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Holly Bryn is quickly becoming one of our favorite Anilos MILF's! This nurse took it to another level when she danced her way into the living room wearing this one piece, animal print lingerie outfit. Sex kitten has been a word that can be used to describe this beautiful brunette all day, but right now, it's just begging to be mentioned. Holly is so comfortable in everything she puts on, and it definitely shows! Her carefree self-confidence is such a turn on! She pulls the straps down, emphasizing her sexy figure and perfect little hips even more! She then happily turns around for a signature Holly shot as she removes the top of the one piece! We might talk about her ass too much, but its jaw-dropping, who could ignore such a stunning attribute! "I'm hornier than anyone I know! I don't think a man could keep up with me if he wanted to! I'd like to see someone try though!" Holly's down to nothing but her thigh high stockings again, and we have absolutely no complaints. She dances seductively, laughs, and flirts thru all the photos - and loves that we're eating it up! Then she gets that look in her eye, and slowly starts touching herself again! She pulls each stocking off, one at a time, to show off her cute feet again (she's a self-proclaimed foot lover!), and bends over the couch, doggy style. "Even if I'm just playing solo, I like to give it some variety! Changing what toys I use, giving myself different positions to try out, anything. It's my thing!" Holly continues playing with herself until she cums hard, again - changing positions frequently. All of Holly's videos and stills are available in the members' only area of Anilos.com® - check them out for yourself there!

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Holly Bryn Naughty Milf

We are so lucky our newest Anilo, the lovely Holly let us steal her away from her busy life long enough to really get to know her! She poses for some stills in an orange teddy chemise she tells us is her "favorite color ever!" Holly Bryn loves dressing up (probably not as much as we love looking at her all dressed up like this… and undressed!). She let us know that if a guy wants to win her over, pretty lingerie will usually do the trick! She's got a cream colored garter underneath, and thigh high nude colored nylons that scream sexy, mature, adult woman - our favorite! Her natural boobs are just barely covered, and we can't help but notice how beautiful they're shaped - and how much this shows them off!

It wouldn't be true Holly if she didn't turn around and give us a good look at her nice round ass. Everything is right about this picture! From Holly's sexy smirk, to her almost exposed breast, and of course that derrière! "Glass dildos are so much fun, they seem to be another toy that really does it for me! I get quite loud when I use this one sometimes…" The louder the better, Holly, give it to us good!

Right now, she's holding a fairly large glass dong in her hand, slowly tracing the shape of the dildo with her fingers. She oozes sex appeal, no matter what she's doing, and at this point we're pretty sure she knows it! She undresses for us, gives us a great oral demonstration on the glass dildo, then moves down to her dripping wet, not-fully-bare pussy. As promised, Holly moans louder than we've heard her get before while she fucks herself on the couch. After she cums, she sucks the dildo again, still super turned on. This woman knows what she's doing! See more Holly, along with many other sexy older women, at Anilos.com®.

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Our exotic, mature beauty, Holly Bryn, loves showing off her tight body for the camera! This little black lace lingerie number definitely does the trick, too! "I miss dancing sometimes, but I'm too old to work at clubs at this point. I still do pole dancing classes at a studio, but only to stay in shape!" At 29 years, Holly's a full on MILF and works at a hospital, saving lives! But, when she's not busy saving others, she does make time to please herself! Holly is the most free spirited, sensual, horny woman we've met in ages! She loves being naked, sex, and masturbating! "I don't have much of a dating life anymore, but I know how to keep myself… sexually content!" She sure knows how to keep us sexually content too, so we're not complaining! Holly gives us a little strip tease, slowly lifting up her shirt to reveal her tight tan stomach, and then her two petite but very sexy tits and nipples. She rubs her nipples, smiling seductively as they harden for us. Holly continues hopping around suggestively, as she unfastens her garter, and shows off her thigh high black lacy stockings. She slowly starts sliding her g-string down over her legs, then leaves it on the floor, where she was standing. Then, one at a time, she rolls her stockings off her legs, revealing those cute little pedicured feet! "There is no sex toy quite like the original magic wand! I'm all for trying things out, but I'm all for fingers too! This baby, though, beats it all!" Holly whips it out, climbs up on her massage table, and hops on the train to climax! She is so into it, her eyes are rolling back and she's moaning, louder and louder! Holly Bryn, you are one hot mama, our hats are off to you! To the all the photos, and video to match of this steamy set (along with those of many more sexy mature women!) check out Anilos.com®!

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We snuck up on our super hot sex kitten MILF, Holly Bryn as she was cleaning up the house, while her son was at school. "I definitely get a lot more done around the house… and of course, there's actually time for me to get a bit naughty during the day" she told us when we asked if it's easier being a single mom with a child his age. Holly is beyond exotic looking - her dirty blonde hair, tan skin, and seductive bedroom eyes are enough to send a shiver up anyone's spine! As if that wasn't enough, she pulls her red, polka dotted apron to the side to reveal what's underneath, or rather, what's not there underneath! Holly wears a simple nude g-string, and matching thigh high stockings. A mature woman wearing nothing but an apron? I wonder if she knows what she's doing to us!

