Tonya Mature Morning Porn

Tonya is Anilos' newest blonde bombshell from across the Atlantic. This erotic Englishwoman posed for us wearing her royal, purple ensemble of satin bra and panty set, and wore black silk stockings for the occasion. We asked her to show us how she masturbates (her favorite fetish!), and Tonya began by slipping her bra down to her tiny waist. She started massaging her nipples, at first with soft, circular motions, but then firmly grabbing her C-cup titties, lifting them while pinching her nipples roughly. This got Tonya moaning, and her pussy was dripping with wet anticipation!

From under the pillow, she pulled out a pink acrylic dildo! And this toy was definitely designed for maximum pleasure: long enough to grip while still getting full penetration, and full of little "pearls" along the top of the shaft to stimulate her clitoris from the underside, while her fingertips pulled and stroked on top. Slipping that lucite lady toy deep into her mature and hungry pussy was easy- it just popped right in- and Tonya gave us quite a view of the tender pink flesh deep inside the core of her pussy. Stroking the toy deeper in, and slowly gliding it out to just the head, and plunging back in really got this ivory skinned milf creamy with cum when she finally moaned out the last throbbing wave of her climax.

After her climax, Tonya sat up and began to suck her sweet juices off the head and shaft of her toy! With her blonde hair tousled after masturbating for us, Tonya gave us a great shot of how a horny, cock-hungry mommy looks first thing in the morning! When she had thoroughly cleaned her dildo with her tongue, tasting every last drop of her silky pussy juices, and tucked it safely back under her pillow, Tonya confessed that she masturbates like this almost every morning. "I've learned it's best to get myself off before I head into the office- else I'd fuck every man I work with before afternoon tea!" Of course, we'd love to see that, too! Want to see more of Tonya, and help take part in her morning ritual? Want to get off with her before you have to go to the office? Join® right now for exclusive access to this British bombshell, as well as thousands of hot milfs and mature ladies just waiting for you!

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Tina's Older Female Fantasy

For the final spread, Tina demonstrated that mature mamas can be sexy with their hair up, or let down and youthfully flowing. Our producers asked her for a slow, sultry strip tease, and Tina titillated us by first playing with her long, thick hair. Her breasts pressed against the soft white cotton of her tank, causing the tiniest peek of skin at her navel. This Czech cougar could teach something to the younger set with the way she sways as she strips!

Tina has pulled her top off of her toned shoulders, baring her tatas. Hitching up her denim mini-skirt, Tina kneels on the couch, high heeled black boots suspended in mid air, and starts to slip a pair of black g-string panties over her mature and well rounded tush. Garterless nude stockings cling to long thighs as they support her weight, and long hair tangles gracefully around her face and breasts. A sweet and come-hither smile lighting up her countenance, Tina appears all too comfortable in this position. Perhaps this is how she'll seduce that cute little blonde she's had a crush on at work? Perhaps Tina will let us film her first lesbian encounter?

With legs askance, still bolstered in stockings and boots, and thumbs looped through her denim skirt, Tina looks more cowgirl than former Soviet citizen. Breasts fully bared for the camera, with nipples that could have nursed a nation, Tina begs the question: "You want to try me?" Her mature and maintained figure is familiar with the pleasures of the flesh, and she seems ready to take on the new challenge of seducing a younger woman- just to try it. Yet she's more than capable of wrangling just about any stud into her bed, as it were. Teasing the zipper of her skirt open, ready to tear it from her skin, Tina is a woman ready for any hot, passionate experience you can give her! Want more mature action? Are you ready to have your cock lassoed and lavished by Tina, or any one of her older female friends? Want to find out if she's going to get lucky and let you watch? Log into® today for all the luscious ladies you can handle!

