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Sofia Rae masturbates about every other day. "I don't do it every day because I prefer sex so if my man comes in and wants to have sex, it just feels that much better for me if I hadn't masturbated yet." I guess that makes perfect sense. Although, I have to say that I would love to see what Sofia looks like when she plays with her mature pussy. When she's starting to take off the dress, I find myself thinking about the last time I masturbated and now I know exactly what I will think of when I am alone next.

It's like she is purposely teasing me with that smile. As she smiles back at me, I think she knows exactly what I am thinking or is that a bulge growing in my pants that perhaps she see's? Either way, when she takes off her dress and then finally releases her nice tits from her bra, it's like I've died and gone to heaven. They look so nice in the natural light and they lay perfect against her skin. Her legs are slightly together but I think I can still see a glimpse of her beautiful pussy. I wonder what it tastes like?

Laying in the bed, Sofia Rae takes off the rest of her clothes, peeling them off one by one. She finally opens her legs and shows us what we all have been waiting to see. Her puffy pussy has never looked so good. Fresh and cleanly shaven, you can't find a stubble on her body. "I think all women should shave every day. The guys love it and you never know when the opportunity for sex will arrive." Come watch Sofia Rae as she strips naked for all her fans inside the members area at®.

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"I use to be a receptionist but now I am a stay at home mom. I kept all my work clothes and I am glad that I did because now I can use them for shoots and to play dress up with my man. He loves when I am dressed up like a secretary when he comes home from work.". Sofia Rae tells us this when she arrived on set today and put on her first outfit. I have to say it definitely is a nice fit on her.She definitely looks like a pro with her matching bra and panty. That is always sexy on a women when they come to a shoot matching. I love the way her white pearl necklace drapes across her chest and sits between her tits. It looks even better when she takes off her bra and starts to get a little more comfortable. Her large, perfect tits fit her frame just right and I can't help but stare at them as she slides her bra off and throws it on the floor next to me. I think she was flirting a little bit with me. Her flesh colored stockings almost get lost next to her light skin but they look so great with her tall, sexy high heels. She sits down on the chair and shows off her sexy legs a little better, rubbing her hands up and down her legs. It isn't long before she was completely naked and showing off her petite mature body. All the women at® are just as sexy as Sofia Rae, so get on over there and check out the members section with it's huge selection of hardcore babes.

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Real housewife Karen Fisher has just arrived for her weekly massage session. This time she is hoping to get a little more then usual from her regular guy. She starts stripping slowly and thinking about her last session she had with him and hoping she gets a repeat. She loved all the special attention he gave her when she came in last week. Her body is still so relaxed from it but it only left her pussy wanting more. "I hope he feels the same way as I do today cause I could sure go for some steamy sex today."

She saw him as she walked in and he gave her a nice smile. "I wore my dress that is easiest to get on and off. I want to make this as easy for him as I can." Her nipples are already hard and her pussy is already getting wet. Her nice round, firm ass has never been so soft as it is today. She made sure to put on her most expensive lotion so his hands could easily slide all over her already naked body. "Maybe before he comes in, I will give myself a little warm up session."

She sits up on the table and leans back. She wants to have her legs open for him to see right when he walks in. "I went tanning this morning and I shaved extra close. When he touches my soft, smooth pussy lips, I want him to start to quiver."® is the best place around when you are looking for hot and horny mature women so come inside and let Karen Fisher take you on the ride of your life.

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"Masturbating is one of my favorite things to do. I do it at least once a day if not more and one of my favorite places to do it, is in my living room with the windows open wide. I guess I am always hoping that my neighbor will walk by and see me and then invite me over for some real action." We asked Karen Fisher to show us just how she likes to please her mature pussy. She puts on her favorite cougar outfit, the one she wears to bed, and then slowly starts to caress her massive tits. "I always start with my boobs. Every since I had them done, they are the most sensitive part of my body." After she gets them worked up, she turns around and slowly pulls down her panties, once again showing us her nice plump ass. She gets completely naked and relaxes in her chair. "Would you mind making this wet for me? Put your tongue all over it and I'll show you how to touch me just right every time." Of course we obliged her and when we handed her the magic wand, she instantly put it against her body and began to shake with excitement. Her moans only got louder and louder, and sure enough, a strange man walked outside her window. Be sure to check out Karen Fisher as she explores her body and invites her lovers over to play.® has this and more waiting for you inside now.

