Sophia Delane Hairy Pussy

29 year old Sophia Delane embodies the idea of acting like a lady in the streets but getting crazy between the sheets! This sex-crazed milf loves to dress up for a night on the town and she looks great in demure clothes, which makes her the perfect escort. "I can be anything my man of the evening needs me to be. It's so much fun to be someone a little bit different almost every evening, especially knowing that at the end of the night I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a happy ending."

Dressed in an off-white dress that clings to her curvy figure and emphasizes her big boobs, Sophia is ready for an evening at a charity fundraiser. With her sheer thigh highs and her crotchless panties that are barely hidden by the dress's short skirt, she's also ready to tease and flirt with her man all night. "My goal is to make sure that he's horny as hell by the end of the night. This guy has used my services before and I know that he's hot and really good in bed. I want to hit that again!"

Of course, as lovely as Sophia looks all dressed up she is downright gorgeous once the clothes start coming off. This brunette babe has huge all-natural tits with big areolas that beg to be licked and sucked. Her flirty panties come off to reveal a perfectly trimmed hairy pussy that is already dewy with desire. "I'm going to be wet all night while we're out at this event. I wish we could skip the foreplay and get right to the main event-when he takes me to bed." Just the thought of the night to come has Sophia stroking the inside of her milky thigh and running her finger down her horny cunt as she slowly works herself towards her first orgasm of the night. You can watch this hot mama finger herself until she is overcome by an incredible orgasm right now only at®.

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Sophia Delane Fishnet Stockings

Sophia Delane is the type of pricey high-class escort that most men can only dream about hiring! "The thing I look for the most in a man is a deep wallet. My time is valuable and you'd better believe that I'm going to spend it with the highest bidder." With her slim curvy body and her all natural boobs, Sophia really has the whole package for a man to want. It doesn't hurt that she's a sure thing at the end of the night as long as the price is right.

When you buy this hot milf for the evening, part of the deal is purchasing the outfit you want her to wear. "Men love to buy me pretty things. I mean really, if you're already paying me for my time it's such a little thing to make sure that I look exactly like you dream I should. And of course I get to keep the outfit as part of the deal." Sophia's date for the evening wanted a classy look with a sensual twist, providing a form-fitting dress and big-ticket jewelry along with a pair of fishnet thigh highs that cling to Sophia's long legs in a way that will drive any man wild.

"The best part about this little number is that there is plenty of easy access. I can't wear a bra with spaghetti straps so my boobs will jiggle with every step I take. This overskirt pulls away, too." Sophia demonstrates her outfit's perks as she talks, letting her huge tits hang and revealing her sheer lacey panties that had been hidden by the much more demure skirt. Brushing her hand against her nipple and then reaching up to pinch the peaked bud, Sophia slowly realizes just how horny exploring her sexy outfit has left her! Head on over to® to watch Sophia masturbate until she cums and to find all of the sexiest mature women online brought to you each week.

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Sophia Delane Raunchy Role Play

29 year old Sophia Delane has been self-employed and loving it since she was old enough to start a business. "Being my own boss suits me. I'm a very independent person who doesn't handle people telling her what to do very well. I love having the freedom to do whatever-and whomever-I want whenever I want." Working as a high class escort has left Sophia able to explore every aspect of dating, foreplay, and lovemaking. Among other turn-ons, she has discovered a deep love of dressing up to role play, especially when there's a sexy man calling the shots. On this particular evening, this brunette beauty's flavor of the week wants to role play horny judge and eager plaintiff. Sophia has acquired a costume and is checking to make sure everything fits. "I was a little bit doubtful at first," she confesses, "but then I looked in the mirror when I had the whole outfit on and I have to say that there's something really illicit and naughty about dressing up as a figure of authority and letting my man bribe his way out of trouble." Beneath the demure robe, Sophia wears a teal and black bra and thigh high sheer stockings, complimented by a teal sash that draws attention to her hairy mound without covering it. The judge garb falls off with a shrug of her shoulders to reveal her naughty lingerie, giving Sophia exactly the easy access to her curvy body she knows her man will want in a few short hours. "Getting dressed up like this even as a practice round really gets me going. I think I'll take a few minutes to blow off some steam so I'm not too eager later tonight." Removing her bra to let her big boobs hang free and then making herself comfortable on the wide leather chair, Sophia runs her hands down her flat belly and spreads her trimmed twat wide for easy access. You can check out this horny milf masturbating right now only at®, where you can find all of the Internet's hottest horny housewives.