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Tina's Bath Time Orgasm

Taking a long bath is often a woman's favorite time- she can play with all her toys and beautify all at once! No different for our beautiful brunette, Tina. After a long day, she is ready to get out of that black sheer corset, and into something equally sexy! With her long hair pinned up, Tina begins to draw her bath. Her long legs are tired after her shift, and she gently massages her thighs to help relieve their fatigue. Slipping her bustier down to her waist, Tina then rubs her full breasts, encouraging some circulation and to ease the red marks her bra has left on her ivory skin. It must be chilly in the bathroom because Tina's nipples are very erect! Deciding she's had enough of the lingerie, Tina bends gracefully over as she removes first the corset, then the g-string thong which has put pressure on her mature labia all day long. What sweet relief to have the weight of her full breasts hang loose as she smooths the panties down her thighs! Retrieving her favorite purple dildo from it's drawer, Tina turns it on a low vibrational speed and massages each yearning nipple. Slowly, she'll use that toy to massage all her sore muscles, working to the ultimate climax within her core. Doing Kegel's all afternoon to alleviate the full feeling she's had since her lunchtime tryst, her pussy is most sore and needing. Standing astride, as the bath water pools and soaks her feet, Tina slips the dong deeply into her wet and aching pussy. Turning the vibration up, Tina finds sweet release as the pulsing movement of her toy, combined with the pressure of the bath jets, sends her beautifully moaning into ecstasy! Would you like to help Tina take a bath? You can, exclusively at®- your only source for bathing beauties and mature moaners!

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Tina's Mature Strip Tease

Tina is getting ready to go out with the girls. She's wearing a hot pink crocheted shirt over matching bra, a tight black satin skirt, fishnet stockings and black bejeweled pumps. From the waist down, Tina is one long, lean line of legs! It's too bad she won't be wearing her wire rimmed glasses when she goes out tonight, because she looks super sexy in them! This brainy brunette knows how to put on quite the strip tease, wasting no time taking it all off. It's a real good thing Tina's a nurse, because she plays hard enough to give a heart attack!

Tina gives a fetching smile to the camera as she removes her shirt and bra. Panties come off next, slipped easily over the fishnet stockings. Long brunette locks tickle her full breasts. "I like easy access. I am so horny almost all of the day. When I want sex, I want it now!" she brazenly asserts. Only a mature woman can embrace her sexuality like this. That confidence is one of the benefits of having attended an all girls school growing up. Well, that and matching her panties to her outfit every day. Tina has definitely mastered being seriously sultry, as if she always has a naughty fantasy running through her thoughts. And reading desire as simple as reading a patient's chart.

Stripped down to nothing but her fishnets and pumps, Tina bends over the stool to give us a peek at her pussy. Her anus is as ruffled as her clitoris, which shows that this Czech has experience satisfying men with both! With legs spread, her body bent over the stool, and her full breasts hanging loosely against her thigh, Tina uses one hand to lift her round cheek to show us even more! She licks and sucks on two of her fingers, the same way she would a hard cock, making them wet and warm and ready for entry. Would you like to watch her slip those sleek fingers inside her throbbing pussy? Want to watch a milf masturbate? You can! Exclusively at®.

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Tina Horny Milf

Tina is the newest Czechoslovakian model at®. This gorgeous milf is also a naughty nurse. We captured her in several place (and positions!), with her interview taking place shortly after her shift at the hospital. Tina was more than happy to show us what goes underneath her all white uniform! Just the simple basics for this mature, sexy woman: demi-cup bra, white lace bikini panties, and nude thigh high stockings. Seem a little racy? Not for a woman who knows, after years of experience, how to keep her sex appeal fresh- especially when there's a very real chance she might shag a coworker or a doctor while she's on break- and Tina is always hot and horny. Kneeling on the bed with her back arched gave us a great view of her profile, large breasts and rounded ass. While her long, luscious brunette curls swept across her shoulders, Tina stripped out of her french cuffed blouse and released her breasts from the firm grasp of her practical bra, and rolled onto her back. Without removing her black patent high heels, Tina quickly tossed her panties aside, as well, baring a well aged and clean shaven pussy. Who said all nurses are stuffy and old? Not Tina! We got a great shot of Tina playing peek-a-booby through her white lace panties as she teased the camera with her nudity. Want to see more of her creamy skin and full-figured body? Want to learn just how good Tina's bedside manner will leave you feeling? We have a whole lot more of Tina for you, including exclusive access to her video, picture portfolio, and biography. You can only find mature, sexy women (and a few naughty nurses) of this caliber at®. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment for a full examination today!