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Sexy housewife Karen Fisher loves to cook in the nude. She was cleaning up a little before dinner and thought, "What a nice surprise it would be for my boy toy if he came home to me getting myself off." The more she thinks about it, the more she gets turned on. She starts massaging her huge tits, rubbing her hands all around her nipples, making them harder and harder with every twirl of her fingertips. Her matching bra and panties are starting to drip with mature pussy juice in anticipation of how hot her guy is going to be when he sees her all naked..

"Don't these tits just look perfect? I know he will not be able to keep his hands off me tonight." And could you blame him? She takes off the bra so her tits can breathe and throws it across the room. "I think the only thing I will leave on for when he gets home, is my high heels. He loves to bend me over from behind when I am nice and tall and the angle gives me the best orgasm ever." She waits a little longer and just can't stand the anticipation anymore. She needs to get her pussy nice and wet and spread before he walks though the doors.

Karen pulls of her favorite toy from the draw and starts to go to town on it. "This is what I am going to do to him as soon as he gets here. He loves when I put my mouth around his fat cock and suck it." She bends down and gently touches her pussy at the same time. If you want to see how this story ends, then follow all the hardcore photos and videos of Karen Fisher inside the members area only at®.

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"I've always been comfortable with my body. Every since I was 16, I knew I wanted to get into porn and by the time I was 18 I had my first stripping job lined up." How lucky are we that we found Karen Fisher and got her to model for us? She is just so sexual standing there in nothing but her bra and panties. The added stockings only make her seem more sexual. A true women knows what a guy likes to see. She turns around to give us a better view of her ass. It's so nice and plump that I just want to bend her over and smack it. "I decided at 24 to get a boob job. I was making pretty good money as a dancer but one of my girlfriends had hers done and her income doubled. Not to mention I started to get more regulars after that. I got everything I wanted from my guys." And what nice tits they are. I imagine putting my head between them and perhaps falling asleep there. Of course that would be after I tore her mature pussy up. Her nipples are hard as she tells us the story of her very first porn scene. "I was nervous at first, it was a little different then stripping but after a few minutes, I felt right at home. I was born to be naked and I love when men and women look at my body and think about sex." Karen sits down and lets me glimpse are her pussy for a while. Her lips naturally spread apart as if to say, come take me. If you want to see more of Karen's beautiful mounds, then check her out at®. The only place for mature women of interest.

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Karen Fisher loves to get her weekly massage from her hot masseuse. It's the only time of the week that she can be completely free from everything else and wear absolutely no clothes. Clothing is optional of course. Its up to the client, but Karen knows that if she goes naked something exciting might just happen. She's been waiting a long time to seduce him and she thinks today just might be her lucky day. Her tits are hanging just right and ready to work their magic. She looks at him all shy but she knows that at any time she is going to seduce him and he doesn't even suspect it.

While she's laying down, Karen gets the sudden urge to pull down his pants. To her surprise his cock is already hard. She knew that he secretly wanted her to. "Let me help you with that." She says, as she slowly puts it in her mouth and gently starts sucking. Her mature pussy is dripping wet by now. His hands have been all over her naked body and the anticipation is killing her. "Doesn't that feel so much better? I've been wanting to do this to you for so long now." She continues her sucking as he gets naked.

"I just can't take it anymore. I want you deep inside me and I am ready." She throws him down on the table and hops onto his hard cock. Desperately, she puts it inside her. You can tell he is enjoying himself as he puts his face into her giant tits and motor boats them. His hands slide down the nape of her back and her ass looks so plump as she slides up and down. Hundreds of hardcore Milfs like Karen Fisher are waiting to be pounded inside the members area only at®.

