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Now that her stud is home, Nikki Daniels can't wait to have some adult fun after a long day of cleaning the house. She seduces him while he's reading his magazine, telling him all the dirty things she's been thinking about while he was at work. This cougar knows exactly what to say to get her man's dick rock hard. She lifts up her skirt, showing him she has her favorite crotchless stockings on, perfect for him to get his mouth right on her wetmature pussy. She's not greedy though, she doesn't want to be the only one having all the fun and pleasure. She lays him down on the couch placing his hard cock in her wet pussy, as she moans and screams it only makes her more horny. Nikki Daniels loves to get fucked hard after her long day.® is the only website where you can find more sexy and hardcore pictures of Nikki Daniels, and all of her MILF friends. Sign up today in the members area and receive weekly updates.

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Nikki Daniels In Blue Dress.

Nikki Daniels looks irresistible in her sexy blue dress with her long dark hair pulled back. As she sits on her couch, she contemplates if she should masturbate or just do a fun striptease.

She slowly slides her petite body off the edge of the couch, so u can get a view of what she has hiding under her dress. As she pulls her dress to the middle, her tits peek out with her hard nipples that's are just perfect for sucking and licking.

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Jan Burton In Laced Lingerie

Sexy blonde MILF Jan Burton has everything you could ask for, from the perfect face to a smokin body. She is unzipping her skirt, ready to show her sexy lingerie.

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Jan Burton In Stockings

With her black bra on holding up her bigtits, Jan Burton reveals how perfect her frame is. She has her shirt opened up and thigh high sockings on, ready to start her private strip tease for you.

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Jan Burton In Cheetah Bra

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