Eva Karera Hot Moms Pic

"I have spent so much time in this kitchen cooking, cleaning, helping the kids with their homework and art projects, and so much more - but this is the first time I've gotten a chance to explore the new me in it!" Eva Karera tells us standing in nothing but a very sexy lace purple bra and panty matching set, complete with black patent leather high heels. "I love doing all of those things, but now that I have the freedom to just let the standards of being the perfect housewife go, I can think of a lot more memories I'd like to make in here." She hops up on her blue granite counter top, next to the sink, and poses with a big smile on her face. Her long black hair falls loosely down her black, and being nearly naked really shows off how toned and slender her body is. After a few more poses, Eva starts letting the straps of her bra fall off her shoulders, then moves her hands behind her back to unclasp it all together. As her bra unhooks, Eva gives a naughty smile and stands up, letting it fall off as she's hopping off the counter. Standing in the middle of the kitchen, topless, she exudes a sexual energy and confidence, the kind that only a cougar like herself could. "Don't get too excited yet! We're only just getting started," she laughs. She turns around, bends over, then pulls her panties half way down her legs. She pauses, looks over her shoulder, and poses for another great shot. After letting her tiny lace panties fall the rest of the way down, the now naked Eva hops back up onto her kitchen counter, this time wearing only her sexy high heels. She grabs a toy from the cabinet above her, licks it passionately, then moves it down towards her wet, shaved pussy. As she pushes it inside of her, she moans in pleasure, then continues to work it in and out of her tight mature vagina. She closes her eyes, arches her back, and almost yells as she cums still moving the toy in and out of herself. Breathing heavily, Eva smiles, almost blushes, then composes herself happily gazing off into the distance. You do not want to miss this cougar's smoking hot solo kitchen play, and you don't have to! Find the entire photo set and video in the member's only section of the premier website for hot and horny MILFs and cougars, Anilos.com®.

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