to be a bit older. It made for a very different fantasy than I would have had years earlier. The first thing I got off to was this fantasy I had of me in the kitchen, as a wife or mom, cooking for the family, while they were all out of the house. I was only wearing an apron and heels, and I ended up stopping in the middle of making dinner to fuck myself!" As she says this, Mary Jane walks thru the door wearing exactly that. Her yellow apron is loosely tied behind her back, and her tiny black g-string is her only other piece of clothing, besides her black high heels. "I don't know how or why it came to me, but it did - and it worked! Today we're going actually going to make it happen!" MJ pulls two strings on her apron and it falls to the ground, she turns around to open the fridge and returns with a few large vegetables in her hands. With a large carrot in one hand and a cucumber in the other, she slowly slips her tiny panties to the ground. She sucks on the cucumber, sloppy blow job style, for a moment then lifts one left and slowly inserts it into her tight, wet pussy. She bites her lip as the large object stimulates every spot she could've hoped it would hit, then moves it in and out, slowly. As her pace increases, so does her pleasure, and the sexy cougar soon falls to the ground and spreads her legs, straddling the vegetable-turned-dildo. As she cums, her eyes close and she throws her head back, moaning. You can see the full photo set and video of this kinky kitchen play exclusively in the member's only section of®.

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Our newest Anilo is a sweet blonde MILF with a rock hard body and an innocent smile. She goes by the name of Mary Jane and is born and raised in sunny southern California, despite what her fair complexion may imply. Mary Jane, or MJ, as her friends call her has always been a fan of the finer things in life. We found her today in her bedroom, fully naked but for gorgeous pearl earrings she received as an anniversary gift just a few days earlier. The pretty blonde sat up on her knees, her shoulder length hair falling over her face, as she looked down at her own perfect body. With one hand, she fondled her left tit and with the other, gently rubbed a clear glass dildo over her wet, not-so-shaved pussy.

After a few minutes of pseudo riding the glass cock, Mary Jane turned around on her bed so that her back was now facing us. She leaned her body forward, still on her knees, then placed the toy underneath her again. She let out a sexy moan as she moved up and down on top of it, grinding her hips back and forth at the same time. "Glass toys have really become my favorite thing these days! There's something so sensual about the look and feel of them, I can't help but use them as often as I do!" MJ told us earlier in the day - and now we see exactly what she meant.

Switching from the slow, rhythmic pace she had been fucking herself at since her first position, MJ now moved her body more quickly, starting to breath harder and harder as she approached orgasm. She fell back onto the bed, resting on her side, and used her hand to push the toy deep inside of her from behind. Soon, she let out a loud moan followed up a sigh, and then stopped to catch her breath. Her post-orgasm smile lit up the room as she dazed off, almost paralyzed in pleasure. This hot and horny MILF is one of a kind, don't miss out on her entire photo set or video! You can find it all exclusively on the premier site for sexy mature ladies,®.

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"I have spent so much time in this kitchen cooking, cleaning, helping the kids with their homework and art projects, and so much more - but this is the first time I've gotten a chance to explore the new me in it!" Eva Karera tells us standing in nothing but a very sexy lace purple bra and panty matching set, complete with black patent leather high heels. "I love doing all of those things, but now that I have the freedom to just let the standards of being the perfect housewife go, I can think of a lot more memories I'd like to make in here." She hops up on her blue granite counter top, next to the sink, and poses with a big smile on her face. Her long black hair falls loosely down her black, and being nearly naked really shows off how toned and slender her body is. After a few more poses, Eva starts letting the straps of her bra fall off her shoulders, then moves her hands behind her back to unclasp it all together. As her bra unhooks, Eva gives a naughty smile and stands up, letting it fall off as she's hopping off the counter. Standing in the middle of the kitchen, topless, she exudes a sexual energy and confidence, the kind that only a cougar like herself could. "Don't get too excited yet! We're only just getting started," she laughs. She turns around, bends over, then pulls her panties half way down her legs. She pauses, looks over her shoulder, and poses for another great shot. After letting her tiny lace panties fall the rest of the way down, the now naked Eva hops back up onto her kitchen counter, this time wearing only her sexy high heels. She grabs a toy from the cabinet above her, licks it passionately, then moves it down towards her wet, shaved pussy. As she pushes it inside of her, she moans in pleasure, then continues to work it in and out of her tight mature vagina. She closes her eyes, arches her back, and almost yells as she cums still moving the toy in and out of herself. Breathing heavily, Eva smiles, almost blushes, then composes herself happily gazing off into the distance. You do not want to miss this cougar's smoking hot solo kitchen play, and you don't have to! Find the entire photo set and video in the member's only section of the premier website for hot and horny MILFs and cougars,®.

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Imagine a gorgeous thirty six year old woman with big brown eyes, long dark hair, huge tits, and a perfectly sculpted body. Now, add unsurpassed sexual desire, curiosity, and open-mindedness. What did you come up with? If you were thinking something along the lines of any MILF-lover's wet dream, you were right! We are proud to call Eva Karera this week's new Anilos model. This stunning Indiana-raised cougar has built up over fifteen years of sexual frustration, and newly single, she is ready to share all of herself with you! Eva looks great in everything she wears, but right now she looks especially sexy sporting a sheer black lingerie set. A barely there bra matches a tiny pair of panties, covered partially by a sheer tie-front garter. The clasps on the garter are fastened to lace topped thigh high stockings, and at the tip of her long, lean legs, she wears patent leather high heels.