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Louise Dakotah Brittain's Bombshell

We saved the best for last! In our final shoot, we met Louise Dakotah in the parlor suite of her sunny Colonial home. We didn't get any sweet tea, but we did get you something even more satisfying: one of our most beautiful mature models giving a little strip-tease! Louise Dakotah has got the face of an angel: heavenly blue eyes, golden hair, and plush pink lips. But she's got a body like the devil: long, lean, smokin' hot body and sun-kissed skin as smooth as her English accent. At the shoot, she couldn't wait to get out of her matching bra and panty set. Starting with a show of a firm breast, topped with an erect nipple, Louise Dakotah quickly progressed her strip-tease. Before we knew it, she was pulling off her frilly panties, and modeling for us the beauty of her blonde, hairy muff. Bent coyly over, Louise Dakotah looks like a Russian fertility goddess, and she is built sleek enough to take it from any angle! Just imagine slipping a finger, a tongue, a hard, throbbing cock into that creamy pie... Though she is definitely a mature and refined lady, Louise Dakotah is young at heart, and proudly displayed her belly-button ring. She shimmied for us, and we stood mesmerized by the silver strands brushing the top of her tan lined torso. Playtime was over all too soon, though, as red-tipped fingernails found their way to her favorite places. As she tickled her muff and pinched her nipples, the desire in Louise Dakotah's eyes got us all going. This naughty cougar massaged her clit until she'd made a sticky, sweet mess on her favorite pink armchair!

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Louise Dakotah Hand Job Mature

During our interview, I asked Louise Dakotah to share some wisdom on how to keep a husband a happy man. "Well, sugar, come into my husband's home office, and I'll show you." The team and I followed her, hoping to see more of her suntanned skin, and hungry to learn how to be as eager to please. "Often, I'll put on the new dress my husband has bought for me, but underneath, I wear the new lingerie I've bought for him. I'll wait until he's almost off the phone before I walk in, and start doing a silent little strip-tease. That really gets his attention!" she winks. What gets my attention, however, is the fact that this beautiful blonde is going to show me how to seduce my husband!

"Sometimes, I've come in a little too early, and he has to finish wrapping up business. After all that work to get dolled up for him, I'm usually feeling too horny to wait. Instead of pouting, like some wives would, I keep myself busy." Stroking her tight, firm body, Louise Dakotah shows me how to keep myself excited while waiting on a man. Pinching her hard nipples between her fingers, and grazing her tan skin with red fingernails, her hand finally finds its way down to her blonde bush. With her middle finger, Louise Dakotah teases her clitoris until she's dripping with sweet cum.

"Some women would punish a man for making her wait," Louise Dakota warns, "but I think it's better to reward him every chance you get!" Louise Dakotah bends over the arm of her husband's leather sofa, smiling back at me. "Give him what he really wants: access to all of your sweetest parts." Her twinkling blue eyes, framed by that wise, knowing smile, convince me that she knows nothing but success in these matters. "Besides," she continues, "I really love it when my husband gives me a little spanking for being such a naughty girl!"

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Louise Dakotah Milf Cream Pie

Meet Louise Dakotah. She is one sexy milf, from her honey blonde highlights to her matching coral fingers and toes. Her baby-blues are as fetching as that perky nipple she's teasing us with! Her full-frontal nude belies the fact that she's a mature seductress; you'd think she was barely legal, sporting such a hot, tight, suntanned body and innocent white lace thong. Years of working with horses has made this UK beauty one helluva rider- the kind we'd like to see riding a sexier kind of stud- one like you! Rear view of this smokin' hot mama is twice as nice! Silky blonde hair brushes the tips of pert titties as she turns to inspect our approval. Long, lean legs, her favorite asset, flow firmly up to a firm, round, tanned buttocks which seriously needs a little spanking. Does anyone have a quirt handy? Once she takes that thong off, Loise Dakotah shows us what we're all craving: her sweet cream pie! And only a British babe like Louise Dakotah can make a blonde beaver so enticing to an American audience used to shaved muffs. Louise Dakotah is a siren, luring you in with her aquamarine eyes and full, pink lips! Here's a lady who knows right where she wants you, how to show you her desire for you, and her wet pussy is ready for you. But hold your horses, gentlemen, because Louise Dakotah's favorite sexual act is oral, and I'll bet she tastes sweet as a scone! Afterward, she'll be more than happy to let you ride her, and she can definitely take it! Want more of this British bombshell? Visit with her, yourself, and be sure to check out all of her exclusive content at®. She's just waiting for you to show up for your riding lesson.