"I love when the weather's nice like this! I might have to stop getting naked outdoors, here soon though - the neighbors are going to catch on eventually, probably wouldn't be too happy about me masturbating right here! But it's one of my favorite places to get off!" Now she's teasing us on purpose! Holly's stark naked, showing off her favorite part of her body, looking playful as ever!

She grabs a chair, sits down, and gets to it! She licks her fingers, rubbing them slowly up and down her clit, getting visibly wetter as she continues. She pushes her fingers, first one then two, inside of herself, giving us a great view of her not-fully-bare pussy. "I use toys about half the time. I know my body better than anything else, so my fingers are probably going to do the job just as well, if not better! I love it all though!" And she was not lying - Holly bites her lip as she moves closer and closer to climax… See her finish herself off, and the full set of stills and video, only at Anilos.com®.

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We are so excited to introduce you to our newest Anilo! Holly Bryn is a 29-year-old part time RN originally from Kansas, and a full time MILF! "I like older men. I like men that are established, and know what they want in a woman, and aren't players!" Here we find Holly playing doctor with, none other than THE resident doctor from the hospital she works at! One thing we love about mature women, is that they always seem to know how to use their sexual prowess in all the worst (and best) ways! Holly wears a red satin nightie and black heels, as she quickly undresses the doctor. She wastes no time before she starts pleasuring him with her tongue, showing off her oral talent!

"I love my ass! I just think it's one of my best features, I used to think a big butt was a bad thing, but now I appreciate it!" Holly is a fun-loving mother-of-one, and we love it! The clothes seemed to fly off both of them in the heat of the moment, revealing her little tits and sexy dark nipples. The doctor clearly shared her opinion of her favorite body part, as he softly spun her around and had her stand up in front of him. Holly's tight body is put on display as she looks over her shoulder, moaning in pleasure, begging for him to put his cock inside of her.

They quickly move to the couch, and the doctor sits down first, lowering Holly and her wet pussy slowly down onto him. "Reverse cowgirl is my favorite! I like being in control, at least a little, so it gives me that - and gets me off so quick!" Holly proves this true as she rides the doctor, head tilted back, moaning, holding her arms on his shoulders. She's got a background in dance, her bedroom skills definitely show it! As time progresses, Holly and the doctor fuck harder and harder - her pussy is dripping wet, as she cums multiple times! See Holly's full video (and many more) on Anilos.com®.

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Jenny Mason Naughty Milf

Jenny smiles and poses as she removes her tan high heels from her flawless manicured feet. She wastes no time slipping off her skintight ripped jeans, leaving them on the floor as she gently pulls her perky tits out, holding one in each hand. "Thinking about the members that will see these pictures and videos makes it impossible for me to keep my clothes on! It turns me on so much to think about them all… I honestly cannot keep my hands off myself!" Jenny Mason is the perfect example of a sexual, stunning, mature model! Her tiny thong fits her just right, covering just enough to pique our curiosity! Something tells me we won't have to rely on our imagination much longer!

As she jumps back onto her couch, she playfully throws her legs up in the air in front of her. Jenny looked around seductively, and then slowly lifted her black thong up to reveal her beautiful puffy pussy. "I told you thinking about the viewers got me wet!" She tells us happily, as she spreads her hairless lips open to prove it! We didn't know it was possible for one woman to have such a beautiful tight asshole, soft supple cheeks, and bright smooth pussy at the same time! She has sex goddess written all over her!

After she pulls the panties up over her feet, she lowers her legs back down onto the couch. We can't help but notice how attractive her toes are, adorned with little silver toe rings. It doesn't take this horny milf long to find another hot pink vibrator hidden away between the cushions of her couch! She closes her eyes and moves her free hand down towards her pussy, slowly grinding her body on the sofa. She teases her hard nipples with the vibrator, quickly entering a state of pure ecstasy. Earlier, she said, "full time modeling seems like a dream occupation! I hope I end up going for it." And after spending the day with you, we know you have what it takes! Find this sultry Nevada woman's full scene, and other mature nymphos like her, in the members area of the premier mature model site, Anilos.comAnilos.com®.

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Nothing shows off a mature woman's body quite like a classic pair of black stockings. We love everything about our newest Anilo, Jenny Mason! This time, we've found her lounging in bed in a sexy little purple corset and thong set, settling down to watch some television before she goes to sleep for the night. "There's something so sensual about wearing lingerie, no matter who's around! I think I might have a problem - I can't stop buying more! When I don't sleep naked, I love slipping into one! Just looking at something like this in the store turns me into a freak! I have to run home and masturbate before I can continue my day!"

