Mimi Moore Kitchen Quickie Orgasm

Whenever the urge to masturbate strikes 34 year old Mimi Moore she doesn't hesitate to answer. "How could I not love doing something that just feels so good?" Mimi is in the middle of getting dressed for her day job as a marriage counselor when she realizes that she's horny as hell. It's a quick decision to take a few extra moments out of her morning to give herself a quickie. Sliding her lacy sheer panties down her legs and turning her back on her work clothes, Mimi wanders into the kitchen to see what she can find to have a little bit of fun.

She trails her fingers along the counter as she struts naked, and with a sly smile she realizes that the cool tile will feel incredible against her heated skin. Climbing onto the counter, she rises up on her knees and leans forward against the wall. "It's funny. I do so many naughty things and even something as small as this still feels illicit and incredible," she murmurs as she pinches one rock hard nipple on her hanging breasts and then slides her hand down to cup the heat of her landing strip snatch.

The touch feels incredible, and soon this mature milf is aching for something more substantial. "I wish I'd thought this out a little bit further. I would have grabbed a toy to help me out!" Since she's flying solo with just her eager talented fingers, though, Mimi lays herself out on the counter and reaches around to squeeze her supple ass before sliding two fingers deep into her cum-hungry fuck hole. She picks up the pace quickly, and her breathing soon turns into breathy moans as her orgasm grows closer. You can watch this sexy cougar screw herself silly right now only at Anilos.com®, home of the hottest and horniest mature women online.

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Mimi Moore Seduces Herself

Mimi Moore is a 34 year old marriage counselor from the United Kingdom who has a sex drive that is nearly impossible to satiate. "I spend all day working with couples to figure out how to make their relationships better, and that often includes finding ways to satisfy their sexual needs. Of course I need to take care of my own needs once I get home!" Dressing up in slinky lingerie and using toys on her needy pussy are two ways that Mimi likes to take care of her pleasurable cravings. This evening she has chosen to wear a leopard print negligee and a cheerful orange thong in order to seduce herself, but this sex crazed milf can't control her urges for very long. "I like dressing up, but undressing is always much more fun. It's sometimes hard to believe how much money I spend on hot little nighties that I know I'll never wear for more than a few minutes!" Sure enough, within a very short time Mimi has pulled down her halter top to let her medium sized tits hang out so that she can play with her tight little nipples and her big areolas. She smooths her hands down over her soft supple breasts and then past her flat belly, slowly stripping the nightie down her slender body. When she reaches her narrow waist she gathers her panties and pulls those down her long legs as well. "Ah, naked at last," she murmurs as she cups her hands over her tender boobs and squeezes them. Then she rolls to the side of the bed and pulls out her Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator from its hiding place against the wall. "Now I can really get this party started." Head on over to Anilos.com® now to watch Mimi pleasure her horny pussy with the vibrator, and to find all of the hottest mature women brought to you weekly in high resolution pics and video.

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Mimi Moore Fucks Hairy Pussy

When Mimi Moore decides that she's going to spend an evening indulging in self pleasure, she doesn't do things halfway. This 34 year old mature cougar from the UK has amassed a huge collection of sexy lingerie that she likes to choose from, and she's not afraid to get herself off anywhere in her flat. "I like to get creative and to keep from being repetitive. Keeping things interesting makes my orgasms feel incredible and prevents me from getting bored!"

On this particular evening Mimi has chosen to wear a bright red bra that has sheer material on the bottom to hang over her red thong, and finish the outfit of with a pair of long high heels. The material highlights her slender curves and flat belly, and the bra really accentuates her all natural breasts. "Wearing this I feel like I could slip on a really slinky black dress and go out on the town, but I'm pretty happy staying in, too." With a self-satisfied smile, she hooks her fingers beneath the edge of her gown to pull it over her head and off.

Mimi's panties are the next to go, and as soon as she's naked this hot mama can't keep her hands off herself any longer! "It's a little bit chilly in here. I suppose I'll just have to warm myself up. Gee, darn," she laughs as she closes the fingers of one hand around her hard perky nipple. The other hand slides down to fondle the hair of her landing strip mound and then slip a finger through her wet horny slit that glistens with her pussy juices. She gives her nipple a particularly hard pinch as she slides a finger deep into her slick snatch. If you like what you see then check out Mimi's whole sultry set in high quality pics and video exclusively at Anilos.com®.