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Lana Cox Seductive Nightie

42 year old Lana Cox is more than just a model; she's also a world-savvy traveler. Her most recent trip is to New York City, where this gorgeous cougar has booked herself a sumptuous hotel suite. After a busy day of sightseeing, she is ready to settle into her room for the night. "I love getting dressed up nicely when I visit big cities, even if I'm just out to see the sights. I get a lot more interest from men when I wear clothes that don't make me look like a tourist, and having a fling is definitely part of a good vacation." Although she came back with some phone numbers, Lana doesn't have a man to keep her warm tonight. Dressed in a leopard-print nightie that leaves her big boobs uncovered, she crawls into bed with her shoes and sheer stockings still on. "I met some hot American men today. Just thinking about it makes me so hot. I will call a couple of them back tomorrow to see if they are interested in making plans. In the meantime, I can fantasize about what will happen when we hook up..." Lana runs her hands down her curvy body as she speaks, slowly falling backwards onto the bed. Her high-heeled shoes and stockings become part of her fantasy as she rubs her fingers along the smooth material encasing her long legs. "Women love being touched through stockings. It's an intimate feeling that drives us crazy." As her hands wander her body, Lana is careful not to touch her moist horny pussy quite yet. Instead, she draws out the incredible sensations of her spontaneous massage for as long as she can, pinching her hard nipples and massaging her sensitive breasts without taking things to the next level. When she finally does touch her creamy cunt she is practically ready to combust with an incredible series of orgasms! Head on over to® to check out Lana's incredible masturbation shoot and to find all of the hottest mature women on the web.

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Lana Cox Sexy Evening Wear

Showing off her incredible body is second nature for 42 year old Lana Cox. "I love to dress up in sexy clothes, even when I know that I'm not going anywhere for the evening. Getting all dolled up makes it easy to fantasize when I'm pleasuring myself." Lana pulls out an incredible outfit for her planned evening in, dressing in a velvet top that leaves her big enhanced boobs freely accessible to her wandering hands. Reaching up to cup her large breasts, she runs the pads of her thumbs over her puckered nipples and leans her head back as sensation courses through her.

Lana's evening wear also features an incredible short skirt that leaves her shaved mound with its landing strip of pubic hair fully exposed. She runs one hand through her wavy blonde hair as the fingers of her other hand trace down towards her flat tummy to touch the hair that arrows down to her moist pussy. "This little number is absolutely my favorite outfit. The velvet is smooth and soft against my skin and all of the important parts are open for me to touch them. What more could a woman want?"

Allowing her hands to roam her body, Lana splits her attention between her giant hanging tits and her pulsing clitoris. As pleasurable sensations course through her and her legs become unsteady, she slowly drops to a crouch. She opens her knees, exposing her creamy slit to her wandering hands. "I don't need to take any of my clothes off or adjust anything. I can just >slide my fingers or a toy deep inside and fuck myself while I'm dressed to the nines." You can watch Lana dress up to misbehave right now only at®, where all of the Internet's hottest older women are featured every week.

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Lana Cox Voluptuous Breasts

Lana Cox has never had a career outside of modeling. With her busty enhanced breasts and the tanned curviness of her body, there has never been a need for Lana to do anything else but show herself off. "I love modeling. It gives me a lot of time to spend with my family and to travel." It is obvious that Lana enjoys herself on the set as she wanders around dressed in a sexy pink corset and thigh-high stockings, laughing and flirting with the crew. Her huge tits look incredible propped up by the lacey top of her corset, especially with her large nipples already puckered and ready to be pinched.

Crawling onto the bed, Lana gets things started as she drops her hands to the pink g-string panties that cover her shaved pussy. Pulling the panties aside, Lana lays back on the bed and lifts one long leg high in the air to show off the perfection of her pink twat. "Can you see how horny I am? I'm already so wet and ready to cum." It's easy to see that Lana isn't kidding as the light glints off of her slick wet folds.

Lana isn't done teasing us with her incredible body yet, though. Rising to her knees, she turns around and leans forward to show off the rounded perfection of her bottom. She emphasizes her peachy ass cheek further when she reaches down and squeezes the supple skin with enough force to leave a red mark when she moves her hand away. "Mmm, that's exactly what I'm looking for. A little bit of rough foreplay before I really get started." Now that she's warmed up, this horny cougar is ready to give herself as many orgasms as she can handle! You can check out Lana's whole raunchy set in high definition pics and video right now only at®.

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Lana Cox Busty Corset

42 year old Lana Cox is semi-retired from her modeling career, but she still agrees to shoot a set when the whim strikes her. "I love the way my body is improving with age. I'll never get tired of showing myself off." Tanned and voluptuous, Lana's body is an incredible sight in a corset that props her big boobs up into deep cleavage and sheer stockings. Her large nipples are already hard as she curls up on her couch, and she pinches them with the clear intention of building her pleasure quickly. "Silky lingerie never gets old. It's timeless and sexy, and the way it feels is an immediate turn on." Sliding her string thong down her legs, Lana rolls onto her back and raises her legs above her head to show off the enticing landing strip of hair that leads the way to her shaved pussy that is already wet with desire. Leaving her legs entrapped in the panties she has dropped to her ankles, Lana presses the palm of her hand flat beneath her hanging tits and slides it slowly down her body as she leans back. She reaches the moist heat of her horny twat and spreads her fingers, parting her folds and pressing a finger against her sensitive clitoris. Lana's sigh of pleasure is loud in the quiet room. "I'll never stop craving that initial rush of pleasure the first time I touch myself. It feels almost as good as my orgasm when I cum." After those breathy words, this gorgeous cougar focuses completely on pleasuring her juicy slit. Soon, she is wet and ready to drive two fingers deep into her eager hole to fuck herself until she cums. You can watch Lana finger herself until she cums right now only at®, where all of the Internet's mature horny women are brought to you weekly.