That over-active sex drive is another one of her most attractive qualities, in our eyes! She lights up like a Christmas tree as she spreads her legs apart, and starts rubbing her thighs in anticipation for her guaranteed good time! Jenny's playful smile turns us on as it is, but we quickly realize she's smiling like that because she's showing off her wet hairless pussy again! She pulls her thong to the side, and still wearing those seductive black nylons, gently spreads her lips for us! We love how pink she is, and how juicy she gets when she's thinking about sex! It's great to see how comfortable she is in front of a camera, and with her own sexuality!

"I wasn't always this way! Through the years, I've learned more and more about sex and masturbation! I first started playing with myself when I was fifteen - that's almost twenty years ago now! I know exactly how to please myself now though - and the same goes for my honed abilities to please men!" As she rubs her fingers over her tight little pussy, she starts getting more and more into it. Soon, she can't take it anymore and starts fingering herself . Jenny has the sweetest orgasm face, ever! Her sounds are super sexy as well! Come see and hear her, for yourself, only at Anilos.com®.

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"Cooking really relaxes me… It's definitely one of my favorite hobbies. I think there's nothing sexier than a woman cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, in nothing but lingerie and heels. What man wouldn't love that?" Needless to say, we knew exactly where we wanted to see Jenny Mason next. She slipped into her purple lace apron and we followed her into the kitchen. "Let's make sure everything's clean before I get dirty," she said with that coy smile of hers. As she sprayed down the countertops, she gently caressed her legs and stomach, thinking about how hot of a wife she would be. One at a time, she started playing with her nipples- pinching and teasing them. She pulled them out, over her apron and grasped them in her hands. Jenny smiled knowingly as she reached into the top drawer and pulled out a pink dildo. She started rubbing her wet pussy with her fingers, and climbed up on top of the island - legs stretched out in front of her, showing off her beautiful feet in purple stilettos. She pulled her purple thong to the side and gently slipped the dildo inside her pretty, shaved vagina. She slipped it in and out, slowly, biting her bottom lip and closing her eyes. She softly started to moan in pleasure, her back arching. Her heart was racing as she continued to fuck herself, harder and harder, until she couldn't hold it any longer. Her head tilt back in pleasure as he loudly moaned in orgasm. After cumming all over herself and her dildo, she slipped it out. She giggled, "Damn, I could do that all day. Can't think of anything I'd enjoy more on my day off this week!" See this horny mature woman and many others, for yourself only at at Anilos.com®.

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We find our sexy blonde milf Jenny Mason just getting in after a long day at work - still wearing her glasses and holding her planner. Her purple top and mini skirt show off her tight little body perfectly. If only all bosses were this hot! "I like dressing up for work - I love the idea of my employees getting off to me, it turns me on!" She turns for us, giving us a better view of her lean legs and nice ass. "For me, its a tie between my legs, my arms, and my tits - I don't know which I like best!" She pulls her blouse down to expose them, as if to ask our opinion. She gently rubs her perky tits, as her nipples get harder and harder by the second. Flirtatiously she tells us her feet are killing her, and sits down to get a bit more comfortable. Her form fitting mini slowly inches higher up her thigh as she leans back against the fire place - teasing us like the professional she knows she is. Her breasts are still exposed, popping out just between the border of her shirt. "I love sex - and all things sexual. I've been masturbating since I was 15! I use toys occasionally, but I really like using my own hands… I know exactly what I like - how to please myself." Her hands start to slowly wander around her body. First, she rubs her arms, then her tits, then her legs and feet. She extends one leg out as she moves her way up her thigh, towards her now - wet, shaved pussy. She bites her lip as she slowly moves her fingers up and down, over her pink and black thong. Before we know it, Jenny's full force finger fucking herself, and it's amazing! "There's nothing like a good cum after a hard day at the restaurant." Check her out inside the members area at Anilos.com®.

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Jenny Mason knows exactly what it means to be a cougar. This feisty mature blonde loves younger men, but probably not as much they love her! Ever since this young stud started working at her restaurant, she knew she had to have him. Tonight, after work, she told him she wanted to give him a special thank you at her place. Right as he got there, she pulled her firm, perky tits out and got down on her knees to give him the best blowjob of his life. She looks up and says, "You really have no idea, do you..." seductively.

Her toned body is displayed perfectly as she bends over, his cock still in her mouth. He gently grazes her soft hair with his hand, never once taking his eyes off her perfect form. She told us one of her steamy, unfulfilled sexual fantasies is "to take a younger man's virginity... I love the idea of being someone's first. It might ruin it for them though - younger girls don't know half the things I can do! With age, comes experience!" After seeing this, we definitely believe that she knows what she's doing!

He can barely contain himself as Jenny skillfully turns him around and pushes him onto the couch. He grabs her waist from behind and pulls her on top of him, after admiring her perfect tits and ass. Her flawless feet rest on his knees as she lowers herself towards him, and slips his cock inside her ass. She moans in pleasure as she moves up and down, knowing how close she is to climax. She told us anal was the easiest way to get her off, but we did not expect it to be this intense! See the video of this horny mature woman, and many more at Anilos.com®.

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