Eva poses for the camera like a long time pro, completely comfortable wearing her lingerie out doors, even though a nosy neighbor could easily be enjoying a peep show and we'd have know way of knowing about it! Uninhibited she strips off the tiny bra, flinging it towards the house, and smiles. She runs her hands over her perfect body before turning around and slowly sashaying her way towards the iron gate on her balcony. When she arrives, she unclasps one of the links on her garter to allow more room to work on the only thing she can think about. Eva bends down, at the knees, and spreads her legs, before slowly slipping her hand down the front of her already soaked panties. She spends some times softly teasing her clit with her fingers, rubbing it, loving that she can seduce herself this way.

Forgetting about the cameras completely, Eva continues caressing and massaging her throbbing pussy until she's on the verge of an intense orgasm. She quickly stops, giggles a bit, then looks into the camera. "You didn't think I'd really cum without you, did you?" She slowly moves back up, her body noticeably quivering in pleasure. She gently moves her panties over her thighs, then ankles, then steps out of them ever so slowly. She walks towards a wooden stool she brought out with her earlier, and straddles it, her back and bare ass towards us. She stands up to put something small and shiny upright on the stool then moves down, letting it enter her. See this horny exhibitionist fuck herself outside until she cums, hard, exclusively on the premier site for horny mature women like herself,®.

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Eva Karrera is a very beautiful MILF with a perfect body, and a sexual appetite most men only dream of finding a woman with. From her long black hair, brand new huge perky tits, and amazingly flat stomach, based on looks alone Eva is easily comparable to the girls that supposedly only exist in dreams. She is a full time mom, newly single, and is finally comfortable enough in her own skin to really explore her sexuality - and has decided to let us be a part of it! We catch up with the sexy brunette MILF in her living room, wearing a gorgeous purple cocktail dress, high heels, and a pretty matching necklace. She shoots us a seductive stare as she sits down on her big leather couch and slowly spreads her legs all the way apart, revealing a pair of matching purple lace panties. She moves her hand behind her back to unzip the dress, slowly, then stands up and shimmies her way out of it. Eva bends over with her back facing us, now only wearing her purple bra and panty set. She picks up a red vibrator and smiles at it. "The rabbit, definitely the best thing since sliced bread." Taking her time as she strips off the rest of her clothing, Eva oozes a sensuality that can only come from a woman of her age and maturity. "When I was younger, I wouldn't have been able to do this! I was shy. Now, a proud MILF, I know how to accept and embrace who I am, what I look like, and most importantly, what turns me on." Fully naked, she takes her favorite sex toy and holds it straight up straddling it on her couch in what looks like a mimic of reverse cowboy. With the dildo inside of her, and the bunny ears vibrating quickly right on her clit, it's easy to see that she is having trouble holding back from cumming right away. Eva is moaning loudly and, after a few minutes of hard panting and intense pleasure, she leans down and switches positions. Using the dildo to fuck herself from behind, she cums within a minute. But, much to our excitement, Eva doesn't stop there! She knows that she can keep those orgasms coming for a while, and she's definitely not the type to waste that skill! See this gorgeous MILF cum repeatedly with the help of her rabbit, in a full photo set and matching video, exclusively available on the premier site for sexy mature ladies like herself,®.

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Eva Karera is a stunning brunette thirty six year old with flawless skin, a hard body, and a very dirty mind. This horny divorcee's main priority in life right now is making up for the past fifteen years of dealing with an almost nonexistent sex life - and thankfully for us, she gets off on doing just that in front of a camera! Eva walked down her spiral staircase wearing black patent leather high heels, thigh high fish net stockings, a black skin tight pencil skirt, and a very sexy red satin bra. She softly tugs at the straps of the her bra, teasing us with her huge perky tits, as one nipple pokes out the top.

"Now that I am single, I have a lot more free time. I'm enjoying discovering my sexual identity, and I do not plan on stopping the fun - ever. But, I think it's about time to find myself a career. You think this would be a good interview outfit?" Eva smiles as she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the ground at her feet. She then slowly sways her hips as she steps out of her sexy mini skirt, revealing a matching red and black silk thong. Her body is perfect, from her defined collar bone to her huge tits, and rock hard stomach - it's clear this is a mature woman that takes care of herself, and there is nothing sexier than that.

Eva runs her hands over her body, appreciating her soft skin, gently touching her curves. "I was never allowed to be sexy, in my ex's eyes. I love being a sensual woman, being appreciated, and enjoying my sexuality." As her fingers reach her hip bones, she rests them on the elastic of her already tiny panties, smiles, then slowly slips them down, over her thighs and onto the floor. Eva poses for another photo, one hand on hip, perfect landing strip on display for all to see. After making sure no man could possibly be thinking of anything but her, Eva is ready to get down to business. See the full photo set, and video, including what the kinky cougar does next on the premier site for horny mature women like herself®.