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Kashmir Works Out Nude

48 year old Kashmir is semi-retired, but that doesn't mean that this sexy granny is going to let herself go physically. "I definitely need to maintain my figure. I love to fuck and older men don't do much for me, so I need to stay attractive to younger guys." Instead of going to a gym to stay in shape, Kashmir prefers to work out at home where she can strip out of her clothes as she gets hotter. Starting her workout dressed in black yoga pants and a frilly black top that easily lifts to show off her enhanced boobs, Kashmir gets down to business.

Kashmir starts with some light yoga to warm up. Fanning herself at the end of her routine, she slips her shirt over her head and then slides out of her pants. Nude, she turns to her stability ball for the next part of her workout. "I love this thing, even more when I'm naked. The feel of the rubber sliding around my pussy while I do my exercises is so erotic." Kashmir's tits bounce as she settles on the ball, and she brings her hands down to her pelvis to steady herself. With her fingertips already touching her shaved mound, it is only a small move to slip her fingertip into the top of her horny slit to massage her sensitive clit.

Although she is tempted to quit her workout and give in to self-pleasure, Kashmir keeps her mind on the goal of maintaining her sexy figure and pushes herself to continue. After executing a series of exercises on top of the stability ball, Kashmir lays herself out on the ground and reaches for the ball. "Keeping my core muscles in shape is important, but I need to make sure my arms and legs are toned, too." Lifting the stability ball high above her head, Kashmir exposes her creamy wet twat to the warm air in her exercise room. Head on over to® right now to check out Kashmir's whole naked workout routine, as well as to find all of the Internet's hottest horny cougars!

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Kashmir Sexy Secretary

Before quitting her job to pursue a career in music and modeling, 48 year old Kashmir was an executive assistant. When she receives a call inquiring whether she'd be interested in going back to work for a week while her replacement takes a vacation, she agrees. "I was very good at my job. I made my boss very happy, if you know what I mean. I think he's just looking for one last fuck by bringing me back, but that's okay." Dressing up for work in an office environment turns this attractive granny into a professional sex kitten.

From the way her old boss's face lights up when he sees his hot secretary, it's clear that the attraction between them is mutual. Kashmir settles in to work, but soon she starts pulling at the collar of her shirt. "I'm just not used to dressing like a lady anymore. I don't think my boss would mind if I made myself a little bit more comfortable..." Unbuttoning her shirt, she shrugs the crisp white material off her shoulders. Clad only in her bra and pencil skirt, Kashmir returns to her duties while absentmindedly fondling her medium sized boobs.

Things heat up even more as Kashmir eventually removes her bra to free her hanging tits for easier access. "My boss is in a meeting right now, but I think he'll be pleasantly surprised when he comes back. He's never complained before if I make myself at home." Curling up in her boss's leather executive chair and putting up her stocking-clad legs to show off her embroidered panties, Kashmir keeps on working while occasionally pinching her hard nipples and massaging her sensitive clit through her panties to stay warmed up. "I can't just stop working if I want to earn my paycheck. No matter how happy I make my boss he has to justify keeping me around." Check out Kashmir's whole back-to-work set right now only at®, where you can find all of the hottest amateur milfs online!

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Kashmir Maid Role Play

Being new to the adult modeling scene hasn't stopped 48 year old Kashmir from spreading her wings and exploring new ways of pleasuring herself. "I've realized that I enjoy role play, especially with sexy costumes. Pretending that I'm a maid whose master demands I wear a slinky uniform really gets me hot and bothered. It makes doing basic household chores a whole lot more fun." Dressed in a naughty maid outfit and taking care of business with a pink feather duster, Kashmir wanders her house cleaning as she sees a mess. Something pink catches her eye and she kneels down to see what she's found. Holding up a pink vibrator, Kashmir gives a little laugh. "I must have hid this here the last time I did some cleaning. It's a good thing I found it since I'm about ready for a break..." Sinking down to the carpet with her back propped up against a wall, Kashmir pulls her medium sized boobs out of their confinement. She cups her heavy tits in her hands, tracing along her big areolas and pinching her puckered nipples. Parting her thighs and flipping up her skirt to show off her shaved pink pussy, Kashmir is ready to go. "I love this feather duster for more than just cleaning," she murmurs as she runs the pink fluffiness up and down her skin. She shivers wherever the duster makes contact, clearly enjoying the sensation of this gentle seduction. The vibrator she has discovered beckons, though, and Kashmir can't ignore the call for long. Turning it on, she applies the tip to her sensitive clitoris for a few moments before sliding it up and down her creamy slit to spread her pussy juices everywhere. When she's slick and ready, she pushes the lubricated vibrator deep into her horny twat. You can watch this horny grandma work herself until she cums right now only at®.

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