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Vanilla Deville loves to soak in her bathtub after a long day of shooting but why not get a little work done at the same time. "I love shooting. I am always thinking about ways to pose and clothes to wear and different locations to shoot in. I want to be sexy all the time and share everything I do with my fans." So while Vanilla was getting ready to relax for the day, she let us photograph her getting ready for the tub. "Let me start by taking off all these clothes." She slips off her sheer lingerie showing us her nice white panties underneath.

"My favorite part of my body is my boobs but I also get a lot of compliments on my ass. What do you think? Does it look nice? I always want to make sure I look good so I workout hard every day." I would say that her ass is very nice and firm. Her sexy long stockings grab my attention and her tall heels make her legs look lean. Vanilla bends over for a little better view as her lingerie falls to the floor. I can't wait to get a glimpse of what her mature pussy looks like all wet and glistening in the bathtub.

"I like to leave a little landing strip of hair on my pussy. The guys seem to like it but sometimes I will change it up and shave it all off. She slips her legs in the water and pushes her tits together with her arms. Crossing her arms in front of her. I can see her pussy every so slightly between her legs but it's enough to get the naughty thoughts racing in my brain. Come watch Vanilla Deville masturbate her soft pussy in the tub and listens as she moans from extreme satisfaction only at®.

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Vanilla Deville is hot and horny for her long time fuck buddy. She loves sex but she doesn't like the complications of relationships. She just wants to have fun and play. Today he's stopped by the house on his way to work just to get a little taste of what Vanilla has to offer. And its a good thing because this morning, she made sure to wear her favorite flowing dress with some sexy lingerie on underneath. She must have known he was going to stop by unannounced. She greets him by the door and immediately lays a wet kiss on him. He starts stripping her naked by taking off her dress. It falls to the floor and she lets out a sigh. Her busty tits are ready to come out of her bra and enjoy a little one on one time with his soft, gentle tongue. "Thanks for stopping by today. I've been thinking a lot about you. Let me show you how much I have missed your cock inside my mouth and body." She says as she slowly gets on her knees and slips her succulent lips onto his raging hard cock. Vanilla squeezes her tits at the same time she is sucking, getting her nipples harder and harder with every tug. She cant take it any longer. She sits her lover down on the chair and slowly sits on his cock. Her corset is synched just perfect that it lifts her boobs even higher then they already are. As she bounces, they bounce and Vanilla moans with delight. Can't wait to see more? Want to see Vanilla Deville's pussy up close and in your face? Then come check out Vanilla and her hardcore video inside the members area, only at®. Watch this naughty minx in full HD quality!

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"I lost my virginity when I was 17. Most people don't believe me when I tell them cause of how sexual I am now but it's true. I was always scared of boys when I was younger." I can totally see why people wouldn't believe her. Just from the few hours we've spent working with Leah today, I could tell she probably loves sex more then any women I know. The way she undresses and slips off her dress, is a true sign of a mature pro at work. She knows just the right way to move to compliment every curve of her body. She also know's what guys like to see because every outfit she brought came with sexy matching lingerie and stockings. I wonder how many lucky guys have had the chance to strip her body of these clothes.

Leah turns around after taking off her short dress. She slips off her heels and slowly peels down her panties. Making sure we got the best view of her ass we could. I follow the line of her stockings up her legs till they reach her tasty thighs. My eyes then immediately go to the garter belt around her waist. It hugs her hips so tight and puts her ass in perfect view. I could sit and stare at her nice body all day. Even her long flowing hair tickles the her lower back and makes contact with her garter belt. I imagine her hair sweeping across my body as we make passionate love.

Now this is what I like to see from my mature women. Look how sweet Leah's ass looks as she sits on the floor and shows us just a peak of her beautiful vagina. I love when a girl tries to leave something for the imagination. "I like my men to work for my attention. If it comes to easy, the guys hit it and run, but if I tease them for a while and make them think they can't have me, they tend to come back for more." I don't know about you, but I am definitely coming back to® for more of sexy Leah.

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