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At the perfectly mature age of thirty six years old, Eva Karera is in her sexual prime, and she knows it! This sexy mother of three hasn't let anything come between her and her newly found desire for sexual exploration, and we couldn't be happier about it! Indiana born and raised, Eva told us, "I never felt comfortable with my sexuality! I wasn't sure if it was okay to like boys and girls, I didn't want people to talk about me, a thousand things. But now, since the divorce, I've been absolutely going wild!" After being married for fifteen years, Eva has more than enough pent up sexual aggression to go around, and right now is the perfect time to let it all out. She invited a sexy neighbor she's been spending time with over for some mid-afternoon weekend fun while the kids are out visiting their father. Wearing sexy black thigh high stockings, a matching black skirt, and a purple blouse, Eva walks to the door to let him in. Already unbuttoning her blouse as she leads him into the living room, she sits down on her couch, and smiles up at him. Within no time, his cock is out, and being teased with the soft wet touch of Eva's tongue. While she licks and sucks, her handsome friend moves his hands over her huge tits, massaging and caressing them. A little while later, he gently pushes her back onto the couch, moving down to his knees as he does. He kisses her and then moves his face down to her perfect perky breasts, and spends some time running his tongue over her hard nipples and soft skin. As she closes her eyes, moaning softly, he slowly pulls her panties down off of her, and then drops them to the floor. He moves himself to the couch, and pulls her on top of him, in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his cock thoroughly enjoying ever moment of him inside of her, quickly approaching orgasm. After she cums loudly, she moves herself off of him, waiting for the hot load of cum she begs him to bust on her chest. See this newly single MILFs full sexcapade in the full photo set and matching video, available exclusively at®.

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There's nothing quite like the awesome fantasies we've all had of the girl next door - unless the girl next door happens to be a perfect ten with a fetish for getting naughty in much too public places in her actual life! If we hadn't gotten to meet the stunning thirty three year old pharmacist that goes by the name Angel, we would have never been able to think of a woman anywhere near her caliber. "I couldn't wear this little dress to work, but on the weekends, I like to at least keep with the times! I love clothes! But one thing I love more than sexy clothes, is sexy clothes lying on the floor of my house!"

As she said it, Angel smiled and walked to her open front door. She pulled her patterned strapless dress down, over her huge braless tits, then down over her hips, and left it on the floor. She turned around to face us, wearing only a small black pair of sheer panties and her sexy gold high heels, and put her arms on either side of the entry way. "Now this is going to be a good time," Angel told us looking happy and horny as ever, "I think it's about time for us to get down and dirty completely out doors!" She saw her small cheetah print foot stool in the hallway, bent over to pick it up, and walked thru the door and onto her front patio, still holding it in her arms.

Angel set the little stool down on the pavement, and ran her hands over her slender frame. When she reached her hips, she grasped her panties, and pulled them down in preparation. She sat down on the little stool, legs spread apart, fully naked and licked her fingers. With one hand, she pulled the skin of her perfectly shaved pussy up, and with the other, gently massaged her yearning clit. She inserted two fingers inside of her and pushed deep, moaning in pleasure. See this sexy cougar's photo set and video while she finger fucks herself out doors until she cums, available exclusively at the premier site for horny mature MILFs and cougars,®.

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Standing next to her big bay window wearing sexy black lingerie at her New Jersey home, it's clear our newest Anilo, Angel, has a very devilish side. This all-American beauty has one of the sexiest bodies we've had the pleasure of encountering in quite some time. Right now, the beautiful thirty three year old wears a very revealing (not to mention incredibly sexy!) sheer black and red lingerie set, complete with a tiny lace thong and a black garter belt connected to thigh high stockings. When she turns around, and makes her way towards us, stripping off her smoking hot camisole, we can hardly keep our jaws from falling to the ground. Angel stands in front of us, smirking, with her huge perky tits out on display and says, "do you like what you see? I hope you say yes, 'cause I'm just dying to continue taking this off." She drops the cami to the ground and falls back on her leather couch. As she sighs, Angel pulls her barely there thong to the side, ready to go to town on her wet, hairless pussy. Grinning from ear to hear, our naughty mature model moves her panties back and forth, stimulating herself without using her hands. When she's nice and wet, she slowly lets go off her panties and moves her hands to her breasts, caressing and teasing them with her slender feminine fingers, then moving them down slowly, making her way down to her throbbing clit. Instead of starting to rub herself, she grasps the lace of her black panties, and slowly pulls them down, over her legs, then feet, and leaves them on the floor. Finally, after what seems like longer than we could possibly wait, the gorgeous sex kitten uses her fingers to rub, pat, and fondle her pink pussy for a few minutes. As she loudly moves towards another perfect orgasm, Angel sits up, smiles, and turns around to give us a better view of her firm, white ass. Smiling over her shoulder she says, "I think we've all waited long enough…" before proceeding to finish herself off with her long, pretty fingers. See Angel's entire photo set and video, as well as that of many other horny mature ladies, exclusively in the member's only section of®.

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