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Mimi Moore Shower Seduction

34 year old Mimi Moore is a hot milf in the prime of her sexual life, and she's all about taking any excuse she can find to pleasure her horny pussy. Standing wrapped from big breasts to knees in a colorful towel, Mimi stands in front of the shower and closes her eyes for a moment to fantasize about all of the ways she wants to touch herself while she is wet and slippery. "Showers are always a good place to start seducing myself. Even if I don't have an orgasm while I'm in there it can still feel pretty darned good as foreplay!" After putting up her long brown hair, Mimi steps beneath the shower spray and works some soap into her hands so she can lather it up. As she massages the suds onto her sensitive skin, she pays special attention to her hanging tits and puckered hard nipples. When her hand slips to her landing strip pussy she leans her head back against the cool tiles and moans happily. "I always make sure to buy the expensive soap that lathers well and keeps my skin moisturized. It's so much fun to use!" Although this sex-crazed cougar occasionally uses the showerhead to get herself off after soaping up in the shower, tonight she elects to dry off and use her fingers the old fashioned way. Shutting off the water, she steps out and wraps herself in her fuzzy towel for a few minutes before dropping it and pulling her leg up on the counter. "The bathroom is a super convenient place to masturbate even outside of the shower. There are plenty of surfaces at different heights to bend over onto or to help hold my leg up so I can get the perfect angle to fuck myself." You can watch this cum hungry woman explore all of the different ways she can screw herself silly in the bathroom right now only at Anilos.com®, so head on over to check it out!

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Mimi Moore Fingers Her Twat

When 34 year old Mimi Moore gets home from her work as a marriage counselor, one of the first things she wants to do is shed her office clothes and massage her horny pussy until she cums. "Masturbating after a long day at work is the best way I've ever found to relax and let go of all the stress. It just feels so good!" As Mimi wriggles out of her demure blouse and skirt to stand in just her bra and panties in her living room, her hands are already roaming her soft smooth skin and combing through her long brown hair. She reaches behind herself to unhook her bra and lets it fall to the floor to join her clothes, and then steps out of her silky thong so that she is completely nude and horny as hell. Climbing onto the couch on her hands and knees, Mimi peers over the edge and rummages around near the windowsill. "I usually keep a toy in here, but I moved it so I could wash it and forgot to put it back. I guess tonight my fingers will have to do," she murmurs as she reaches behind her round bottom to slip a fingertip into her wet twat. After a few shallow thrusts she removes her finger and brings it to her lips as she resettles herself on the couch with her legs spread to leave her landing strip pussy open and waiting for her attention. "Oh, I'm already so wet and ready for this orgasm. Sometimes knowing I'm going to do this when I get home is the sweetest anticipation but other times it's just torture knowing I have to wait to cum!" Go to Anilos.com® now if you want to watch Mimi finger fuck away the stress of her day at the office in high quality pics and video, and then keep clicking to find all of the hottest mature cougars on the Internet.

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Mimi Moore Sucks A Dick

34 year old Mimi Moore from the UK works as a marriage counselor by day, but by night she is a sultry milf who scours pubs for single guys who can help her pleasure her horny pussy. "There's nothing I like better than a big dick to suck and fuck!" This evening Mimi has picked up a hot young stud in a local pub and they have rented a hotel room together. After making out on the elevator on the way up to the room, the pair can't keep from ripping each other's clothes off.

Mimi's guy cups his hands beneath her medium sized tits and squeezes her diamond hard nipples, but this mature cougar won't be happy until she has sucked her man's long hard dick deep into her mouth. Stilling his hands, she looks up at him with a sultry smile. "Let me get you warmed up to give me a good fuck, hmm?" Then she kisses her way down his chest and pulls his jeans and boxer briefs down so that she can wrap her little hand around his big cock and engulf him in her eager mouth.

The blow job is hot and intense, but soon the two are too horny for more to continue. They help each other out of their pants and then Mimi leans up against the dresser so that her sweet ass is pushed into the air and her creamy horny hole is wide open for her guy to take her. "I can't wait any longer to cum. Hurry up!" Placing his hand between her shoulders to steady himself, Mimi's man positions himself and then enters her in one long thrust until his balls slap against her drenched twat. These two are only getting warmed up, but if you want to see the whole hot scene in high def pics and video you'll have to go to Anilos.com® now to check it out!

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Jenna Covelli Sheer Santa Seduction

50 year old Jenna Covelli lives in California where she enjoys the warm weather year round, even during the holiday season. "I actually really like living somewhere that doesn't get cold. It's not that I mind chilly winter nights, but it's so fun to wrap myself up in something sexy to give for the holidays," she explains. True to her holiday spirit, Jenna has invested in a Christmasy outfit that she loves to show off. It features a Santa hat and a tight red top that she likes to pair with white lacy panties and thigh high stockings that encase her long slender legs perfectly.

"The best part about giving the gift of me is definitely getting unwrapped," she adds as she slips out of her shirt, baring the white push-up bra that has given her big tits amazing cleavage beneath her shirt. She leaves the hat on for a festive touch as she stands up from where she was perched on the piano bench and does a slow circle as her hips sway provocatively to a Christmas carol that she hums.