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Louise Dakotah Lesbian Encounter

My first interview with Louise Dakotah took place on a particularly hot, sultry day. While she explained to me how her marriage began as a mail-order bride from across the pond, her sweet smile almost hypnotized me. As she giggled and talked, she began to untie the sweater she wore. Peeking out from that sweater was a very sexy, pink bustier. I recalled from her biography, that she is an equestrian trainer. "Do you wear lingerie like that while you're teaching riding lessons?" Batting her big, blue eyes, Louise Dakotah giggled "of course I do! Corsets provide quite a bit of support, helping riders keep their proper form!" The afternoon was sweltering, so she hitched her skirt up, as well, revealing pink satin panties above the lacy edges of her nude silk stockings.

I complimented her on her exquisite taste in lingerie, and asked if I could see the whole set. With all the propriety of a noblewoman, Louise Dakotah stood up, and with the grace of a ballerina, did a little pirouette while her skirt sank to the floor. Her back, lean and muscular, was evidence enough that she is a professional rider. I began to wonder if she preferred to be on top during sex. "I wear things like this everyday," she confided. "It's so humid here, in the southern states of America, I hate to have to wear clothes. Frilly little things, like this, make the day a bit more... interesting." I was definitely interested, and my camera man was breathing hard.

Louise Dakotah continued to peel off layers, exposing creamy, upturned nipples, set atop firm and flawless breasts. "It is just so hot in here," she sighed. "Would you mind too terribly if I kicked off my knickers, as well?" Beneath that sweet little pink satin bow was a tidy blonde bundle of hair... and beneath that, a pink-lipped pussy just begging to be kissed. I'd read that about European women, preferring a bush over our preference for being clean-shaven. I wondered if it would feel any different. Now, I'm a professional, so I won't say how sweet she tasted on my tongue, but I will tell you that Louise Dakotah was a real lady about it. And I won't tell her husband how much she loves a lesbian encounter, every now and then. She, of course, kept her silk stockings on, just for me.

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Amber Dawn Milf Moms

We met up with Amber Dawn at her Interior Design office earlier this week. She was wearing black, cat-eye glasses, a red button-front shirt, and a tight, short black skirt. "I have to admit, I'm a bit of a voyeur. My mind can't help but picture the people I'm designing for really appreciating the lighting, the textiles, the sensuous aspects. Then, I picture them using that space for the ultimate in pleasure!" We were a little disappointed to see her dressed, but that disappointment quickly faded when she showed us that she never leaves home without her favorite red dildo, cleverly concealed between her creamy, perky breasts. "Sometimes, I just get so horny at work, creating spaces that are supposed to be both functional and enticing," she reveals. "I tend to think about spaces for the potential of their sex appeal. But then I get all worked up!"
"How do you manage to take care of your needs while you're stuck behind a desk?" I asked. Amber Dawn was more than happy to show me just how flexible a woman needs to be to meet all of her desires. Swinging her long, luscious legs into the air, the first thing I saw was a curvy path leading my eyes from her slender ankles up to the top of her silk stockings. Her sexy design principle starts at the ground, and leads the eye to all kinds of beautiful displays. "Imagining myself in a client's space, I can feel my pussy start to ache. Finally, I just get so hot... I really depend on my toys." She lets out a soft sigh as she glides her vibrator deep into her very wet pussy. Each stroke of that lucky little dildo builds Amber Dawn into peak after peak of pleasure. Grinding away at her frustration, Amber Dawn's breasts bounce their way out of the confines of her pink, lacy bra, and her skirt snakes its way higher and higher onto her tight little waist. Moaning and whimpering, Amber Dawn seems sated after her fifth orgasm! Leaving her toy to rest inside her throbbing pussy, Amber Dawn looks up at me, her hair mussed, her sweet body open to me, and declares "now, that is a job well done!"

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