Sitting back down on the piano bench with her legs spread wide to show off a tantalizing glimpse of her landing strip pussy through her sheer panties, Jenna leans back and cups one big boob in her hand so she can pinch her hard nipple. "I put this on for my date tonight, but I think I'll have to get myself off before he gets here so I don't jump him the second he arrives." Her decision made, Jenna lays down on the piano bench and runs her palm down her flat belly to press against the damp heat of her twat as her other hand continues to massage her tender breast. If you want to watch this mature milf fuck herself on camera for Christmas, then head to Anilos.com® now for hundreds of high quality pics and tons of video of this horny cougar.

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Jenna Covelli's Swinger Fantasy

When 50 year old Jenna Covelli initially discovered swingers clubs, she was more than a little bit nervous. "Probably one of the most frightening things I have ever done was going into a swingers club for the first time. It was also one of the most rewarding as it turns out." This mature milf has never looked back after that first time, participating in all kinds of crazy sexual antics that she would have never dreamed possible during her younger years. "I think my favorites are the threesomes that I've had the chance to take part in," she says as she tugs at her halter top to spill her big boobs out of the slight covering. Her nipples are already hard as diamonds when she reaches up to pinch them at the same time. Sinking further into her fantasy, Jenna slides a hand down her flat tan belly and unzips her tight little shorts so that she can slide them down her long lean legs. "It just makes me feel so special when a couple opens up their bedroom to include me. I'm especially grateful when they both devote themselves to my pleasure and I try to do the same in return." As soon as her shorts hit the ground, Jenna settles herself on a bench and works her fingers over her hanging tits. As she grows hornier, she parts her thighs wide and pushes aside her white lacy thong so that she can press two fingers against her ultra-sensitive clit and then slip them down her juicy slit. Jenna's tight twat is just begging to be filled now, and our hot mama is ready to take things even further. Head on over to Anilos.com® now to check out Jenna's whole raunchy set in high definition pics and video, and to see all of the hottest older women brought to you weekly.

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Jenna Covelli Shower Fuck Fest

Jenna Covelli is a 50 year old milf from California with all the feminine assets that men love to fantasize about. She has a tiny little waist, big natural tits with large suckable nipples, and a sexy round ass that begs to be squeezed. She also has an insatiable appetite for sex and is always thinking of new ways to satisfy her horny pussy. "I am so glad that I decided to try adult modeling. I daydream about sex so often that it's a distraction for a normal job. Here it's all part of a good day's work!"

For our shoot this afternoon Jenna has decided to show us how she likes to indulge her cum-hungry cunt when she takes a long hot shower. She gives us a huge smile as she steps into the tub dressed only in a white push-up bra and blue lacy panties that hug her incredible bottom. "Are you guys ready for a show?" she asks as she turns on the faucet and then steps out of the shower to slip out of her bra and panties. "I like to think I'm at my best when I'm wet and slippery."

Returning to the bathtub, Jenna lets the warm water pour over her tan skin as she rubs her hands all over her supple body. She pays special attention to her hanging breasts and her landing strip mound, playing her fingers over those sensitive areas far longer than anywhere else. "Sometimes I just use my fingers or the showerhead to get myself off in here, but today I'm feeling something more substantial." As she speaks, she pulls a huge rubber dildo from behind the shower curtain and then presses two fingers deep into her dripping twat where the toy will soon go. If you want to watch Jenna dominate her dildo in the shower then head over to Anilos.com® now to check out her whole raunchy set and more!

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Jenna Covelli Vibrator Pussy Play

Jenna Covelli is a 50 year old California native who loves to dress up and go out to swingers clubs in the evenings. "I'm always interested in meeting new people and perhaps joining them for a night of passion. The sexual variety makes things special every time." For her trip out to the club tonight, Jenna has chosen a tight leopard print dress with sheer stockings and killer high heels. With her long blonde hair pulled back in a nice updo, this sensual milf is looking pretty fine to begin her quest for a partner tonight.

Before she leaves home, Jenna does one last check to make sure that her outfit is okay for the evening. Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she views herself from the stacked front and then the side. She makes one more turn and lifts the short skirt of her dress to reveal her luscious bottom through her crotchless stockings. "A girl can never look too good when she's on the prowl. It never hurts to have a bit of surprise in store if things get hot and heavy, either."

The sight of her own delectable behind distracts Jenna from her initial plan to leave the house, though! "I suppose it can't hurt to give myself a quickie before I get going," she murmurs as she pulls her dress off to free her big tits with their rock hard nipples and sits down on a footstool in front of the fireplace. Pinching one nipple with a soft moan, Jenna reaches up to the mantle and pulls down a pink vibrator that she keeps up there for horny emergencies. Bringing it to her lips with a sensual smile, she licks the tip to lubricate it before she brings it down to trace across her dripping pussy. Do you want to see what Jenna does next to bring herself off? If so, head over to Anilos.com® right now to see all of Jenna's high quality picture and video sets.

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